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By Mike Johnson on 1/31/2010 5:16 AM


The Psycho Circus was off the hook! For the many in attendance last night, they saw something special. The NYWC has a new NYWC Heavyweight Champion, and his name is Maverick!

The NYWC presents: "The Psycho Circus"
Saturday January 30, 2010
NYWC Sportatorium

The show opened with King Mega coming out and destroying the Jack in the Box. The box is used to crown a NYWC Heavyweight Champion in the Psycho Circus Match. King Mega made it clear to the public and to his opponents that the only way he was losing his championship was if someone could pin him.

Jokers Wild Battle Royal: 20 participants fight in an over-the-top rope battle royal where the winner is granted a title shot for any of the NYWC Championships!

Winner= Big Daddy Haystacks(The Dirty Rednex)


Dream Partner Tag Team Match

Mortis with The Sinister Minister James Mitchell def. High Society (“Flawless” Blake Morris and “Hot Shot” Mike Reed) by pinfall


A Matter of Respect

Dickie Rodz def Azrieal by pinfall


Former Partners Collide

Special referee Crusher Doogan

Stockade def Syther with help from referee Crusher Doogan


Masters of the Mat: 30 Min Iron Man Match

“The Greek God” Papadon def Quiet Storm, Bruno Marciano and Josh Daniels by having the most points by the end of the 30 mins


The Psycho Circus Match:

To win the NYWC Championship you must put anyone from the opposing team into the Psycho Circus Jack-in--the-Box, but since King Mega destroyed it, it must now be a pinfall.

To win the NYWC Interstate Championship you must put anyone from the opposing team through a table.
To win the NYWC Hi-Fi championship you must make someone from the opposing team submit.
To win and become a co-holder of the NYWC Tag Team Championships you must climb and grab one Tag Team belts that will be hanging above the ring.


NYWC Tag Team Championships: The Dirty Rednex(The Dirtys cashed in the Jokers Wild card and became the NEW NYWC Tag Team Champions!)

NYWC Interstate Championship: “Yours Truly” Alex Reynolds retained his NYWC Interstate Championship by putting Joey Braggiol through a table!

NYWC Hi-Fi championship: Dan Eckos retained his NYWC Hi-Fi championship by making Big John Silver via submission!

NYWC Championship: Maverick def King Mega via pinfall to become the NEW NYWC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!


Join us again when the NYWC Presents “Aftermath” February 20th


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We thank everyone for making the 7th annual Psycho Circus an event to remember! Thank You!