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By Mike Johnson on 10/1/2012 10:29 AM

9.29.12 - " Redemption or so I thought"

For the last 7 days I have been in exile and haven't read the internet, answered calls or messages as I have played through my mind the actions that took place this past Saturday in Delaware over and over again. Since June of last year I have had the opportunity to apply my craft in the ring for the promotion I grew up with followed and supported since i was young. All I ever wanted to do was compete for Combat Zone Wrestling and through all the highs and lows and tribulations and deathmatch trials I have proved myself time and time again,earning the respect of the CZW faithful and the men and women of the locker-room.

Since my exception in the dub "The owner", "The Boss", whatever u wanna call him has had it out for me since day one when i jumped the guardrail and entered the Combat Zone. Anything I do or did was never good enough.No matter how much I put my body through or how much blood I've spilled from Philadelphia to Indiana it was never enough. The Owner of the company has continued to call me "Boy". All i did was answer a challenge back at the 13 year anniversary show and he has ran from me since then.All I wanted was a match to prove to him I anit no "Boy" and that i wasn't scared of "The Boss".

Enter Tangled Web this past Summer where I gave him everything i had, to where he had to send me crashing from the heavens  to stop me but...  I still came back for more. Redemption this past Saturday was The Rematch i was granted that Greg Excellent used his last wish for. After it was all said and done i beat the Boss 1...2....3.. I then go to The People and celebrate OUR Victory only for u know who to "Fire" me from CZW. Emotions and more consumed myself with disbelief and an act of empty mind. For 7days Ive kept quiet from the world and have  pondered where things go next,and  what to do from here.

Want to see a Man have his heart ripped out and watch an act of aggression and desperation go watch Redemption.He shattered my dreams and has taken away a part of my livelihood. Saturday set off a chain reaction of events from being fired from His company to sustaining and injury in that match keeping me from making a living for other promotions and losing my Job outside the wrestling world. at first it was business,then personal and now affecting personal business in and out of the ring, I guess the boss has gotten what he wanted and i will now just fade away and the flavor of the month is over...

To hell with that I will use the old cliche,that desperate times call for desperate measures...When a man loses everything in a mere week he has nothing else to lose. It anit over till its over and were far from it. You can take The Bulldozer out of CZW but you can't take CZW out of Tremont. I Know where you're going to be for next month brotha,so it looks like iam gonna have to do what i used to and like alot of others have and I'm going to crash the combat zone and purchase a ticket to your event and we will all see what happens.

This company is supposed to be in a state of anarchy and chaos, I'm going to show you and the Combat Zone and Wrestling World what Chaos and Anarchy is all about. No more catchphrases and talking...actions will speak louder then words. You took everything from me personally and professionally and i now will make your life a living hell. So keep yourself and your staff  and security posted cuz on 10/12 in Northeast Philly I just may stop bye, and in Jersey the next night so be ON POINT cuz iam coming for you DOUCHE BAG !!........    

Matt Tremont