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By Larry Goodman on 10/1/2012 10:36 AM

Welcome to Georgia Wrestling History’s live coverage of Platinum Championship Wrestling at the Main Event in Porterdale, GA on September 29, 2012.

Unlike Sacred Ground 1 and 2, both of which featured big name national talent, the success or failure of number 3 rested solely on the PCW talent roster.

The building is standing room only. Close to 200 I'm guessing. The majority appear to be fans that have traveled from Atlanta rather than the Porterdale regulars.

We opened with a highlight video set to The Doors "The End".

Platinum welcomed the fans with the announcement that this is a joint PCW/EMPIRE event and only one company will survive (whatever the outcome, it is public knowledge that Platinum has moved to Orlando and this is it for him as the booker/owner of the promotion). The EMPIRE management team (Jeff G. Bailey & Miss Rachael & Marty Freeman & Jonathan Malik) entered the ring. Bailey assured the fans that the PCW banner would be going in the dumpster where it belongs and EMPIRE would be bringing pro wrestling back to Porterdale. Malik, Freeman and Rachael (wearing the EMPIRE belt around her waist and looking quite stunning in her evilness) each took a turn on the mic.

(1) Fifth Column won the Platinum Royal. The mysterious, masked Column is evidently a new member of the EMPIRE. Column was the last one in the ring and also scored the most eliminations, so no singles match was needed to decide the winner. Other participants were Eric Walker, Dwight Power, Mr. Eric, Antioch, Master Jae, Vandal, Marko Polo and Pump Yo Brakes (with Quasi Mandisco), Tommy Penerelli, Witness (with his head bandaged from last night), Lee Roy, Sylar Cross and Big Wood.

This crowd is hot beyond belief.

(2) Hayden Young pinned Chip Day in 10:46. These two were partners until Young's head swelled and uglied up his personality. An excellent match filled with crisp, fast-paced action that really kicked the show into high gear. They killed each other with tons of big moves. Day gave Young a full rotation german off the top and hit a shadow tornado kick but couldn't put Young away. Young hit his second snap mare driver of the match and won it with sky high Flying Squirrel splash.

(3) In the first Tag Team Season semifinal, Washington Bullets (Jon & Trey Williams)defeated Daisho (Kyle Matthews & Vordell Walker) in 12 minutes. An amazing match. Walker was pinned after Bullets hit the Marion Barry (back cracker/cutter combo. They did all kinds of great stuff to get there and got a standing O afterward. This will be tough to follow.
Notables in attendance include Billy Knight, Stanley Robinson, Fred Avery, Dan Masters and the Jagged Edge, fresh off surgery for a torn bicep.

(4) Brian Blaze & Geter defeated the EMPIRE team of Jacob Ashworth & Corey Hollis (with Marty Freeman). This crowd is white hot for everything. After Hollis softened him up with a flying back elbow, Ashworth managed to hit the full nelson slam on the giant Geter. Hollis followed with a diving headbutt, and Blaze was able to make the save. We Are 3 fought back to win with a flying elbow drop/sidewalk slam combo on Ashworth. Another good match. Everyone is bringing their A game tonight.

(5) Simon Sermon defeated Rick Michaels in 5 minutes. Michaels was out to prove who is best openly gay pro wrestler in Georgia. Michaels hit the double shot but was slow to cover and Sermon kicked out. Michaels slipped out of the Manchester Driver. Sermon then victimized Michaels with his own move, the Double Shot.

Postmatch, Michaels accepted Sermon’s handshake and they hugged…then Michaels kicked him in the groin to leave him laying. Big applause for Sermon as the refs helped him to the back.

(6) Pandora defeated Christi Whiplash and Nina Monet and Aesha in a Last Women Standing Match at 11 minutes. The debuting Whiplash tried to cut a promo that drowned out by the crowd. Monet sent the Crown Jewel men to the back. Fans were chanting for Pandora before she came through the curtain. Pandora told Whiplash the toughest woman title was hers and she was going home with it. Alliances were fleeting. Whiplash caught Aesha right in the mammary with a high knee. Pandora got off a huge burst of offense against all three, including a double bulldog on the black women, but she wound up down and on the floor after Monet cracked her with chair. Whiplash was toast after taking the Lollipop Drop from Aesha, who then speared Monet, and they both spilled through the ropes. Pandora struggled to her feet just before the 10 count to win the match. It's already a broken record, but this match was also better than expected.

