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By Mike Johnson on 12/6/2012 12:27 PM

Mike Tartaglia talked to DC Don Drake this morning. He is alive and well. That is great news!!! To say I was down yesterday would be an understatement.


We received two different emails, one to TWA and one to ECWA, from two different email addresses.  I don’t know if they intentionally started the hoax or were reporting what they read.  It had personal information in there like his wife's name, where he works (which I think he has only been at a few years), etc. Knowing that Don has had medical problems for years (and still does) , it was not hard to believe. 


The cell I had for Don was no longer current. We only had his work.


I called his work yesterday and spoke to a woman who barely spoke English and was clueless.


Mike called later last night and spoke to another woman who confirmed he was alive and then Mike spoke to Don this AM


In the middle of the night I did one of those search gimmicks. I paid $15 to trace the IP addresses on one of the emails and all I got was city and state, Tauton, Mass who no other concrete info as to a name


Just idiots with too much free time and nothing better to do.  Pretty sad!


Sorry for all the confusion, just glad Don is OK!!!


Joe Zanolle