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By Mike Johnson on 3/17/2008 10:00 AM

I know you have probably answered this in the past, but I missed it.   Why is the WWE ignoring the "Macho Man" Randy Savage?

Vince McMahon wants him ignored.  That's the easy answer.  Whether it's because of some of the more salacious rumors that never seem to die or simply because Savage walked out to go to WCW when he was one of McMahon's trusted lieutenants, we'll likely never know, because neither side has disclosed it.

As Raw (03/03/08) served to highlight, there is no believable way for Floyd Mayweather to beat Big Show in a traditional one-on-one fight. With his ties to Big Show and Florida, and with some remaining mainstream appeal, can you see Hulk Hogan getting involved to set up the finish of the match in Mayweather's favor?

Hulk Hogan won't be involved in the angle and honestly,. Mayweather has the same chance as anyone at beating Big Show.  It's all in how they book it.  This is the same company that put Rey Mysterio on top as World champion.

Back when Brock Lesnar was involved in his first UFC fight, I suddenly remembered that WWE made a play to get Mike Goldberg in as a play by play replacement for J.R around 2004/05 time. How close were both sides to coming to an agreement because it seemed to be big news at the time which then filtered away?

WWE made the offer and Goldberg considered it, then opted to stay, partially because he has ties to legitimate sports broadcasting and didn't want the taint of WWE on his career and partially because UFC offered him a great deal to stay.   As we saw with Joey Styles' emasculation as an announcer during that time period, Goldberg would have been walking into a no-win position and in hindsight, made the smartest move possible in remaining with UFC.

So when Hogan says "they really don't have a main event at Wrestlemania", is he intentionally shooting on all the wrestlers who ARE in the main events at WM? Or is his ego so big he doesn't even know he's insulting everyone? I'm guessing he probably just doesn't care.

Hogan's playing the same political violin he always pulls out around this time of year, looking to get a huge payday from WWE.  This time, it doesn't seem to be working in the least.

Do you think Chris Benoit's demotion to ECW led to his
double-murder/suicide?  Top stars who ended up in ECW seemed to have treated the brand as an exit point from WWE, such as Kurt Angle and Big Show. Angle's attitude backstage seemed to have gone down the toilet once he moved to ECW. Big Show also left the company after his ECW run. King Booker did a radio interview expressing displeasure in the revived brand, even though he was a SmackDown! wrestler.  Benoit was heavily rumored to end up on Raw from SmackDown! Instead, he moved to ECW. I would think Benoit was surprised with this sudden swerve. This was a man who commanded a lot of respect from the boys in the back and even from the fans. Did Benoit interpret the move to ECW as a sign of disrespect that he wasn't used to? With the very negative aura surrounding the brand, is it possible that he snapped and unleashed his frustration onto his family? Would he and his family be alive today if he ended up on Raw as originally planned?

I am only answering this because you wrote such a detailed question and it's obvious you didn't pen this to bring attention to what I think is a ludicrous idea.  I think Chris Benoit was dealing with mental illness and like many others who battle it, hid it from those close to him as well as he could.  Sadly, no matter the cause of the tragedy (and I think we can rule out how he was booked in the scheme of things), it probably would have happened no matter where he was in the hierarchy of the company.  It was a personal issue that sadly became horrific.  WWE couldn't have done a thing to prevent it, in my opinion.  This isn't a situation you can blame on wrestling.