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By Ford Denny on 1/8/2013 6:38 PM
Are We Selling PPVs or WHAT?

Monday night we started the trek towards the Royal Rumble. CM Punk and Ryback had their TLC match that was supposed to happen weeks ago, and The Rock came back to introduce himself to his opponent. The main focus of the evening was on The Rock’s return, as it should’ve been. There’s no denying The Rock’s drawing power, even in 2012-2013. So, did it live up to the hype?


In my opinion, at least, it did. The Rock brought what The Rock brings; rhymes, catchphrases, and hashtags. CM Punk brought what CM Punk brings; attitude, straight talk, and reality. But there’s one key thing that BOTH men brought, energy. The energy they brought makes you believe that these guys have some heat, some grudge, and both men really want to win. The Rock started slow, as he did a year and a half ago with the Cena feud, but he turned it up at the end. He hit the Rock Bottom and that was it, we’re off to the races!

That promo was pay-per-view selling quality. The only question is how many people actually saw it? It’s the first Monday in January, so that means RAW went up against the BCS title game. What’s the saving grace for the WWE? It was a blowout by halftime. For the WWE’s sake, and to prevent VKM from hitting the panic button, I hope people turned the channel to USA network.

It wasn’t ALL roses for The Rock/CM Punk promo, the only complaint I have for it, very long. I would have loved it to end after Punk dropped his “boxing with God” line. Then The Rock hits the Rock Bottom and boom, goodnight! Instead, they kept going and seemed to miss the true moment to end it. That moment, was after Punk dropped the line about boxing with God. Go back and watch it again, and think about The Rock not saying another word after that line and just hitting the Rock Bottom…

That would’ve made it perfection.

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