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By Mike Johnson on 4/18/2012 10:00 AM

!BANG! TV Report - Wrestling Interviews for the next !BANG! TV Taping, "The Royal !BANG!"
Now online at - Special Interviews for the next !BANG! TV Taping at the !BANG! TV Sound Stage in Ocala, Florida Saturday May 5th, Support Your Troops 76, "The Royal !BANG!."
Dory Funk Jr. takes a shot at a tongue twisting Mighty, Molten, Magna, Magnificent, Mount Vesuvius only to be politely corrected by the Mighty One. All goes well until Coach Funk presents Vesuvius a cup of Starbucks Coffee and Vesuvius unexpectedly goes "Off the Wall.
Coach Funk compliments Shane Chung on his service to his country and exceptional athletic and academic accomplishments. Then Dory asks the Chinese Champion what he likes best about professional wrestling.

In a Special Interview, Dory Funk Jr. talks to Wes Brisco about his heritage in the wrestling business and how important it is.
Pete Kaasanova is asked by Coach Funk about his career in Surfing the world over and a background in shoot fighting. Kaasanova makes a quick move on his Coach who responds accordingly.
Jeremy "Rock Star" Spillers really is a musician and a real life Rock Star. His specialty is playing the drums and singing Rock 'n Roll and pro-wrestling.
At 6 feet tall, Hollywood Heather stands face to face with her Coach talking about her career in acting having been performing since the age of 3. When asked about her rival "The Claw," Hollywood gets right to the point on "The Claw."
Coach Funk asks Cory "Wild" Weston about his roots in Texas High School Football (Cory played the toughest position on the team, Middle Linebacker) 

Claudia "The Claw" Reiff from University of Miami and 1/2 of the Inter-gender Tag Team Champions with Wes Brisco tells Coach Funk just why she is called "The Claw."
Dory Funk Jr. asks Brian Davis just why do they call him "Hot Shot" and the arrogant one comes back with an answer that catches Coach Funk off guard.
Interviews are now online at -
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