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By Joseph Grieco III on 10/17/2012 3:42 PM


ETW presents "ExtremeMania" 10/27/12
On October 27, 2012 ETW will celebrate its 1 year anniversary with "ExtremeMania."

On this night you will see a jam-packed show with the best wrestling in the area.

The entire show will be capped off by a double main event.

Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Dylan Kage
In the early 2000s, there were no finer in-ring technicians in the area that Slyck Wagner Brown and Dylan Kage. It has been over 5 years since these 2 men have been face to face in the ring in the state of Connecticut. On this night, they lock up once more time to see who will have ultimate bragging rights to this long-standing feud.

Big Jim Sullivan (with Jimmy Meaz) vs. Vik Dalishus (with Joesph J. Alexander)
At "Bristol Beatdown" Joseph J. Alexander defeated Jimmy Meaz in a manager vs manager match due to some help by JJ's newest acquisition, Vik Dalishus. In retaliation, Meaz's own "personal hitman" Big Jim Sullivan issued a challenge for Vik to step in the ring with the Irish Freight Train 1 on 1 in a street fight. Not being one to back down from a challenge, Vik accepted. At ExtremeMania, these 2 brutes will battle it out with all rules being thrown out the window.

"Red Lion" Chris Battle vs. A.J. Cruise
This is the "rubber match" between these two competitors. At ETW's first event, "The Red Lion" Chris Battle was able to gain a victory by not-so-sportsmanlike means. At Bristol Beatdown, AJ Cruise was able to avenge that loss. Feeling as though he was unjustly defeated, Battle demanded another match. So, at ExtremeMania, the score will be settled once and for all in a special 2 out of 3 falls match.
- The first fall must be obtained via pin fall
- The second fall must be obtained via submission
- The third fall (if necessary) will be Falls Count Anywhere

Team Wild vs. Team Marvel
At Bristol Beatdown, Shane Marvel was victorious over "The White Delight" Scott Wild, despite the distraction of Wild's tag team partner Johnny Miyagi being at ringside.
Feeling as though he was robbed, Wild has issued a challenge for a Survivor Series style 8-man elimination tag team match. Joining the Tenacious Two on Team Wild will be Ian Griffin and Jivin' Jimmy Capone.
Not one to back down from a challenge, Marvel has enlisted the help of 3 newcomers to ETW - Sam "On Demand" Moore, Frankie Flash, and Scotty Vegas!
It's a classic battle of Good vs Evil in this epic encounter!

JT Dunn vs Tapu vs Andy Sweet vs Kenny Roberts
At Bristol Beatdown, both Tapu and JT Dunn unfortunately were not victorious in their respective tag team matches. As such, both men have decided to try their hand in singles competition at ExtremeMania. As such, they will test their mettle in a fatal four-way match, which will also be featuring the debuting Kenny Roberts and the returning Andy Sweet! Whoever emerges victorious in this encounter will definitely hold bragging rights in ETW.

Other matches scheduled -

Jimmy Blanco vs. Billy King

Dan de Man vs. Tyrese O'Neal

Fredo Majors vs. Kenyon Mora

Bobby Ocean vs. Jose Perez

J-Busta vs. Damien Darling

ETW Presents ExtemeMania
Saturday October 27, 2012
The Bristol Boys & Girls Club
105 Laurel St. Bristol, CT

Adult tickets $10
Children under 10 $5
Doors open 6 pm - Bell time 6:30 pm

card subject to change