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By Mike Johnson on 12/22/2012 2:32 PM

!BANG! TV Report - Next !BANG! TV Taping New Year's Eve - Jerry Brisco Comes to Funking Conservatory Wrestling
The Next !BANG! TV Taping comes to the !BANG! TV Sound Stage in Ocala, Florida Monday December 31st, New Year's Eve - Showtime is 6:30pm with doors opening at 7:00pm. Featured on the card will feature Wes Brisco, Dory Funk, a Women's Title Match, Inter-Gender Tag Team Match, a World Title Match and an Australian Rules 6 Man Tag Team Match - Tickets are available online at or Call Now 352-895-4658
Jerry Brisco, Talent Scout for World Wrestling Entertainment, Comes to Funking Conservatory Wrestling in Ocala, Florida Wednesday January 23rd.
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Imbed File - Dory Funk Jr. and Jerry Brisco - "Who Won the Match?"
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