(7) Casey Kincaid defeated Fred Yehi and Jay Fury in a Trinity Rules Match at 17 minutes. These three were allies coming into the match. Under Trinity Rules, the the loser of the fall has to sit out for two minutes, and if either of the other competitors scores a fall during the penalty box period, the match is over. Yehi won the first fall with a bridging German suplex on Fury. As soon as Fury reentered, Kincaid was able to roll Yehi up for three. The well- rested Fury went to town, but Kincaid came back with a spectacular huracanrana off the top just before the two minutes was up. After Yehi superplexed Kincaid, Fury hit a frogsplash elbow to pin Kincaid. Fury immediately covered Yehi, but Fred kicked out. Fury had Yehi in the crossface but he lasted out the waning seconds, and Kincaid was back in the match. Kincaid hit the handspring stunner on Fury and Yehi submitted Fury with the Koji Clutch. Kincaid immediately nailed Yehi with a wicked basement dropkick for the 1-2-3.

Afterward, Kincaid left both of his teammates laying. Platinum came out with a puzzled look on his face, and Kincaid just shoved him away. Yehi tried to make things right with Fury, but he would have none of it, so the disintegration of DamNation appears to be complete.

(8) Najasism defeated De La Vega in a hair vs. hair match. This feud has been pushed hard at the Porterdale shows and the crowd reacted accordingly. De La Vega is way, way over. Naja overshot a suicide dive and landed on his head. Really scary stuff. Naja was shaken up and the next spot was a mess. Naja hit a crisp hanging stunner so I guess he's OK. Naja just executed a flying double knee to the outside that was totally unreal, so I guess he's more than OK. Naja crashed and burned on a swanton, and got speared out of his boots. The crowd was on fire. Naja cut him off with a wheelbarrow suplex into the buckles. De La Vega kicked out of a frogsplash. De La Vega blocked the Iron Boot and hit spinning neckbreaker, but Naja kicked out. Naja hit the Iron Boot and followed with another frogsplash, and De La Vega kicked out again. Naja kicked out of Sliced Bread #2. Naja gave De La Vega a piledriver on the ring apron that was one of the sickest moves I’ve seen in a long time. Well, at least since that chokeslam to floor last night by Witness. Najasism finally ended it with a 450 splash. Ref Duke Korey hesitated on the three but had no choice. A show stealer among show stealers.

Najasism took pleasure in cutting De La Vega's locks, but he still had plenty enough hair so it will look decent once it's evened out. There's nothing like a complete head shaving for humiliation.
Intermission. Rick Michaels was hugging me as I typed this. It's amazing how well this crowd his holding up with all they've seen. They just hauled the casket out to ringside for the next match and it's appropriately crusty looking. Robert Drake announced the next PCW show in Porterdale for October 20. Ashworth suffered a neck injury. He took a move where his chin touched his belly button. Not good.

(9) Supernatural defeated Grotesque (with Pandora) and Devlin Valek and Monstruo Assesino in a casket match at 11:30. The battle of the freaks. Grotesque has slimmed down since the last time I saw him. Grotesque withstood big moves by all three before going down on a triple dropkick. The other three destroyed each other for a while. Supernatural missed a dive and landed on the casket. Grotesque was the only man standing after a tower of doom. The big moves continued and it was only time all night where the crowd showed any hint of burning out on them. Grotesque chokeslammed Assesino off the apron onto the casket. Assesino was hurting bigtime from that bump. The end came when Supernatural blindsided Grotesque with a dropkick and he fell into the casket. Supernatural followed with a top rope double stomp into the casket for an insane finish. Everyone involved in this crazy match was banged up to some extent.

