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By Mike Johnson on 11/29/2012 6:36 PM

11/29- CWE Nov 28th Results.

1) "Pimp Daddy" Rick Matthews pinned Levi McDaniel.
2) Lizzy Slade defeated Kevin Cannon in an inter gender match.
3) "Hotshot" Danny Duggan won his match against CWE Tag Team Champion "Misfit" Mike Mission by disqualification following a low blow.
4) "All Gimmicks Needed" Tommy Lee Curtis was victorious in a 3-way dance against Buddy Wiser and JJ Sanchez.
5) Kevin Cannon's Mystery Client & "The Rebel" Bobby Collins battled to a double count out.
6) In one of the wildest and craziest matches to ever take place in Winnipeg, Kevy Chevy defeated Billy Blaze in a North End Street fight that spilled out on to the street resulting in four Winnipeg Police officers pulling their guns on the two competitors and handcuffing them. The two were eventually released and able to finish the contest. 
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