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By Mike Johnson on 12/28/2012 10:42 AM

PRIME on YouTube: Gregory Iron & Zach Gowen Make a Fan's Dream Come True

Watch the clip online now -

Gregory Iron & Zach Gowen (known as "The Handicapped Handguns" when teaming together) are certainly no strangers to overcoming adversities in order to achieve their goals. Zach courageously battled and defeated cancer at the young age of 8, only to grow up to become a wrestling superstar known the world over. Greg was born with cerebral palsy, and had similar dreams of wrestling grandeur, and it was watching Zach on television in 2003 that had convinced Greg to chase that dream and become a professional wrestler, which he has been very successful at for six years. With these men's histories in mind, it's no surprise that both wanted the opportunity to give that same feeling to someone else, and make a life-long dream come true.

Greg & Zach's most passionate supporter is likely Jill Dials. Born with spina bifida and confined to a wheelchair, Jill looks to Greg & Zach as sources of inspiration & hope and frequently proudly proclaims them to be her heroes. She also has a dream of her own... to be a wrestling manager/valet like another hero of her's... the legendary Miss Elizabeth.

Watch as Greg & Zach make Jill's lifelong dream come true in a truly touching & emotional sentiment, then watch how their decision results in a dream come true for everyone involved in a recent match on PRIME Wrestling TV against The Sons of Michigan, "Amazing" N8 Mattson & "Big Bear" Benjamin Boone.

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