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By Richard Trionfo on 12/3/2012 1:59 AM
Exactly five years after their reunion show, IPW Hardcore Wrestling returned to action with IPW: Resurrection. This show provided the fans of this company a chance to see some of the wrestlers who established their careers in the company as well as a chance to see what some of these wrestlers have been up to since the reunion show in 2007.

The Wildwood Recreation Center in St Petersburg, Florida was the venue for this show.

Here are the results from the show:

The Cuban Assassin Fidel Sierra and Fantasy came to the ring and Sierra mentioned that he was the first IPW Heavyweight Champion. He also mentioned that the fans made IPW what it was and he was honored to be a part of the company.

Match Number One: Rod Steel defeated Frankie Capone (with Pete Cannon)

Before the match started, Steel told Capone that he was sick of reading what Capone had to say online. Rod mentions that he should not be in the ring but he is doing this to teach Capone a lesson.

Capone attacks Steel before the bell rings and he works on Steel’s injured shoulder. Cannon helps Capone work over Steel when Rod is sent to the floor. Steel shows Capone what happens when the arm is worked on and Capone is sent into chairs and the ring post. Capone goes to the turnbuckles and misses a knee drop and that allows Steel to take over. After Cannon tries to interfere, Capone collides with Cannon and Steel hits a sit out power bomb for the three count.

After the match, Cannon and Capone attack Steel and work on the arm some more. Jet Jaguar comes out with a chair to help Steel while Capone and Cannon get out of the ring and head to the back.

Match Number Two: Billy Fives defeated Lex Lovett

Before the match starts, Lovett decides to check the referee to make sure that he is not carrying any weapons.

Fives kicks Lovett early in the match and Lovett does not appreciate the force of the kicks and he demands a time out as well as a promise that Fives will not kick him any more. Fives continues with kicks and Lovett gets frustrated. Fives tries for some submissions but Lovett is able to get to the ropes. They fight to the floor and Lovett is able to even up the match. Fives misses a knee in the corner and Lovett is able to hit a Falcon Arrow but he cannot capitalize. Fives gets the win with the Fifth Dimension.

Match Number Three: Navy Seal defeated Butch Long

Long attacks Seal before the bell rings but it does not work because Seal is able to fight Long off and Butch goes to the floor. Long is able to take control of the match when they fight on the floor. Long fails to take advantage when he goes up top and misses a leg drop. Seal with a series of strikes and a power slam for a near fall. Seal gets the three count after hitting a missile drop kick to the back of the head.

After the match, Fidel Sierra comes out and he attacks Navy Seal. Music starts to play and Phil Latio makes his way to the ring and he takes care of Sierra and Long. Kory Chavis comes out to help Phil and works over Sierra on the floor while Phil attacks Butch in the ring. Phil with a Bronco Buster and Stinkface to Long.

The New Heavenly Bodies (Vito DeNucci and Chris Nelson) came out to the ring for a promo, but due to technical difficulties with the sound system, they were unable to do their promo.

While the technical difficulties continued, Kubiak came out and threw Twinkies to fans in the crowd as part of the Snack Pack. Navy Seal came out to have some fun with Kubiak.

Match Number Four: Sedrick Strong defeated Bruce Santee

Before the match starts, Strong and Santee hug but Santee uses that opportunity to connect with a forearm. They go back and forth with chops and forearms. Santee goes to the floor and Strong with a pescado. When the action returns to the ring, Santee takes control of the match and gets a few near falls and then he tries for a sleeper. Santee tells Strong to punch him and then they exchange punches. Strong hits an Exploder suplex for a near fall. Santee hits the Big Dump but Strong kicks out at two. Strong lands on his feet when Santee tries for a suplex and then he hits a spear and gets the three count.

After the match, Strong and Santee hug in the ring. Bruce talks about Strong.

Strong gets on the mic and he thanks IPW for ten of the best years of his life.

Simon Sez comes out to the ring with Wayne Van Dyke and Shooter Storm. They insult IPW and Ron Niemi.

