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By Ford Denny on 11/13/2012 1:16 PM

I can't believe it's been nine weeks since Jerry Lawler had his heart attack on live TV. Regardless of me getting lost in time, it has been, and he made his return on Monday night. It was a great moment, one that I didn't think we'd ever see again. I've never been a fan of Lawler but that all went to waste side when he had his heart attack. His promo was great, short and to the point. Then "Cult of Personality" hit...

CM Punk came out to the ring and cut one of the BEST heel promos we've heard all year. Wait, it was the BEST heel promo of this year, easily. I'm sure he did get tweets and such about Lawler's heart attack. If you recall, Lawler did wrestle a tag match shortly before he had his heart attack, and CM Punk was in it. Punk's promo felt so real, mainly because he was talking about something that was real. The things that Punk said in the promo were controversial but isn't that his gimmick? They had to know that the things he was going to say were going to draw some heat. However, Punk delivered them with such sharpness; you felt he truly believed it.

As for Paul Heyman's "heart attack"... Priceless. It was the cherry on top of the perfect promo by CM Punk. In my opinion, the promo did exactly what it needed to do. Punk got heat, Heyman got heat. It's what they set out to do, and they did it.

Nailed it.


If this match was bet on in Las Vegas, the line would've been something like this: John Cena -280, CM Punk +400. There was no chance in hell that Punk was going to go over in this one, and he didn't. The purpose here was to show how strong John Cena and Ryback are going into the main-event at Survivor Series. The ending with Cena and Ryback grasping the title and Punk looking over with a look on his face as if he was about to cry was fantastic.

Going into the match on Sunday, Punk's reign looks like it is in serious jeopardy, which is exactly why he'll retain. This reign isn't going to end on day #364. I would be flabbergasted if it did, and severely pissed off it did. Punk is the best thing going right now and VKM knows that. Expect this reign to last until January, and maybe beyond.

Nailed it.


I tweeted (@theFORDshow) this and I'll ask here, is this AJ/Cena thing only a scandal because Cena legitimately cheated on his wife with AJ? Or is it some scandal because she was the GM and sleeping with the talent? I'm confused. Either way, it's the EXACT same angle iMPACT did months ago with AJ/Lynch.

I even sent a tweet to David Lagana about how he must be throwing furniture around in his house knowing they are doing this, he replied with "no.”

Once I heard Vickie play voice mails, I had to react in a very negative way. I no longer believe that VKM doesn't realize TNA exists. It's clear as day that SOMEONE in that company is watching SpikeTV on Thursday nights.

The Internet better be killing the WWE for this, as they did with TNA when they were doing it, first. I just want it to end. I'm tired of it. This is the hot angle? This?


- Survivor Series is this Sunday? Doesn't feel like an original member of the 'big 4' anymore.

- Johnny Curtis is Fandango? Well, whatever gets you on TV, I guess.

- Ziggler cashing in on Sunday? I'd bet on it.

- Brad Maddox isn't gone forever. I expect him to play a role in the main-event this Sunday.

- nWo DVD? A lot of recycled stuff from a past DVD but I'm still interested. Mainly because I'm an nWo mark.

- I'm also very interested in the Attitude Era DVD. So much so, I'll be getting it.

- I haven't seen CM Punk's DVD yet, but I will. Your thoughts if you have?

- I've thoroughly enjoyed WWE '13. Pick it up if you haven't.

- RAW: I enjoyed it. I think the show should go back to two hours though. That's just me.

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