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By Alan Wojcik on 12/2/2012 10:25 AM

On December 1st the gang known as IPW Hardcore came together once more for IPW Hardcore Resurrection held at the Wildwood Recreation Center, 1000 28th Street South in St. Petersburg, FL.
The Cuban Assassin & Fantasy made their way out to ringside to thank the IPW Hardcore loyalist for coming out once more to enjoy the past, present and future of Florida wrestling that is being carried on by Florida Underground Wrestling.
(1)Rod Steel defeated “Uptown” Frankie Capone (w/Pete Cannon.) After the match Capone transformed into Fransisco Ciatso and laid a beating on Steel. Jet Jaguar made the save with a folding chair.
(2) Billy Fives defeated Lex Lovett.
(3) Navy Seal (w/Dontay Brown) defeated Butch Long (w/Austin Tacious). After the match Cuban Assassin ran out and attacked Seal. Phil Latio and Kory Chavis made the save
for Seal.
(4) “The Marquee” Bruce Santee defeated Sedrick Strong.
“The Emerald Emperor” Simon Sez made his way to the ring with Shooter Storm & Wayne Van Dyke. “The Jade General” badmouthed the entire IPW Hardcore locker room, until the Shane Twins & Ron Niemi hit the ring.
(5) Shane Twins (w/ “Hardcore Giant” Ron Niemi) destroyed Wayne Van Dyke/Shooter Storm (w/Simon Sez)
After the match Ron Niemi addressed the fans thanking them as he reminded the fans who brought Florida wrestling back from the grave it was in after CWF folded up.
(6) In a hardcore match, Kubiak of the Snack Pack defeated Havoc of A.S.S. & Subway of the Chaotic Cult. After the match Kubiak praised Havoc and thanked the fans for everything they brought to every show in IPW history. Kubiak announced his retirement from wrestling.
(7) Mikey Tenderfoot defeated Naphtali, David Babylon, OG Scarface, Johnny Vandal & Dagon Briggs in a elimination match. After the match Scarface & Naphtali got together and attacked Tenderfoot. To everyone’s surprise, JUSTICE saved Tenderfoot.
(8) Buck Q/Steve Madison defeated Naturally Marvelous (“Black Nature Boy” Scoot Andrews/Mike Sullivan.)
After the main event the locker room thanked the fans and Ron Niemi/Dontay Brown for holding this well received event. Do not forget the 2012 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup is coming, December 14-15 in Ybor City, FL. Check Facebook!/groups/433458023376699/ for information