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By Patrick Brandmeyer on 10/1/2012 10:28 AM
ILLINOIS GRANITE CITY-St. Louis Anarchy at The River's Edge: Tony Kozina & King Fale defeated Darren Dean & Thomas Shire ... ACW T.V. Champion Davey Vega beat Jojo Bravo ... Billy McNeil pinned Jeremy Wyatt ... Kyle O'Reilly defeated Christian Rose ... Evan Gelistico beat Arik Cannon ... Gerald James (w/ Mrs. Victor) pinned Rachel Summerlyn ... Davey Richards defeated Bolt Brady ... A.C.H. beat Shane Hollister ... The Hooligans won a four-way dance with Darren Dean & Thomas Shire, T.V. Champion Davey Vega & Darin Childs, and Jordan Lacey & Alex The Big Owl ... Heavyweight Champion Dan Walsh fought Darin Corbin to a no-contest ... Kyle O'Reilly won a six-way dance with A.C.H., Davey Richards, Gerald James, Evan Gelistico, and Billy McNeil to win the SLA Medallion. (09-29-2012)