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By Drew Archer on 1/21/2013 4:07 AM

The January 19 edition of IZW TV had plenty of twists and turns as 2013 is shaping up to be the wildest year ever for Impact Zone Wrestling.  Tonight was all about the new blood in IZW as the veterans of the locker room were all put on notice and they better not take anything for granted as some of the rising, blue chip prospects are carving out a legacy for themselves in the territory.


In the first bout of the night, Team Remix (Cody Jones & Copycat) captured the IZW World Tag Team Titles by defeating Randy Price in a Handicap Match.  Bryan Cruize didn’t show up to the arena and Price was unsure of where he was.  Price was heartbroken as he had to give Team Remix the news that their tag team title match had to be postponed.  But Team Remix had other ideas.  They jumped Price dropping him with a two on one beatdown.  Copycat took out Price’s left leg and then Jones tagged in and started landing a series of punches to Price’s head and face.  Price was outmatched for most of the bout but he held on and fought back as long as he could even when Jones had isolated Price’s already injured left knee in a modified heel hook-knee bar combo.  Finally, Price would be put out of his misery with a doppelganger by Copycat and a springboard double knees by Jones.  Team Remix proved that championship gold is more important than integrity and respect as they saw their opportunity and took it, even if it wasn’t in the most honorable fashion. 

Also in singles competition, Chad Thomas defeated Impact Division Champion Jermaine Johnson in an Impact Rules Match in a non-title bout.  Johnson had scouted Thomas well as he took the early lead in the bout roughing up the challenger Thomas and ducking Thomas’ finisher, the discuss lariat, which caused Thomas to fall out of the ring.  Thomas picked up steam outside of the ring where he took full advantage of the no-rules match and leveled Johnson with kicks to the head and whipping Johnson into the metal posts.    The action finally moved back into the ring where Thomas shoved a chair into the corner of the ring but was reversed into it head first by Johnson.  But Thomas was a man possessed and landed a spinebuster on Johnson moments later.  Both wrestlers made their way to the top rope where Johnson was able to give Thomas a belly to belly suplex.  Johnson then followed up with two flying forearms and the J-Effect.  Johnson climbed the second rope ready to give Thomas the ES2, but Thomas grabbed an ankle and flipped Johnson off the ropes, showing that he had scouted Johnson well too.  Thomas then connected on his finisher, the discus lariat, which sent Johnson to the moon as Thomas picked up the victory in a minor upset. 

Aerial Assault (“Daredevil” Dane Griffin & “High Risk” Joe Herell) defeated The Golden Trinity (“The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil & Bobby Starr) in a spirited effort that saw AA dazzle The Golden Trinity, with crisp, clean teamwork.  Neil and Starr used a series of brutish moves including clubbing forearms, suplexes and spinebusters to slow down Aerial Assault’s attack.  A series of miscommunications throughout the bout between Neil and Starr helped doom their chances of winning the bout, including when Neil and Starr accidentally kicked each other in the brass and bronze balls, respectively.  Griffin cleared house as he knocked Neil down with three overhand lefts and followed it up by body slamming Neil.  Griffin and Herell followed up the action with a double flapjack on Starr that sent the miniature bull down to the mat.  As Aerial Assault mugged for the crowd on the ropes, Neil threw Starr’s infamous brass juice into the faces of both Griffin and Herell, but it had no effect.  Griffin and Herell took turns landing haymaker after haymaker on Neil’s jaw until the big man fell to the mat.  Aerial Assault landed a double superkick to Neil’s already tested and battered jaw and Griffin picked up the pinfall giving AA one of their biggest wins since returning to IZW. 

O’Malley defeated Damon Windsor in a bout that was masterminded by Jordan Jacobs, but didn’t quite have the effect “Lights Out” was hoping for.  O’Malley and Windsor are two of the nastiest gladiators in IZW and they went move for move against each other in a bout not for the faint of heart.  But in the end, O’Malley proved why he is a 3-time IZW World Heavyweight Champion and defeated some of the biggest names in the territory, as he was able to put Windsor down and out with a series of savage moves including a cannonball in the corner of the ring that hit Windsor in the bread basket or even a tad below.  O’Malley loaded up for another cannonball but Jacobs grabbed a hold of O’Malley’s leg like a little Chihuahua dog, which distracted the ref and gave O’Malley time to pull out his brass knuckles and clock Windsor with and getting the pinfall. 

In the main event, “Mr. Nasty” Robert Lee scored his biggest win to date in IZW by defeating IZW World Heavyweight Champion Double D in a non-title bout.  Double D controlled the action early by getting Lee down to the mat using a flipping arm drag and then from there cranking away on Lee’s shoulder and elbow.  D then locked on an arm ringer and had Lee back on the mat screaming in pain.  Later in the bout, Double D landed 10 knees to Lee’s face and sent Lee once again down to the mat.  Double D was looking great here as he hopped up to the top rope and was about ready to give Lee a cross-body when The Convict came down to the ring.  Double D’s attention was taken away from Lee and D paid for it.  D jumped off the top rope but Lee was able to sidestep the move and push D’s face down to the mat.  Lee then gave Double D a modified facebuster and got the pinfall on the champion.  Lee jumped out of the ring as The Convict entered.  D fought against The Convict with kicks and punches and blocked a power bomb but took a clothesline from The Convict that sent D crumbling down to the mat.  The Convict then tossed Double D around the ring and finally crushed him with a splash in the corner, finishing the World Champion off with a 15 to 20 as the show ended!


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