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By Mike Johnson on 2/22/2013 2:28 PM

CHIKARA is Flying South - Straight to warm, sunny Florida!
The Watchmaker

 CHIKARA  fans have been clamoring for this one for some time, and now the state of Florida will get their first ever CHIKARA experience! Season 12 is already off to a hot start, and it will only get hotter at "The Watchmaker." On Saturday, March 9th, all of your favorite CHIKARA stars will be on-hand at the Orlando Downtown Rec Center. At all CHIKARA shows - kids 12 and under are admitted free to the event with a paying adult! Here is what we have in store for you so far: 

For The Grand Championship
1) For the Grand Championship!
-Every single challenge to Eddie Kingston and his Grand Championship has been thwarted to date. A new contender has emerged, and Green Ant, looks to rise to the challenge after stunning the world by making Kingston tap out. Will Green Ant capture the top honor in CHIKARA or will Kingston triumph over another challenge from the CHIKARA roster?

assailANT vs Mr. TD
2) First Time Ever!
-Both competitors got their first taste of action in a CHIKARA ring last season and now assailANT and "Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti, will square off for the first-time in the ring. Angelosetti has retained his prestigious Young Lions Cup by any means necessary; but faces an assailANT who has gained precious momentum with two early season victories. Can assailANT prevail in singles action, or will Mr. TD proclaim "It's Good!" over another adversary?

Peck vs Donst
3) Season Premiere Rematch!
-Orlando, Florida is the site of the re-match between the re-instated Archibald Peck and Tim Donst. On a cold afternoon in Easton, Tim Donst abruptly ended their first match-up with a foul, then assaulted Peck after the bell had sounded. Now Archibald Peck is looking to exact some revenge! In Easton, Veronica added a new wrinkle to the tale by seemingly aligning herself with Donst. Will Veronica and Donst's long-time follower Jakob Hammermeier prevent Peck from carrying out his revenge?

Soldier vs Ophidian/The Batiri
4) What does the Director of Fun have in Store for Orlando?
-During Season 12's premiere weekend Soldier Ant visibly showed his frustration at being forced to team with deviANT. Subsequently Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur addressed Soldier ant in the ring with. Wink was going to remove Soldier from the Swarm and put him into a position of leadership! Now, at "The Watchmaker, "The Militant Mat Mite" will get a chance to lead a team of Wink's choosing against Ophidian and The Batiri (Obariyon, Kodama, and Kobald.) Soldier Ant will look to prove the Director of Fun's trust in him correct; while Wink guarantees that him and Soldier Ant "are going to sell a lot of t-shirts together."

Hallowicked vs Hammermeier
5) One on One!
-Jakob Hammermeir started season 12 off with a huge upset of Gen1 original Gran Akuma in Easton. At "The Watchmaker" Jakob has a chance to top an opponent that his mentor, Tim Donst, was never able to top in Hallowicked. By the time Jakob gets to Orlando, he may already be Young Lions Cup champion - can he outdo his pal Donst and topple Hallowicked as well?
CHIKARA: "The Watchmaker"
Saturday, March 9th
Live at The
Orlando Downtown Rec Center
649 W Livingston Street

Tickets on Sale Right Now!
Doors = 6:30 pm Belltime = 7:00 pm

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