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By Jamie Jamitkowski on 10/20/2010 1:29 PM

Finally, after a two month absence, Chaotic Wrestling returns to the Polish American Veterans Club in Lowell, Massachusetts this Friday night, October 22nd! Join us starting at 8pm as all the stars of Chaotic Wrestling return home to Lowell! Tickets for the event are just $12 when reserved in advance (, or just $15 at the door each night.  As always, kids under 10 are only $5!


"The Enforcer" Max Bauer
Big Rick Fuller
For nearly a full year, the hatred and animosity has built between Big Rick Fuller and "The Chaotic Enforcer" Max Bauer. It began when Bauer brutally attacked Fuller after his match against Biff Busick last November - tearing a razor-sharp turnbuckle hook off of the Chaotic ring and using it to slash and shatter Fuller's right hand. The injury knocked Big Rick out of action for nearly four months and upon his return, he has had one single focus - destroy Max Bauer. Since he made that vow to himself, the two giants have battled back and forth both in and out of the ring, from Lawrence, to Woburn, to Hudson, and back to Lowell.
Chaotic Wrestling has decreed that this destructive conflict must end. The LOWELL STREET FIGHT on Friday, October 22nd will do just that. With no rules, no boundries and no restrictions, who knows what will happen when two of the largest men in Chaotic Wrestling history meet to settle their differences once and for all. Bauer vs. Fuller in a no countout, no disqualification LOWELL STREET FIGHT - this Friday night, October 22nd at the PAV!  Reserve your discounted tickets today by emailing!

CW Heavyweight Title Match
"Kingpin" Brian Milonas (w/ Cherry Payne) (champion)
Elia Markopoulos
Earlier this month in Lawrence, "Kingpin" Brian Milonas, holder of both the CW New England Championship and the Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Title, was forced to defend both championships on the same night. First, he was scheduled to face "American Sasuke" Mikaze for the CW New England Title and later was slated for the main event against the winner of the Tournament of Champions, "Golden Greek" Alex Arion, for the CW Heavyweight Title. Little did Milonas know that Arion would make his presence felt in BOTH matches. It was the superkick heard 'round New England when Arion slipped into the ring during the CW New England Championship bout and caught "The Kingpin" right under the chin. Mikaze was able to follow up and get the three count to capture his first singles title. When Milonas shook off the cobwebs, he was incensed and stomped around Plains Community Center like a man possessed. He found Arion in a locker room rampage that spilled back into the arena, ending in the middle of the ring with a brutal blast to "The Golden Greek's" skull with a steel chair!
Arion put on an inspiring performance in his title match less than an hour later, but it appeared that the after-effects of the chairshot left him at a severe disadvantage. In the match's closing moments, Milonas hoisted Arion up by the throat, screaming in his face, "This is it! This is your last shot!" He then delivered his chokebomb to earn the victory and retain the CW Heavyweight Championship. When Chaotic Wrestling returns to Lowell on Friday, October 22nd, Milonas will defend his remaining title, the CW Heavyweight Championship, against Arion's friend, countryman, and tag team partner, Elia Markopoulos. This will not be Elia's first shot at Milonas, but with the way he has matured in the ring this past year, Milonas should get a very different match in Lowell. Also, who knows what role a resentful Alex Arion will play in his quest to remove the title from the waist of Chaotic's Kingpin? You have to be there live in Lowell on Friday night, October 22nd to find out!

CW Tag Team Title Match
République (Kongo & Fala) (w/ Sean Gorman) (champion)
Matt Logan & ????
Recently at an event for the East Coast Wrestling Association in Newark, Delaware, Bryan Logan suffered a horrific injury in the ring. As The Logan Brothers were cruising to another victory, Logan's hand was virtually shattered with an errant kick. A number of bones were broken in Bryan's hand, and last week, he went in for extensive surgery, during which both internal and external pins were placed in order to properly heal the injury. At this time, his return date is undetermined but Chaotic Wrestling wishes the former CW Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion a quick recovery and looks forward to his return.
Ironically, this Friday night, Bryan and his brother were to receive their long-awaited rematch in Lowell against the Chaotic Wrestling Tag Team Champions République. Despite the devastating injury to his brother, Matt Logan has sent word that he will NOT relinquish the opportunity to regain the titles from Kongo and Fala in front of the Logans' hometown fans at the PAV. Matt has promised that by next Friday night, he will either find a partner to stand by his side - or face Sean Gorman's savages alone! How would the champions handle a team they have never seen before? How would Matt Logan handle both behemoths in a handicap match? This intriguing bout will be just one of THREE title matches in Lowell this Friday, October 22nd! Reserve your tickets now and see this match and much, much more as Chaotic Wrestling returns to the Polish American Veterans Club on Friday!

