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By Mike Johnson on 1/22/2013 10:06 AM

The January 26 edition of IZW TV on GFL closes out the month of January for the hottest Independent wrestling organization in North America.  Last week saw a huge shake up in the tag team division as well as the Impact Division Champion and World Heavyweight Champion both losing in non-title bouts.  Things will only get more volatile as Violent Valentine is right around the corner on February 16 and you never know what will happen next at the Impact Arena. 


Last week, new IZW World Tag Team Champions were crowned as Team Remix (Cody Jones & Copycat) defeated Randy Price in a Handicap Match to claim the titles.  Fans saw a different side of Jones and Copycat as they put winning ahead of good sportsmanship as the other member of the Old School Suckas, Bryan Cruize, was unable to make it to the arena.  Instead of rescheduling the match, Team Remix did what was in their right and had the two on one match against Price and won the titles, but at what cost?  Jones and Copycat have always been fan favorites and that all went down the drain after last week.  The tag team division might be the wildest division in IZW as along with the new champions, you have Big Business eyeing another title match in hopes to get their belts back, Aerial Assault which is making waves and of course the former champs the OSS which once they regroup will be on a mission to take out Team Remix.


Jermaine Johnson saw firsthand last week that he can’t only be thinking about his future opponent at Violent Valentine, Damien Morte, as he suffered a defeat losing clean in the middle of the ring to one of IZW’s rising stars, Chad Thomas.  Thomas hit Johnson with a discus lariat that almost decapitated the Impact Division Champion.  Could all of Johnson’s Impact Rules Matches be taking a toll on the Leader of the Hype Section?  Things are only going to get more brutal for Johnson as he and Morte will be competing in a TLC Match at Violent Valentine.  And now with other challengers to the throne, Johnson will have to keep his head on a swivel to make sure he doesn’t take another shot like he took last week from Thomas.


Finally, last week the IZW World Heavyweight Champion Double D suffered a loss to “Mr. Nasty” Robert Lee, but what will have longer effects on D’s psyche is the aftermath of the bout, where The Convict came down to the ring and decimated Double D ending with The Convict’s finisher, The 15 to 20.  Double D has overcome stacked odds before, but The Convict is a different kind of animal, a total savage of a man, if you can even call him that.  Look for Double D to bounce back this weekend and come at The Convict with all the piss and vinegar he can muster.  But will it be enough?  More importantly, will it be enough at Violent Valentine when D’s World Championship is on the line?


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