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By Mike Johnson on 8/12/2010 12:22 AM

This years Legacy Cup tournament, dedicated as always to the memory
and legacy of Shinya Hashimoto, will take place from September 12 to
December 5 in Jackson, NJ. All eight participants have been announced
and matches are listed below.
A win will result in  2 points.
Draw, Double Countout, or Double Disqualification will result in 1 point.
A loss will result in 0 points.

Blocks were drawn at random but placements were done due to win/loss
records over the last few months of the wrestlers.

Block A:
1. Adam Cole (CZW)-North American champion
2. Bobby Dempsey (ROH)
3. Original Monster C (ZERO1)
4. Kid America (TWA)

Block B:
1. Damian Dragon (W-1)-2nd Tournament Participation
2. Ruthless Ryan Sawyer (W-1)-2009 Hashimoto Legacy Cup Winner
3. Sam Shields (ACE)
4. Super Sweet (W-1)

September 12
Knights Of Columbus
Jackson, NJ

1. Hashimoto Legacy Cup A-Block: Adam Cole vs. Original Monster C
2. Hashimoto Legacy Cup B-Block: Damian Dragon vs. Sam Shields
3. Hashimoto Legacy Cup A-Block: Bobby Dempsey vs. Kid America
4. Hashimoto Legacy Cup B-Block: Ruthless Ryan Sawyer vs. Super Sweet

October 24
Knights Of Columbus
Jackson, NJ
1. Hashimoto Legacy Cup A-Block: Adam Cole vs. Kid America
2. Hashimoto Legacy Cup B-Block: Damian Dragon vs. Super Sweet
3. Hashimoto Legacy Cup A-Block: Original Monster C vs. Bobby Dempsey
4. Hashimoto Legacy Cup B-Block: Sam Shields vs. Ruthless Ryan Sawyer

December 5
Knights Of Columbus
Jackson, NJ

1. Hashimoto Legacy Cup A-Block: Kid America vs. Original Monster C
2. Hashimoto Legacy Cup B-Block: Super Sweet vs. Sam Shields
3. Hashimoto Legacy Cup A-Block: Adam Cole vs. Bobby Dempsey
4. Hashimoto Legacy Cup B-Block: Damian Dragon vs. Ruthless Ryan Sawyer
5. Hashimoto Legacy Cup Finals: Winner Of A-Block vs. Winner Of B-Block

Look on for the printable bracket that you can
bring to the events live so you can follow the tournament action!

Congrats to the following WORLD-1 Fighting Athletes that made the
annual Pro Wrestling Illustrated list of the top 500 wrestlers in the

#112  Steve Corino (Current W1 Tag champion)

#344 Tommy Thunda (Former W1 Tag champion)

#375 Bobby Dempsey (Competing in the 2010 Hashimoto Legacy cup)

#391  Ricky Reyes (Former W1 North American champion)

#417 Adam Cole (Current W1 North American champion)

#429 Bobby Shields (Competed against Funky Fresh Boys and Damian
Dragon last month)

#434 Chris Rockwell (WORLD-1 champion)

#443 Ruthless Ryan Sawyer (2009 Hashimoto Legacy cup winner)

#448 Alex Anthony (Former W1 North American champion)

#454 Reiko DMF (Member of Team Symbol)

#471 Kid America (Competing in the 2010 Hashimoto Legacy cup)

#495 Super Sweet (Competing in the 2010 Hashimoto Legacy cup)

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WORLD-1 Champion Chris Rockwell (PWI # 434) discusses the 3rd annual
Hashimoto legacy cup for WORLD-1 wrestling and introduces an “invested
interest” in the tournament.:

New WORLD-1 Womens Champion! Danger Reigns Supreme,

Symbol Helps???

This past Sunday in Carteret, North Carolina, Allison Danger defeated
Roxie Cotton to become the 6th Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 Womens champion.

But it was the presence of Chris Rockwell that was shocking,
considering he was not even scheduled for the event. And with Rockwell
cohorts Team Symbol in a war with Colby and Steve Corino, it was
interesting to most W-1 fans why he would help Steve’s sister.

“A win is a win is a win, right big brother.” said the new champion,
Allison Danger, when asked what her brother would think of her tactics
during the match. “Don’t believe this crap that he is all goody two
shoes. Colby, yes. He’s a good kid but my brother would cut the throat
of anyone if it meant winning a title.”

Steve Corino, who will team with Colby Corino and Roxie Cotton on
September 12 in Jackson, NJ, would not comment.

The former champion Roxie Cotton was down about the loss but said she
will fight back. “I gave Danger two chances but all I need is one.
Come on back to Jersey and be a fighting champion.”

President Kehner said that he was OK with the title change due to the
fact that Rockwell did not physically get involved with the contest
but warned that Rockwell and every member of Team Symbol is being

Allison Danger is the first two-time champion and 6th overall. Below
is a quick history of the W-1 Womens title. Thank you to for the constant updates on title changes.