Demon Ortiz & "The Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino
Chase Del Monte & Julian Starr
Earlier this month, "The Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino was shocked when Demon Ortiz returned during his match in Woburn.  As the lights went out and the familiar music echoed through the Elks Lodge, Martino prepared for a fight.  After all, it was he who put Ortiz on the shelf for months after their NO HOLDS BARRED match in April.  Ortiz stood in the middle of the ring, staring a hole through Martino, with everyone in the building expecting a huge explosion between the two.  Instead, the Demon turned and decimated the young Vortex, Gino's opponent, as he looked on incredulously.  As Chaotic officials rushed to the ring, Ortiz left Martino with an evil smile on his face, and left the Chaotic fans shocked and confused.
The following night in Lawrence, there were more questions and fewer answers given.  On this night, it was Gino that interrupted a tag team bout in progress between four young trainees of the Chaotic Training Center.  Following behind him – his sworn enemy Demon Ortiz.  With a flurry of violence, Martino and Ortiz attacked the students and even the referee, leaving five bodies in a heap in the ring.  Then, without a word, the two Chaotic icons exited the arena.
In the weeks since, Chaotic Wrestling has asked repeatedly for an explanation from Martino and Ortiz.  To this point, the only response has been a request for two people to "beat up" in a match on Friday, October 22nd in Lowell.  Julian Starr, a recent CTC graduate, saw what happened to his fellow students and has volunteered himself and his partner Chase Del Monte as their opponents on Friday night.  What will happen when Chaotic's most dangerous men hit the ring on Friday night?  Are Chase and Julian safe?  Is anyone safe?  Find out this Friday night when Chaotic Wrestling returns to Lowell!  Get your tickets now!

"Straight Edge" Brian Fury (w/ Sean Gorman)
Mike Nice
$5,000 Challenge Match
 Earlier this year, Sean Gorman announced that he would award $5,000 of his own money to ANYONE in Chaotic Wrestling that can beat The Empire's crowned jewel "Straight Edge" Brian Fury in ten minutes or less.  Six months later, the briefcase containing the cash is still securely in the possession of Tony Omega as Fury continues to turn back challengers.
This Friday night in Lowell, Fury will face a challenge from Chaotic's own "Man for Hire" Mike Nice.  Since his return to Chaotic Wrestling, Mike has shown that he has no loyalties or allegiances to anyone or anything in the CW locker room.  His only goal is to advance his own career – no matter who stands in his way.  On Friday night, he hopes to get an advance in the form of five grand by defeating a man whose record in 2010 has been nearly unblemished in Fury.  Will the big mouth from the Big Apple finally be the man that takes Gorman's cash?  Find out in person this Friday night by getting your seats reserved now!

Also on Friday night in Lowell:
·          New CW New England Champion "American Sasuke" Mikaze makes his first title defense against Tommaso Ciampa! 
·         "The Original Blowout Boy" Danny E. (w/ Alexxis) has promised a special match for fans in Lowell this Friday night!
·         Plus  "The Golden Greek" Alex Arion, Handsome Johnny, Tony Omega, Matt Spectro & many more!

See all the stars of Chaotic Wrestling live at the Polish American Veterans Club in Lowell this Friday, October 22nd with an 8pm belltime.  Witness a LOWELL STREET FIGHT, title matches, and a whole lot more as the Chaos comes home to Lowell on Friday night!  Reserve your discounted tickets right now, before it's too late!  See you Friday in Lowell!