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By Mike Johnson on 2/5/2012 3:05 PM

AIWF Mid Atlantic Capital Punishment February 4, 2012
Match 1 - Ty Tyson with Samantha Starr defeated JT Smooth
Match 2 - LEGENDS MATCH Brian Danzig defeated Steve Niles
Match 3 - Dysfunctional Disorder (Tank Lawson, Chuck King, & Robbie Evil) defeated Sweet Daddy & Team Throwdown (Natural Born Playa & ASAP)
Match 4 - Foxy Roxy defeated AIWF Southern Heritage Champion JD Anderson by countout
Match 5 - AIWF World Heavyweight Champion Jimi Love defeated Shawn Murphy
Match 6 - Sgt. Kevin Stryker defeated Charlie Weston and RW Buckner in a Triple Threat Match
Match 7 - Phil Stamper defeated Eric C. Jones by Submission
Match 8 - Jimmy Janetty & Jody Osborne (announced as Team MUD) defeated Notorious in a Non Title Match
Match 9 - Scrapyard Dog defeated Rob McBride to become the new AIWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion with the help of the Old School Mafia.