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By Mike Johnson on 7/13/2010 6:20 PM

We are less than one week away until WORLD-1 returns to Jackson NJ!! Scheduled right now are six matches!

Below is a rundown of the card or you can watch a rundown video here:

6-Man Tag Team Action:
Damian Dragon (W-1), & Funky Fresh Boyz (VPW) vs. X, Bobby Shields (Free), & Sam Shields (ACE)

WORLD-1 Womens titleV3 defense:
Roxie Cotton (W-1) © vs. Marty Belle (WUW)

Road To The Hashimoto Tournament, Grudge Match:
Ryan Sawyer (W-1) vs. Adam Cole (CZW)

Handicap Match:

Tommy Thunda (Symbol) & Reiko DMF (Symbol)  vs. Steve Corino (W-1)

Spot in the Shinya Hashimoto memorial tournament
Monster C w/Rob Dimension vs. Super Sweet

WORLD-1 title, V4 defense:
Chris Rockwell (Symbol) © vs. Colby Corino (W-1) ©

Preview video here:


Following WORLD-1’s HEAT STROKE live on July 18th from Jackson NJ, officials are pleased to announce the following events to our 2010 lineup!

July 18th W1 presents HEAT STROKE

September 12 - Shinya Hashimoto Memorial Tournament 2010
The 3rd annual, 8 man-single elimination tournament to honor the memory of “The Destruction King” Shinya Hashimoto.
2009 Winner: Ryan Sawyer

2008 Winner: Ricky Reyes

October 24th - Halloween HorrorFest
WORLD-1 goes Extreme for 1 Night Only!!!

December 5th - Snowed In!

December 2010 - W1 Tag League
One lucky pro-wrestling fan will randomly pick names out of a hat to compete in this 8-team tag tournament. The winners receive the WORLD-1 tag team titles.
2009 Winner: Ricky Reyes & Ryan Sawyer

President Mike Kehner has had a busy last few months, including firing referee Matt Bennett video here:


President Mike Kehner has announced that both Ricky Reyes and Alex Anthony have resigned from Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 effective July 1, and have declared themselves Freelance.

“Both Ricky Reyes and Alex Anthony have been a major part of WORLD-1 and we are sad to see them go. I am sure I speak for everyone here that we hope that they will return in the future.” said President Kehner.

2010 has been a great year for Reyes and Anthony as they have taken their rivalry to many promotions in not only the United States but also Canada. By declaring themselves Freelance, they can take independent bookings without the burden of having to put W-1 first. Both wrestlers are welcome back anytime and in the future their affliation will be “FREE”.

Ricky Reyes briefly touched on the subject, “It was time to get out and show a lot more of the United States what both Alex Anthony and I can do in the ring. There is something special in our rivalry. Thank you to WORLD-1 for the last year and you never know when you might see Ricky Reyes again in a WORLD-1 ring.”

“Being the North American champion for ten months is a huge highlight of my young career.” said Alex Anthony, “But this is a chance to get out there more and I look forward to one day coming back to WORLD-1 and winning the heavyweight championship.”

President Kehner also announced that the North American championship would be vacated due to the controversary regarding the North American title match between Ricky Reyes and Alex Anthony at WXW C4 on June 5 in Allentown, PA. Originally the North American title match was to take place at the TWA event in Plymouth Meeting, PA but was changed at last minute without the knowledge or permission of President Kehner.

“Title matches are extremly important in Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1. We had a signed contract with the TWA to do the title match there and the match location was changed without my knowledge. Rob Dimension put in an official protest on behalf of Ricky Reyes and demanded that Alex Anthony be stripped of the title and it returned to Mr. Reyes. I have determined that the title will be vacated and that my office will announce how the title will be decided this coming Monday, July 12.” President Kehner said, exclusive to


Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 is pleased to announce the 3rd annual Shinya Hashimoto Memorial Tournament combing with the old Premier Wrestling Federation “Legacy Cup” will take place over three events and feature a Japanese style of rules.

In 2008, 3KWrestling (now combined with B4W make up Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1) sponsored the first Hashimoto Tournament in Limerick, PA and saw Ricky Reyes outlast former ROH and ECW World champion Jerry Lynn to win an exciting tournament.

In 2009, 18 year old Ruthless Ryan Sawyer defeated Australia’s Craven, then-WORLD-1 champion Steve Corino, and then-North American champion Alex Anthony, to become the second winner.

In 2010 the rules have changed! This year, Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 will spread the tournament over three events (Dates Below) and will use the point system to determine the winners of the A-Block and B-Block. Eight wrestlers will be split into two groups, A-Block and B-Block. Two points will be awarded for each win by pinfall or submission. One point will be awarded for a Draw, Double Countout, or Double Disqualification. Zero points for a loss.

Former PWF co-owner Bryan Reigel has announced that he would become involved with the WORLD-1 promotion after a five year absence recently and has given his blessing to award the Legacy Cup to the winner of the Hashimoto Tournament.

The 2001 Legacy Cup saw Johnny Kashmere win a one night tournament defeating Christopher Daniels in the finals. The following year, “The Fallen Angel” returned and this time won the tournament defeating The Amazing Red. The object of winning the Legacy Cup is to create your own LEGACY. Both Mr. Reigel and President Kehner felt that Shinya Hashimoto’s legacy is one that young wrestlers should strive to follow and the combining of the history of the PWF to Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 is a natural one.

Wrestlers already announced for this tournament are:
1. Ruthless Ryan Sawyer (representing W-1, 2009 Hashimoto Tournament winner)
2. Damian Dragon (representing W-1, 2nd Hashimoto Tournament)
3. Original Monster C (representing ZERO1)
4. Kid America (representing TWA)
5. Adam Cole (representing CZW)
6. X
7. X
8. X

Spots six, seven, and eight will be announced on Monday, July 19 by President Kehner. Block formations will be announced.

W-1 fan favorite Super Sweet has asked to be in the Hashimoto Legacy Cup!

President Kehner told that Super Sweet will wrestle The Monster C in a determination match with the winner getting the number six spot. But wait, aren’t The Monster C and Orginal Monster C the same person?

“That is a question that I had to research. The Monster C in WORLD-1 is a part of Rob Dimension’s stable. Long rumored to be Steve Corino, I have personally seen The Monster C be different shapes and sizes over the last two years. Original Monster C has been sent to Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 by Pro-Wrestling ZERO1 Vice President Yoshiyuki Nakamura.”

President Kehner also announced the dates and location of the Hashimoto Legacy Cup.
All matches will take place at our home base, the Knights of Columbus, 401 Bartley Road in Jackson, NJ

Sunday, September 12
Sunday, October 24
Sunday, December 5

Join us on Sunday July 18th in Jackson NJ for HEAT STROKE and be sure to visit to purchase tickets today!!