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By Dan Mirade on 12/1/2012 10:33 PM


While fans were enjoying their turkey, the MWF staff was hard at work putting together this 28 minute holiday special loaded with news and announcements on our three big events coming up! It's available on the front page of our website now!

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Home of the Millennium Wrestling Federation - It's On!!
Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Proud to be named Special Olympics Partners 2011 & 2012 - thank you!

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MWF HOLIDAY HEADLOCKS - Meet 2012 WWE & College Football Hall of Famer Ron Simmons / Faarooq!
Special in-person & online charity event for Toys For Tots, Melrose Relief Fund Food Pantry & more!
Autographs - In-Studio Posed Photos - Live Video Promos / Interviews with Ron & YOU!
This Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 - 5PM
-- FREE Autographs from Paul Bearer & John Cena Sr. (see below)
-- Tons of eBay auctions on-going for fans outside of Boston (see below)
-- Free DVD offer!

This Sunday December 2nd, the Millennium Wrestling Federation presents one of it's most unique, special events in company history giving fans a unique opportunity to help a variety of non-profits. For fans in the Boston area, 2012 WWE & College Football Hall of Famer Ron Simmons / Faarooq will be joining us live at MWF Studios to sign autographs, pose for beautiful in-studio photos and take part in video interviews where YOU can ask questions, send a holiday shout out, even get a "Damn!" - it's up to you, it's your home video! They will be emailed to you the next day, or you can have a DVD made of it (shipping would obviously apply).

The televised and online version of HOLIDAY HEADLOCKS features Simmons, MWF President Paul Bearer, Dan Mirade, Al Snow's sidekick Quincy, a visit from Santa and who knows who else! We'll have tons of rare, discount & autographed wrestling merchandise available thanks to our friends from WWE, the MWF and even the Boston Red Sox. For every non-Ron Simmons merchandise order placed, the pause button will be hit on grudges as you'll recieve BOTH an autographed Paul Bearer photo and an autographed John Cena Sr. "Fabobuck" as our thanks to you (limit of one offer per person / address; limited quantities). We already have several great eBay auctions going on featuring just some of what will be available December 2nd (see bottom of the page for items & links). If you bring a canned food item or a $2 donation (in-person or online) we'll give you a November 2012 MWF TV DVD absolutely free!

Ron is on MWF Xtra episode #4 in an emotional interview where he talks about holidays from his youth and why he wants to be with us so bad December 2nd. He's going through his personal collection as we speak, he'll be bringing along ring worn gear and other items to help the cause! Whether in-person or online, make your plans to join us now!

Can't join us in Melrose?  You can Buy & Bid on some of the great items we have available on eBay right now!  Again, we're not just asking for a financial donation but for you to buy a great item(s) for the wrestling fan on your list (or yourself) with the money going to charity!  LET'S SHOW NON-FANS THE GOOD PRO WRESTLING CAN DO!
WWE Tributes To The Troops S T-Shirt - ends Sunday 7:50PM
TNA Abyss Against All Odds XL T-Shirt - ends Sunday 7:52PM
WWE Tributes To The Troops Youth L T-Shirt - ends Sunday 7:54PM
WWE Batista XL T-Shirt - ends Sunday 7:55PM
WWE Alberto Del Rio L T-Shirt - ends Sunday 8PM
WWE Batista L T-Shirt - ends Sunday 8:02PM
WWE WrestleMania XXVIII Youth M T-Shirt - ends Sunday 8:08PM
WWE John Cena "Cenation" L T-Shirt - ends Sunday 8:18PM
WWE Original Sin Cara XL T-Shirt - ends Sunday 8:19PM
WWE Original Sin Cara M T-Shirt - ends Sunday 8:22PM
WWE Original Sin Cara Youth M T-Shirt - ends Sunday 8:24PM
WWE John Cena "Never Give Up" XL T-Shirt - ends Sunday 8:25PM
WWE Undertaker Youth L T-Shirt - ends Sunday 8:31PM
TNA LAX L T-Shirt - ends Sunday 8:41PM
WWE John Cena "Salute The Cenation" L T-Shirt - ends Sunday 9PM
WWE John Cena "Salute The Cenation" M T-Shirt - ends Sunday 9:31PM
WWE Ron Simmons Autographed Christmas Card Personalized To You - ends Monday 10:50PM
Exclusive WWE Rock WrestleMania XXVIII XL T-Shirt - ends Monday 11:14PM
RARE WWE Armageddon 2007 PPV Chair - ends Monday 11:21PM
Ron Simmons Autographed Photo Personalized To You - ends Monday 11:27PM
RARE WWE Judgement Day 2009 PPV Chair - ends Monday 11:30PM
WWE Tributes To The Troops 2011 L T-Shirt - ends Monday 11:33PM
WWE John Morrison Hat 50% Off! - ends Monday 11:33PM
WWE Randy Orton  "Apex Predator" T-Shirt - ends Monday 11:36PM
WWE Undertaker S T-Shirt - ends Monday 11:39PM
WWE Original Sin Cara L T-Shirt - ends Tuesday 10:50AM


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Live Wrestling - Autograph / Photo Fanfest - Charity Auctions & Raffles - In-Ring Photo Opps & more!
Saturday, December 29th, 2012
Everett Rec Center - 47 Elm St. - Everett, MA
-- VIP Packages & tickets are on-sale now! Take advantage of the best value in wrestling!
-- Get an autographed Christmas card if ordered by December 18th!

featured superstars


-- 12 athletes will compete in six singles matches (participants announced on Thanksgiving special online now!)
-- The six winners will advance to a sudden death 6-Pack Challenge
-- The winner earns a spot in the main event at SOUL SURVIVOR IX!

-- WrestleMania XXVII Classic: autographed Triple H photo of his entrance & autographed Undertaker plaque with a piece of the ring rope combo! Just one of many items you can leave Everett with!

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MWF SOUL SURVIVOR IX: Destined For Greatness
Live Wrestling - Autograph / Photo Fanfest - Charity Auctions & Raffles - In Ring Photo Opps & more!
Saturday, March 9th, 2013
Memorial Hall - 590 Main St. - Melrose, MA
-- featuring Goldust, MWF President Paul Bearer and more TBA!
-- VIP Packages & tickets on-sale now!
-- Get a FREE autographed Christmas card if ordered by December 18th!

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Episode #5 - Thanksgiving 2012 Special
Episode #4 - Ron Simmons interview on HOLIDAY HEADLOCKS
Episode #3 - Detailed look at main event raffle items at ROAD TO THE GOLD
Episode #2 - MWF President Paul Bearer presents Bill DeMott with his Cauliflower Alley Club Award in Las Vegas!
Episode #1 - Bonus footage from the November 2012 Cyberstarz with "Superstar of Sin" Scott Reed, Todd Hanson & Ron Simmons!
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