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By Mike Johnson on 9/23/2011 2:03 PM

 The Eastern Wrestling Alliance returns to action on Saturday night, October 8 at the Springfield Turnverein, located at 176 Garden Street in Feeding Hills, MA. The action kicks off at 7:30pm, with tickets available at the door for only $10 for adults, and $7 for children under 10 years of age. The civil disunion between Marshall McNeil and Joey Eastman, which began when Marshall broke the engagement between the two at the altar on June 25, continues as Marshall’s Diamonds of the Ring battle Joey’s Eastmen Worldwide in 3 separate matches. Don’t miss your chance to catch it all live on October 8!
 In the main event, “Golden” Burke defends his EWA Heavyweight Title in a re-match against former Champion Mikaze. At the September 3 event, these two went toe-to-toe, when after a rally by Mikaze, he climbed to the top rope in apparent preparation to deliver his inverted 270-degree senton. At this point, Dr. Reginald Heresy and “Royalty” William King emerged from the back, pushing Mikaze off the top rope and securing the Championship reign of their stablemate Burke, who retained the Title despite a disqualification loss in the match. With Heresy and King egging him on, Burke delivered a vicious beating to Mikaze and threw him to ringside, with Burke following after. Eastman, seeing Burke’s co-horts prepared to head outside the ring to assist the Champion, entered the fray and jumped on Heresy’s back. After a brief fracas, Eastman was dumped to the canvas, and Heresy and King began to close in on the prone Eastman. Eastman’s prior promises to form Joey's Eastmen Worldwide was fulfilled, however, as Taka Suzuki (who had debuted earlier in the evening in a successful outing against “Hurricane” John Walters, while seconded by Eastman) and new stablemate Chris Mooch charged the ring. Suzuki delivered a top rope dropkick to dispatch of King, while Mooch laid out Heresy and delivered a springboard moonsault. As the Diamonds tried to re-group at ringside, Eastman shocked everyone by climbing to the top rope and diving onto Burke, Heresy and King. Despite Eastman's valiant effort, the Diamonds stopped his momentum, and looked poised to inflict serious damage to Eastman when Suzuki sprung to the top rope and dove onto everyone below, sending the Diamonds sprawling. Joey's Eastmen Worldwide re-took the ring and promised that this was just the beginning of what was to come, to the chagrin of the Diamonds and the delight of the crowd. On October 8, Burke and Mikaze meet in a re-match for Burke’s EWA Championship. This time, each has equal backing that will be doing battle in the undercard before the main event. With his stablemates neutralized, does Burke have what it takes to hold onto the Championship? Can Mikaze overcome the size and strength advantage of Burke to become a 3-time EWA Heavyweight Champion? Be there LIVE on Saturday, October 8 2011 to find out!!!
 In the first of two other matches featuring Marshall's Diamonds of the Ring versus Joey's Eastmen Worldwide, “Royalty” William King meets Taka Suzuki in a one-on-one match-up. Suzuki is coming off of an impressive debut match with the aforementioned John Walters, which saw Suzuki victorious, and showcased a hard-hitting and high-flying style by the native of Japan. King is a savvy and accomplished wrestler, heralded by many as the future of the EWA. This match promises not to disappoint, as the two most youthful wrestlers of their respective stables vie for supremacy in this singles contest. Don’t miss your chance to see it on Saturday, October 8!
 In the third match-up between the warring factions, Eastmen Worldwide members Alex Cypher (returning from a quadricep injury) and Chris Mooch meet the two veteran members of Marshall’s Diamonds, “Egomaniac” Jonny Idol and Dr. Reginald Heresy, in a tag team match. Cypher and Mooch are both highly impressive and hold the edge in terms of age and agility, while Idol and Heresy share a combined 30+ years of ring time with the guile and wisdom that comes with it. Who will be victorious in this classic match-up of youth vs. experience? Catch it all on Saturday, 10/8/11 at the Springfield Turnverein! BE THERE!!!
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