Ron Niemi comes to the ring and he is accompanied by the Shane Twins. Simon points out that we might remember the Shanes from their Sonny’s BBQ commercials.

Match Number Five: Michael and Todd Shane (with Ron Niemi) defeated Wayne Van Dyke and Shooter Storm (with Simon Sez)

Storm gets in the face of one of the Shanes and the other Shane gets behind Storm. Van Dyke does the same and he gets thrown onto Storm a few times. Wayne tries to slam the Shanes and that does not end up well for him. The Shanes toss Van Dyke into the air and after he lands on the mat, the Shanes pin him.

After the match, Simon tries to ingratiate himself to the Shanes. While this happens Ron Niemi comes from behind and he hits Simon with a briefcase.

Kubiak comes out to the ring and he says that the Snack Pack is finished and he will kick anyone’s ass. He mentions that he is known for being a hardcore wrestler. He says that he does not like the fans who cheered him for giving away free food but then they turn on him when Navy Seal came out.

Match Number Six: Kubiak defeated Havoc and Subway in a Hardcore Match

Havoc brings a barbed wire 2x4 to the ring with him while Subway has a cheese grater and a baking pan.

The match starts with Subway watching the action from the floor while Kubiak and Havoc battle. Havoc goes after Subway on the floor. Kubiak is the first to bleed due to the barbed wire 2x4. Subway uses his weapons and eventually everyone is bleeding.

Kubiak uses a fork on Havoc and then Subway uses the cheese grater on Kubiak. Kubiak gets some thumbtacks and he pours them onto the mat. Kubiak and Havoc work together and hit a double side Russian leg sweep on Subway. Havoc goes to the turnbuckles but Kubiak slams him onto the tacks. Kubiak pins Havoc with a Vader Bomb.

After the match, Havoc wants Kubiak to come back into the ring. They shake hands and hug.

Kubiak gets on the mic and he mentions that he has been with this company for 13 years. He has beaten the hell out of Havoc for the fans over the years for the fans. Kubiak announes that this was his last match.

Match Number Seven: Mikey Tenderfoot defeated Johnny Vandal, O.G. Scarface, Dagon Briggs, Naphtali, and David Babylon in an Elimination Match

The match starts off as a standard match with tags but eventually things break down and we get to see these men showcase their athleticism. Babylon hits a splash onto Scarface on the floor. Dagon hits a suicide dive onto Scarface and Babylon. Vandal goes for a pescado onto the three men on the floor but he is caught by them and send into the ring post. Tenderfoot stops Naphtali from hitting a dive to the floor and then he hits a corkscrew splash. We then get a tower of doom sunset flip power bomb. Babylon hits a C4 on Tenderfoot but does not pin him when he had the chance. Naphtali hits a coast to coast drop kick on Tenderfoot while he is in the tree of woe. The final two men in the match are Naphtali and Tenderfoot. Tenderfoot gets the win with a cutter as Naphtali goes for a moonsault.

After the match, Scarface and Naphtali attack Tenderfoot and Justice comes to the ring and he takes care of Scarface and Napthali. Justice hits a moonsault onto Scarface and Naphtali on the floor.

Match Number Eight: Steve Madison and Buck Quartermaine defeated Scoot Andrews and Mike Sullivan (with Shain Doe)

Before the match, Andrews commented on the people in the crowd and he insulted the firemen who were in the crowd.

Quartermaine does his elbow drop sequence to Andrews and then he hits a neck breaker on Sullivan and he lets Madison do his elbow sequence to Sullivan. All four men battle on the floor and Sullivan gives Madison a back body drop on the floor. Sullivan and Andrews double team Buck while Shain attacks Madison on the floor. The referee keeps Madison from helping his partner and this allows Sullivan and Andrews to double team Buck. Madison and Buck get near falls at the same time then we see Andrews and Sullivan get near falls. Sullivan hits the ring post when he misses a charge into the corner. Madison with an Axe Bomber to Scott and then Buck hits a leg drop from the top turnbuckle on Andrews and Madison gets the three count.