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By Mike Johnson on 10/22/2012 12:09 PM

GOUGE presents Fallout
October 20, 2012 Roxboro, NC  - National Guard Armory
James Anthony pinned ATL
Otto Schwanz & Alex Adonis w/ Miss Lynn beat Team Fabulous (Fabulous Frankie & Luscious Lance)
HeadRush beat Pimp Daddy Cash
Caprice Coleman beat Jimmy Jack Funk Jr via KO in a cross face
Sean Alexander w/ Natasha Badinoff beat Seymour Snott
Sideshow Phil & Jaheem the Dream beat Leatherface & Tank Lawson  (in beginning of the match Jaheem challenged Leatherface and Tank to a dance off, when the started the Thriller Music Count Grog, Ring announcer Wade Minter and most of the dressing came out and danced like zombies)