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By Drew Archer on 2/4/2013 9:25 AM

The February 2 edition of IZW TV raised the stakes for every wrestler in the locker room heading into Violent Valentine which is now less than two weeks away.   The night had plenty of hard hitting action and as always, more fuel was thrown on the fire of all the feuds and battles and every wrestler in IZW is in a take no prisoner’s mindset. 


In the first bout of the evening, Randy Price defeated Damien Morte via disqualification.  Morte was coming off a brutal and ruthless beat down of IZW Heavyweight Champion Double D only a week earlier.   Morte continued his path of cruelty this week as he was in rare form against Price.  Morte is hell-bent on proving that he is the definition and personification of what it means to be “Impact” and Morte wants to show Jermaine Johnson and all of Johnson’s friends this reality up close and personal.    Morte’s offense was subdued by Price’s old-school ways as Price was able to defend against Morte’s high-risk moves and stymie the #1 Challenger to the Impact Division Title by using a series of arm ringers and other mat-based techniques to keep Morte grounded.  At one point, Price flipped Morte out of the ring and this seemed to only further incense the clouded psyche of Morte.  Price’s attacks didn’t slow down as he dropped Morte with a series of bone-rattling forearms that blistered up Morte’s chest something fierce.  A side suplex by Price almost had Morte out.  But then Price went for an aerial move as he stood on the top of the ropes, and that was when Morte threw himself at the ropes and was able to drop Price down, jewels first, on the ropes incapacitating the Sucka.  Morte then flipped his wig and pulled out a chair from underneath the ring.  Morte cracked Price full speed against the back as Price crumbled to the mat where Morte was immediately disqualified by the referee.  Luckily for Price, Johnson made the save and landed a series of elbows to Morte’s jaw followed by a clothesline that sent Morte over the top rope and out of the ring.


In his debut, Phoenix (spurred on by the power of the Brass Juice) defeated Kevin Morgan.  Even though The Phoenix was head and shoulders smaller than Morgan and about 100 lb lighter, The Phoenix was still able to match Morgan strength for strength thanks to ingesting the Brass Juice before the match.  The Phoenix landed an uppercut from nowhere and rocked Morgan followed up by a series of punches in the corner, a drop kick and a clothesline that sent Morgan over the top rope.  The Phoenix continued to level Morgan as “The Image of War” got back into the ring and Morgan seemed helpless at times because The Phoenix was so much stronger.  The Phoenix finished the match off with a spinebuster and a springboard moonsault for the pinfall.  It was quite an impressive win for the newcomer, The Phoenix, one half of a new tag team, The Birds of Prey, who looked vaguely familiar.


Next up was Impact Division Champion, Jermaine Johnson who fell in a match to the #1 Challenger to the IZW World Heavyweight Title, The Convict.  This was a match beginning, middle and end that had nothing but sheer brutality as both wrestlers put their bodies on the line and absorbed a great deal of punishment in this bout.  Johnson knocked The Convict out of the ring with a drop kick and then followed up by spring boarding off the top rope for a crossbody attempt but The Convict caught Johnson in midair.  Johnson was able to slide off The Convict’s back and push the big man into the metal ring post.  Once action finally returned to the ring, The Convict locked on a brutal bear hug that almost crushed Johnson’s ribs and sternum.  Johnson broke the hold and went for a body slam, but was pancaked by the bigger Convict.  Later in the bout, Johnson went for his J-Effect but the move was shut down by a brutish elbow by The Convict that landed in the back of Johnson’s head.  The next few minutes resembled a one-sided smackdown as The Convict proved he was “prison strong” a term coined by color man Shawn McHale during the match.  The Convict went for his finisher, the 15 to 20 but Johnson was able to escape the hold by delivering half a dozen elbows to the back of Convict’s head and then hit the J-Effect that put The Convict down.  Johnson went for an ES2 but was met by a clothesline from jail as The Convict almost separated Johnson’s soul from his body.  A 15 to 20 later and The Convict walked away with the win.  Luckily for Johnson, the Impact Division Title was not at stake.

The second member of The Birds of Prey, Falcon picked up a victory in his debut match for IZW against “The Big Picture” Damon Windsor.  Falcon possessed the same supernatural strength of his tag team partner, Phoenix, as he was able to overpower Windsor at every turn.  These Birds of Prey are the closest thing to super heroes that have ever stepped foot in IZW.  In a show of strength, Falcon was able to bring Windsor to his knees as he cranked away on the bigger man’s hands and wrists.  Windsor did show his resilience as he got Falcon down and cranked away on the newcomer’s neck while also poking at Falcon’s eyes and mouth during the hold.  But Falcon fought back and dropped Windsor with clothesline after clothesline.  A spinning forearm later and Windsor was writhing in pain on the canvas.   Falcon made his way up to the top rope and flew down landing a super punch to Windsor’s gut that knocked the wind out of “The Big Picture” and allowed Falcon to pick up a victory in his debut with IZW.  Like his tag team partner, Phoenix, there was something about Falcon that seemed familiar.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In the main event, IZW World Heavyweight Champion Double D defeated “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil after a grueling match.  Double D started off fast with a head lock that he would not let go of.  Double D controlled Neil’s neck and sapped the strength of the bigger man in the early going.  Neil was finally able to break the hold while the wrestled on the mat and he did it by wrapping his tree trunk legs around D’s throat and giving the IZW World Heavyweight Champ a taste of his own medicine.  The grapplers found their way over to the corner of the ring, where D was hoisted on to the top rope as Neil landed forearm after forearm to D’s spine.  Neil then dropped some boots to D’s midsection as D fell to the mat like a sack of potatoes.  Double D was finally able to fight off Neil’s attacks, but then thing turned from bad to worse for D, as Big Business came down to the ring.  Morgan was first up on the apron and got an overhand right to the mouth for his trouble.  Neil hopped back in the ring, but Double D was on fire, landing strike after strike as he smashed his pointy elbow into Neil’s teeth.  Next up were D’s knees but Neil somehow managed to change the tide of the fight with a sit down powerbomb from the position.  A spinebuster later and Double D was on Easy Street, but Neil was unable to keep D’s shoulders pinned to the mat for three!  Big Business threw the championship belt into the ring as Neil looked to take D’s head off with it, but got a flying knee to the face for his troubles, made worse by the belt that bounced off D’s knee into Neil’s nose.  With Neil on Dream Street, Double D leaped up to the top rope and landed his flying crossbody getting the pinfall and victory.  But that wasn’t the end of the story.  Big Business came into the ring and manhandled Double D.  Morgan hit D with a vicious kick to the head and Windsor followed up with more kicks to a semi-conscious Double D.  Big Business picked up D, only so that Neil could dish out his own brand of twisted justice at “The Bronze Bull” pummeled D with punches that all found their mark.  Jermaine Johnson came down to the ring and started to clear house, but the numbers game finally caught up to him and he was swarmed, just like Double D before him, in a three on one thrashing.  Finally, Johnny Z came out, holding a steel chair, and Impact Elite scurried out of the ring.  Z booked a math for next week to settle the score as it will be a 6-man tag team match with Johnny Z, Double D and Jermaine Johnson, squaring off against Aaron Neil and Big Business!  Stay tuned!


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