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By Mike Johnson on 11/2/2012 1:59 PM

This week’s edition of IZW TV on was the go-home show before IZW’s next iPPV.  It was chalk full of wild in ring action that set the table for the fall classic Halloween Hangover on Saturday November 3. 

In the main event of the evening, Impact Division Champion Jermaine Johnson defeated Bobby Starr, who was accompanied by Venus, to retain his title in an Impact Rules Match.  This bout was not for the faint of heart as both Johnson and Starr lit into each other with everything they could find in the Impact Arena.  Chairs and tables were the main weapons of choice.  They beat the hell out of each other all over the Impact Arena both inside and outside of the ring and right in front of the crowd including a spinebuster by Starr onto the concrete that slowed the champ down.  But Johnson recovered and used a trash can as a weapon that knocked Starr silly.  At one point, action finally returned to the ring where Johnson hoisted up Venus high into the air ready to slam her through a table, but Starr was able to crash his brass scepter into Johnson’s head stopping the attack.  Johnson was laid out on the table motionless after this as Venus mocked him and got ready to drench Johnson with a bottle of Brass Juice.  But the joke was on her, as Angel Blue ran down to the ring and smashed a steel chair into the back of Venus that decimated the Golden Goddess.  All of which was totally legal of course in an Impact Rules Match.  The women even took the fight outside of the ring as Blue dove off the top rope onto Venus who was standing near the guardrail.  Both women took a nasty fall in what was a preview of their Triple Threat Match at Halloween Hangover with Kyra Maya in just a few days. 

Back to the men, as Johnson was still unconscious on the table.  Starr set up a 12 foot ladder in the middle of the ring and looked ready to win the Impact Division in style, but just as he was ready to dive off the ladder, Johnson sprayed the bottle of Brass Juice (that was left on the table from Venus earlier), directly into Starr’s face which left the Brass Bull disoriented and confused.  Then in the move of the night, Johnson suplexed Starr off of the top of the ladder through the table down below and got the pinfall to retain his Impact Division Championship heading into Halloween Hangover.


In great tag team action, Cody Jones and Copycat wrestled The Old School Suckas to a No Contest.  It was a fast paced match with both wrestlers taking the best that the other team could dish out.  Jones and Copycat hit some aerial and athletic moves, while Bryan Cruize and Randy Price kept their attacks grounded and methodical showing their tag team acumen.  The OSS were landing a series of overhand rights to Jones and Copycat when Big Business showed up and blindsided both teams forcing the ref to call a no contest to the match.  From there, Damon Windsor and Kevin Morgan continued to pummel all four wrestlers, no doubt softening them up for Halloween Hangover and sending a message at the same time. 

In other action, IZW World Heavyweight Champion Double D defeated one half of the IZW Tag Team Champions Kevin “Image of War” Morgan.  Double D went for a flying cross body but it backfired as Morgan caught him in midair and slammed him to the ground then gave him a big boot for his trouble as Madam Commissioner Erica looked on in amusement.  Morgan continued his assault in the ring as Double D took more and more punishment.  But the gritty World Champion found a way to beat the odds once again.   Shawn McHale threw a steel chair inside the ring for Morgan but Double D planted a perfect kick onto the chair sending the loaded metal right into Morgan’s face.  As Morgan staggered around, D quickly hopped up to the tope rope and made good on his cross body this time as he planted Morgan on the mat for the 1-2-3.


Halloween Hangover is finally here and there’s no better way to bring in the new season than with a Monsters Bash Battle Royal for the World Title with every wrestler on the IZW roster in one match.  Order and tune in next Saturday, November 3 for this once a year extravaganza.

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