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By Mike Johnson on 1/17/2013 12:27 PM

The road from Luchaville begins! Sensory Overload Lucha-Libre (SOL) makes its DEBUT in the great region of New England! Where masked luchadores are willing to defy gravity and perform death defying stunts! Where evil lunch ladies still exist. Drunk monkeys. Burlesque dancing. Puppet talk show. Mad scientists. Nachos. Cheap booze and Lucha Libre! The insanity starts February 16th!
~ Sensory Overload Lucha-Libre ~
Saturday February 16th, 2013
Bristol Swedish Social Club
38 Barlow St. Bristol, CT
Admission is ONLY $8.00 if you wear a lucha mask! Or just $10.00 if you choose not to!
**But put your thinking caps on! If you show up in a mask and your own created gimmick, you have a chance of seeing your gimmick come to LIFE at the next SOL event! The top 3 gimmicks we like will be nominated that night, The fans will choose the winner via round of applause. The winner will finally have their idea come to life, and see their own gimmick LIVE! Along with a FREE ticket to the creator! Be creative and let your imagination run wild!  (Tickets will only be available at the door.)  Doors open at 7:00 pm!
~ Indy Dream Match! Winner Gets Last Remaining Twinkies In The WORLD!!~
ACH -vs- Hallowicked
**Two of the best luchadores in the world! First ever encounter. An indy dream match that must be seen to be believed!

~ Rivalry Reborn ~
Gran Akuma -vs- Fire Ant

**Two more of the greatest luchadores around! Their rivalry began a few years back, doing battle in Trios and Tag team warfare... but now, they meet in their First Ever singles encounter!

~ Four Corner Tag Scramble ~
Herban Legends -vs- Infestation Nation -vs- Submission Squad -vs- Steve "The Turte" Weiner & A Mystery Partner

**Herban Legends: Two college dropouts who took to the grass a little too much. Stumbling upon an old treasure chest at their local renaissance faire, they believed to have unlocked the hidden key to fortunes and fame. Now they patrol SOL drssed as LARP (Live Action Role Play) warriors dressed as Renaissance Fighters, who seem to believe they are still stuck in the renaissance days, and every person who crosses their path is a worthy opponent for them.
Infestation Nation: Rumble Bee & Manbug. Rumble Bee, the fierce martial artist insect and Manbug, the hot tempered ass kicker who is proud to be a ladybug... but a MANbug! These insects have traveled the globe in search of competition, and they just so happened to fly into Luchaville demanding war! Are you going to say no to a life sized insect with a stinger? Us either!
Submission Squad: Two submission specialists out of Missouri. Their CT return and they want blood! Luchador blood!
Turtle: Everybody's fan favorite Steve "The Turtle" Weiner! We love the Turtle! And Turtle loves to fight! Who will he choose to be his partner in this 8 man mayhem?
OPEN CHALLENGE!  Who will accept the challenge from ULTIMO UNICORN?!  The last remaining Unicorn on Earth!

PLus: Pinkie Sanchez - The undisputed King of Crazy himself! Unleashed!
Lenn Oddity - The most demented, sick clown to ever grace this earth - Making his CT return after 3 years!
Anthony Stone - New England rising star!
Plus much more from the characters of Luchaville!

Ever seen Burlesque dancing LIVE? How about hot, sexy burlesque dancers? Well folks, we're bringing aboard our famous dancers, featuring the lovely Aubrey St. John and her gang of gals! Witness the intense, erotic, talented display of art that is Burlesque! Luchaville only providing the best entertainment!

Everyone likes puppets, right? Then you haven't met the most sickest, deranged puppet in the entire galaxy, Octavious Fong! Fong, the full-fabriced-motherf***er who is the most foul-mouthed object to ever come to life! Fong hosts his own puppet talk show segment LIVE at SOL!

ALCOHOL WILL BE SERVED!!!!! Yes, that's right, alcohol will be available for purchase at SOL. Only to persons 21+ with a valid ID. Relax, kick back with a brrewsky and watch some unbelivable excitement for a very low cost!

Suspend ALL Disbelief!
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This show is highly rated-R. There will be adult language, adult humor and adult content. This show is not recommended for any persons under the age of 13 years old. (Unless they bring money.) But seriously folks... unless you're a real bad grown up, don't bring little kids to this event. We have potty mouths. And our behavior is not for everyone.