1. Sumie Sakai
December 1, 2005 to January 29, 2006
Billed as North American champion.
2. Allison Danger
January 29, 2006 to May 20, 2006
Danger beats Sakai in Boyertown, PA. Title is re-named the WORLD-1
Womens title on April 1, 2006 after an agreement between WORLD-1
Sports and First On Stage (Pro-Wrestling SUN and Pro-Wrestling ZERO1)
in Japan.
3. Amazing Kong
May 20, 2006 to February 21, 2007
Kong defeats Danger in Bay City, MI.
4. Natsuki*Taiyo
February 21, 2007 to May 27, 2007
Defeats Kong and Toshie Uematsu in a 3-way match in Tokyo, Japan.
5. Kyoko Kimura
May 27, 2007 to January 3, 2008
6. Roxie Cotton
November 22, 2009 to July 31, 2010
Defeats Annie Social in decision match in Neptune, NJ.
7. Allison Danger (2)
July 31, 2009
Danger beats Cotton in Carteret, NC

Emerald Championship Wrestling
July 31, 2010
Carteret, North Carolina
209 fans

5. WORLD-1 Womens title, V4 defense: Allison Danger (Shimmer) beats
Roxie Cotton (W-1) after The Shimmering Warlock in 14:32 to become the
6th champion.


The ever-cocky, but dominating, WORLD-1 heavyweight champion Chris
Rockwell is on a roll. Although fans hate when he tells him that 2010
was “The Rise Of Rockwell”, no truer words can be said.

In January he utterly destroyed the former Beast, Ozzie Canada, in
less then two minutes to win the W-1 heavyweight title. Never before
has a title changed so quick in WORLD-1. But over the course of six
months, what was considered a possible fluke has produced the best
WORLD-1 champion of all time.

“That’s right morons.” said the 5th W-1 champion since 2004, “Tanaka
has been challenged but yet to accept. I know he speaks English.
Coward is a word he understand. Then Landell? I don’t even know who
that is. Corino? Oh I’ll get to him. And The Beast? I ran through that
fat turd quicker then the burger he just ate. I am the best WORLD-1
champion of all time.”

When’s Curt Lemon asked Rockwell to elaborate on
Steve Corino and the champion hit the roof!

“He sucks. He’s fat and he’s old. I kicked the dog crap out of his
punk kid and now he thinks he is next in line for a shot? I don’t
think so. Corino is only pretending to like the cheer of the fans. He
is a low down, dirty, egg-sucking, liar. He hates the fans. Hates them
more I do. Don’t cheer for him. Cheer for a true hero. The guy that
leads Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 with dignity. Me. Chris Rockwell.”

And he wasn’t done!

“You know, the WORLD-1 fans are stupid. They are. They should be
cheering for their champion. What do I have to do to prove to you
people that I am the King of this castle? I know. I need to be both
the W-1 champion AND tag team champion. Here is a challenge to the mom
and daughter team of the Corino’s. Defend the W-1 tag team titles on
September 12. I will bring a partner of my choosing. In fact the new
member of Symbol will be revealed. Denver Street, the evil genius that
he is, and I found our guy. Defend those belts cowards.” caught Colby Corino on his Twitter @CCorino and asked
him if the challenge was accepted.

“Yes it has Curt. Pres Kehner gave us the go ahead today. We will win!”

The Corino’s vs. Rockwell & A Mystery Partner for the W-1 tag team
titles on September 12!!!

Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 presents Shinya Hashimoto Memorial Legacy Cup
Tournament, Day 1
Sunday, September 12
Knights Of Columbus-Jackson, NJ

0. Dungeon Offer Match: X & X vs. X & X
1. The Funking Fresh Boyz (VPW) vs. X & X
2. Shinya Hashimoto Memorial Legacy Cup, A-Block: Adam Cole (CZW) vs.
Original Monster C (ZERO1) w/Rob Dimension
3. Shinya Hashimoto Memorial Legacy Cup, B-Block: Super Sweet (W-1)
vs. Ruthless Ryan Sawyer (W-1)
4. Shinya Hashimoto Memorial Legacy Cup, A-Block: Bobby Dempsey (ROH)
vs. Kid America (TWA)
5. Shinya Hashimoto Memorial Legacy Cup, B-Block: Damian Dragon (W-1)
vs. Sam Shields (ACE)
6. WORLD-1 tag team titles, V3 defense: Steve Corino (W-1) (c) & Colby
Corino (W-1) (c) vs. Chris Rockwell (Symbol) & A Mystery Partner
w/Denver Street

Tickets are $5 for children under 12 or $10 for adults. We also have a
select number of RINGSIDE seats (Only a few left!)which are $15 per
person! You will not want to miss the first night of the 2010
Hashimoto Legacy Cup!

Remember to also bring your ticket stub from July 12 and a friend to
get your ticket for HALF PRICE!!!

If you have never seen the team of K-Fresh and K-Funk make sure you
buy your tickets today for WORLD-1’s September 12th event to see the
Funky Fresh Boys live in action!:

WORLD-1 North American champion Adam Cole sets his sights on the Hashimoto cup:

During a Online World of Wrestling Radio interview WORLD-1 Tag Team
champion, Mr Wrestling Steve Corino was once again the victim of a
verbal attack courtesy of the WORLD-1 champion Chris Rockwell.

Those close to the situation say that Rockwell has developed an
obsession with Corino, and plans on taking the W1 Tag team titles from
Steve and his son Colby on September 12th in Jackson NJ.

Video here:

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