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By Ford Denny on 10/10/2012 10:25 AM


Something that happened last night unrelated to the actual show was CM Punk's encounter with the fans in the arena. If you haven't seen it, go to YouTube; there are several uploads but one in particular that I saw was shot by someone who was literally a row in front of Punk. You clearly see someone shoving Punk and swinging at him, and you see Punk start to get annoyed. A bald man comes into the picture and puts his arms up, and this is where it becomes a mystery. His arms seem to hit Punk in the back of the head, which in turn sends Punk over the edge and he proceeds to backhand the fan and hit him in the face.

Now, the person who uploaded the video (RealWrestlingWFI) showing that a different fan is the one who pushes Punk in the back of the head, not the bald white guy. We now know who that guy is, Dario Teyes. He bragged about hitting Punk Twitter. However, he seems to take credit for causing Punk to swing at the bald guy; which doesn't seem to be the case. If you watch the video uploaded by TTUCgames, there's a man flipping off Punk who then gives him the shove which then prompted Punk to swing wildly.

TMZ has reported that the guy who was punched has met with Sacramento police. He also complained about pain his knees, which could've happened due to the fall. I don't know though, I'm not a doctor.

The WWE released a statement stating the obvious; they were NOT prepared with proper security in the crowd for Punk when he ventured out there. Yes, CM Punk shouldn't have slapped the taste out of the guy’s mouth; however, he did get hit and pushed several times. So it's easy for us to sit here and be armchair QBs and tell Punk what he should/shouldn't have done. I'm not going to fault Punk on this one. Unlike his "go kill yourself" tweet from a couple months ago. We could go back and forth for hours diagnosing each fan video. The first one I saw, it looked like Punk just hauled off and hit some dude. Upon further viewing of other videos you could see there was more to it, but this one is all on the WWE. They've done these spots a million times and they weren't prepared this time. Don't send your number one heel into a crowd with no help. Thirty on one is not good odds.

Which begs a question that I haven't seen asked; how many wrestlers punched fans before cell phones? Think about that one.


Just a quick thought on CM Punk, he is the best thing going, period. Yeah other guys are good, funnier, etc. but they can't hold Punk's jock. For those of us who've been around since the "Attitude era", he's the closest thing we have to that period of time. There's no other way to describe him, Attitude Era redux. As far as I'm concerned, he shouldn't lose the title (and most likely won't) until the Royal Rumble, to The Rock. Then, he should work Stone Cold at WrestleMania. It HAS to happen now.


Hulk Hogan blocked me from Twitter when I tweeted the following:

"As a child I cried when Earthquake sat on your chest. Now, I want to see a woman sit on your face. Release the sex tape, @HulkHogan!”

Then he blocked me. In retrospect, it was a funny tweet, and worth being blocked for. I wouldn't take it back even if Hogan was going to "follow back".

Four days ago, Radar released a snippet of the sex tape and you hear a man talking (off camera) before Hogan and a mystery woman do the adult thing. Jon Boon wrote the article saying that it seems like it is Heather Clem (the ex-wife of Bubba the Love Sponge) and the male voice is Bubba. I've listened to his show before, and I knew it was Bubba right when I heard him talk. There was NO doubt in my mind. I posted some tweets (@FordDenny) that Bubba probably went and yanked the crank to the idea of Hogan doing that to his wife. There's no bigger mark for Hogan than Bubba.

I didn't expect the news that came out today, as it seems as though the biggest mark for Hogan, Bubba, wanted to cash in on the sex tape. Doesn't surprise me. Bubba seems like he'd be THAT type of guy. Hogan claims he had no idea he was being filmed, which is probably true, but boy oh boy did Bubba set it up like it was.

"You two do your thing; I'll be in my office"

Really? That just SCREAMS setup. Now allow me to actually comment on the clip I saw on Radar, great stuff. Watching Hogan get fellatio is tremendous stuff for those of us who ate their vitamins and said their prayers as a kid. The only other thing that I noticed, I wish I could have a broom handle like that at sixty years old. Good lord, Real American, bring on the second sex tape!


- Just put Sunny in jail

- Big changes in WWE creative, did you notice?

- Is it time for a full-time VKM return? Maybe.

- It is time to go BACK to two hours and spin it somehow so it doesn't look like you failed. The VKM/Punk fight brought me back to the Attitude days, except I was EXHAUSTED by the time it happened because the show is way too long.

- Please keep doing the shaking camera. I tweeted about it on Monday, I loved it.

- Heath Slater is no longer a one man band.

- Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow better win the tournament.

- I can't wait for Bound for Glory. Should be a great show, but PLEASE get the bottom of Aces and Eights before the end of time.

- Hogan should cut a promo on Bubba on iMPACT and joke about how Kharma beat his ass and if it wasn't for Russo, he'd still be eating out of a feeding tube.

- There better be SOME chant towards Hogan's naughty time with Heather Clem by the "smart" iMPACT zone crowd. If not then, I DEMAND it on Sunday, Arizona.

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