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By Mike Johnson on 10/8/2012 8:43 AM

On Sunday, NWA Coastal Iron Man Champion Kevin Tibbs contacted Commissioner Tommy Cairo, and advised that he had separated his shoulder in training for his match at “Proving Grounds II”, scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 13th.

Cairo was unimpressed.  “Kevin Tibbs is scheduled to defend that title at the Bayville Elks Lodge this coming Saturday, and I expect nothing less than that”, the Commissioner was quoted as saying.  He added “if Mr. Tibbs is unable or unwilling to defend the title that he worked so hard to acquire, then we’ll just have to put it on someone else”.

Sebastian Cruz, who became the number one contender for the Iron Man Championship with a narrow defeat of “The American Psycho” Alex Payne, was unavailable for comment.  Cairo did indicate that he was considering other options  with regard to this title for Saturday night.

NWA Coastal returns to the Bayville Elks Lodge on Saturday, October 13th with "Proving Grounds II", with a bell time of 7:30 pm.  This show will be part of the latest NWA On Fire TV taping, which will premiere on ME TV on Friday, October 12th

A huge evening of pro wrestling is planned, and fans who attended the August show called "Bragging Rights II" know that NWA Coastal delivers the goods!

3 Main Events are scheduled for that evening.

"The Coqui Kid" Sebastian Cruz became the #1 contender for the Iron Man Championship in August, while Champ Kevin Tibbs may not compete due to an injury, Commissioner Tommy Cairo will have a backup plan concerning this title.

"Bad Boy" Danny Pagan won the NWA Coastal Heavyweight Championship at the "Bragging Rights II" show, and in a surprise move, joined Millionaire John's Boardwalk Mafia. He'll make his first title defense against Jersey Shore legend "The Phat Daddy" Biggie Biggs, who is still undefeated since his NWA Coastal debut.

AND, the NWA North American Tag Team Champions The Rochester Wrecking Crew INVADE Bayville on October 13th as they defend their titles against the very popular tag team
The Element.

Braydon Knight, fresh off both a TNA tryout, and a backstage appearance on Monday Night RAW, will make his NWA Coastal debut, as he faces former NWA Coastal heavyweight champion Patch

Also appearing that evening:

Ricky Reyes, Luscious LaRon, Ryan Haston, Millionaire John II,  Rex Lawless, Wacky Wayne Woo, Hybrid Josh Adams, The Rev. Buddy Graham, Bobby Youngblood, Iron Man Tommy Cairo, Fred Richards and more!

Tickets are available at the Elks Lodge, 247 Atlantic City Blvd, Bayville, NJ, or online at