Platinum introduced a video tribute to former WCW wrestler Fred Avery. Avery said this was some of the best wrestling he had seen in 30 years. Platinum said it was no secret that he was leaving and he announced that the PCW wrestling school was moving to Porterdale with Avery heading it up.

(10) Geter & Brian Blaze defeated Washington Bullets to win the Tag Team Season in 11:25. Fans were chanting for a Bullets threepeat. Trey hit the leaping legdrop and the hot tag was made. Bullets spilled Geter out of the ring. Jon hit a standing moonsault on Blaze for a near fall. They had Geter on jelly legs, but he gave them a double chokeslam. The four men paired off and pounded away. Trey sent Geter into the post. Bullets took Geter out with a suicide dive, and went for the kill on Blaze. The Bullets could not believe it when Blaze kicked out of the Marion Barry. Neither could anyone else. Blaze and Geter smoked Jon with an ungodly spike Emerald Flowsien. The Bullets threepeat dream was not to be. Blaze's resiliency turned out to be the story of the match.

(11) Mason defeated Shane Marx (with Jeff G. Bailey & Miss Rachael & Jonathan Malik) in 12:10 to unify the PCW and EMPIRE Championships. The crowd was 1000 percent behind Mason. Cautious start to this one. Business picked up huge when Mason did a dive to the outside and split his head wide open on the corner of the bench. His face was covered in blood. This is deep and is going to need stitches. The drama level amped up exponentially, as there was genuine concern for Mason's well being. Mason appeared to be out of it, but dug down deep for a comeback out of the blue. He hit the Scale of Justice with ref Frank Earl getting knocked down in the process. Freeman got nailed trying to interfere. Malik got on the apron. Mason cut him off, but Rachael jumped on his back. Mason gave Rachael the Scales of Justice for a pop that was off the hook. Bailey applied the ether rag to Mason, and put Marx on top of him. The still addled Frank Earl made the slowest count in PCW history, and Mason rolled a shoulder at 2 and ¾ for another insane pop. Marx silenced the crowd with a superkick. Marx went up top rope, but Mason caught him with Occam’s Razor. Marx fought it off. Mason got it again, slamming Marx to the mat with the submission still locked in. The crowd was going absolutely berserk and Marx was mere inches from the ropes when he tapped. A superhuman effort from the Demigod.

The ring filled up with PCW wrestlers. Marx put on his pouty face and relinquished his EMPIRE belt to Mason, then shook the champion's hand before slithering out of the ring.

Bailey got in Mason’s face. Platinum stepped in between them…and laid Bailey out with a belt shot. Platinum ripped his green jacket off revealing the PCW shirt underneath, and the crowd went nuts again. Yet another “Mason” chant erupted.

Mason, a blood soaked bandage wrapped around his head was confronted in the aisle by Rachael and her new pet, Fifth Column.

Sacred Ground 3 was an unbelievably great show -- a balls to the wall thrill ride for the entire four hours with heart out the wazoo. A lot of top flight shows fail to provide a main event that tops the undercard. Platinum gets closure. The main event at Sacred Ground Three was a spell binding, mind boggling peak to the existence of PCW. Props to the entire crew. They gave it everything they had. Any number of wrestlers came through with performances that exceeded all expectations. The annual GWH awards doesn't have a Show of the Year category, so Sacred Ground 3 will have to be the unofficial show of the year for 2012.

PCW will carry on in Porterdale. Whatever it becomes, there's no way it can be what it was under Platinum. New booker Shane Mackey and company face an unenviable task.
Unlike most independent wrestling promotions that wither and die, Platinum's PCW run had a true ending, a storybook ending the likes of which don't come around very often in life, much less in the pro wrestling business.

Platinum can leave Georgia secure in the knowledge that he advanced the wrestling careers of many of the people that trained with and wrestled for PCW. More importantly, the PCW experience helped them grow as human beings.

Platinum and PCW dared to be different, and Georgia wrestling is all the better for it.

NOTES: Mason went to the emergency room after the show. The laceration on his forehead required 14 stitches…Ashworth suffered a hairline fracture of the vertebrae in his neck.