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By Drew Archer on 1/16/2013 10:00 AM

The January 19 edition of IZW TV on GFL is sure to heat up the Impact Arena as last week things took a turn for the worse leading up to the Golden Wedding at Violent Valentine on February 16, between “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil and “The Golden Goddess” Venus. 


With Venus away handling wedding planning, last week’s main event might have muddied up the waters of the team known as The Golden Trinity.  “The Brass Bull” Bobby Starr had the opportunity of a lifetime, as he was all set to pin the IZW World Heavyweight Champion, Double D, 1-2-3.  But Neil, Starr’s tag team partner, interfered in the pinfall attempt, obstructing what would have been the biggest career win for Starr.  There’s no telling how things will play out this week and if it will have a bearing on Neil and Venus’ impeding nuptials.  This “love triangle” or whatever it is, is about ready to explode and the continued friction within The Golden Trinity is taking away from what Madam Commissioner Erica envisioned when she formed Impact Elite.  Will this be the week that the house of cards comes crashing down? 


Along with The Golden Trinity’s struggles, Erica also has to deal with “Number 1” Shawn McHale.  Last week Jordan Jacobs was given the task to make things harder on McHale by being the special referee in McHale’s bout with O’Malley.  When things exploded in Jacobs’ face, McHale was left standing once again, dodging a bullet that came out of Erica’s revolver.  Will McHale’s luck run out this week?


Double D and Jermaine Johnson have been steady as the come, defending their titles and defeating whoever has been placed in front of them, either in singles or tag team completion.  With The Convict lurking in the shadows of the Impact Arena and Damien Morte out front and center with his disgust and abhorrence of Johnson, both Double D and Johnson will have to continue to watch each other’s back if they are going to make it to Violent Valentine in one piece and defend the World Heavyweight Championship and Impact Division Championship, respectively. 


In other news, some blue chip prospects are making headway in IZW, including Chad Thomas, “Mr. Nasty” Robert Lee and Ace Archuleta.  Mix that new talent with returning stars like Striker, Dane Griffin and Joe Herell combined with IZW’s mainstays and Violent Valentine looks to be IZW’s most ambitious iPPV ever. 


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