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By Mark Roth (CJDark) on 10/27/2012 4:42 PM

SO WE HAVE COME TO THIS.  It is a place in the business that seems to be at a crossing road.  Irony is rich in this place.
Phil said he wanted change and that he was in fact "the voice of the voiceless".  Phil said he wanted CHANGE and to be the advocate that brought on that great change within the business.  He wanted it to be a business again that everything was possible.  And after holding on to the WWE Title for nearly one year he has become that advocate.
HIS LEGACY demands that CHANGE is his truth when it is all said and done.  Mick Foley once lobbied to LOSE his final match in WWE, he was supposed to win but he wanted the last moments of his career to be him walking to the back, looking over his shoulder having been defeated. HE got what he wanted (note: He did in fact lose that match but was then called back to duty by Vince McMahon and worked another match so it didn't turn out the way he envisioned in the end).
Phil, TO BE THE MAN you HAVE TO LET THE MAN BEAT YOU! If Phil leaves the PPV ("Hell In A Cell") with the WWE Title and loses the war, then we can applaud WWE Creative for coming up with a unique conclusion to a match they did not have a conclusion for and saving Ryan Reeves ("Ryback") in the process.  But if Ryback doesn't simply do what the right thing he should do is at the PPV, beat Punk in dominant decisive fashion to become THE POTENTIAL NEXT BIG THING in the business then Phil has likely been exposed to be a total fraud.  See, Phil knows what this is all about, he isn't a stupid man.  He knows the business well.
Phil should be in that OFFICE saying, "NO conclusion?, I keep the WWE Title? NO! Put Reeves over clean!".  Phil should be "The Voice of the Voiceless" (Reeves) in this match because of the two, the only one that can usher on the era of CHANGE in dramatic fashion this Sunday night in Atlanta, Georgia is in fact Phil Brooks.  If Phil demands to drop the WWE Title to establish this change then WWE can't stop that change from happening.  If Phil accepts that WWE doesn't want to allow that change to happen then he was a fraud all along and everything he said and has done has been a fraud to propel his own personal agenda.  It is that simple.
It really is!  And some are going to argue, well if WWE tells him, "look you are going over Sunday" or "Look we want to keep the WWE Title on you Sunday" and he accepts that then he really can't do anything to change that fact.  If anyone argues that or buys that then they are deluded as much as Phil would be coming out of the show expecting us to buy in to the theory that he did the best thing for the business or that he is still the same guy trying to CHANGE the business for the better.
Because if they say, "NO you are keeping the title Phil, due to our booking plans." then Phil can say, "Then I am out! I will walk out! I want to lose! I have to lose! Screw those plans... plans CHANGE.  Change is a good thing.  Ryback being on top, screwing the current plan of me taking on Rock at Royal Rumble is a good CHANGE.  In fact why would that screw the plans? Why wouldn't it just add to those plans?  We instead do Punk v. Ryback v. Rock at Royal Rumble and the winner of that match then goes on to face the winner of The Rumble match at Wrestlemania.  See no plans would have been screwed. Plans would have to be slightly adjusted and for the better because the audience will be more compelled to watch if Ryback wins the title and then the plans are tweaked."  Phil Brooks understands the business well and he realizes all of this.  And even if it meant he was pulled from the Rock match at Royal Rumble and replaced by Ryback or that he went on to take on Rock with out the title as the backdrop of their match and Ryback defended against someone else at the PPV, well he would realize it was still worth ushering in the CHANGE.  Phil knows this and now we not only get to see what WWE Creative comes up with Sunday night in Atlanta, Georgia but we get to actually see what Phil Brooks actually does believe in.  Because anything short of establishing and elevating Ryan Reeves "Ryback" character on Sunday night to me ushers in the era that Phil Brooks was always a total fraud when it came to talking about being the "Voice of the Voiceless" and only wanting to be the advocate of CHANGE in WWE.
THIS one match, THIS ONE moment will write the legacy of Phil Brooks and how each of us should look back on him after his WWE career has come to a conclusion.