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By Jeff Amdur on 2/23/2013 4:42 PM

Four years and one day after his Maryland Championship Wrestling record-setting422-consecutive-day championship came to an end, the man known to TNA viewers as “wrestling’s best-kept secret” finally regained the MCW heavyweight championship at MCW’s 15th-anniversary show at the New Green Room in Dundalk, MD.  The show also witnessed the retirement of one of mid-Atlantic wrestling’s mainstays.

Estimated attendance:  200-225.  MCW Co-owner: DAN McDEVITT.  Ring announcers: AL ALBERT and our special guest from TNA, CHRISTY HEMME.  Doing play-by-play for the upcoming DVD:  JOHN GERMANE, ESQ. Timekeeper at the bell:  JEFF AMDUR. Taping the proceedings: PAUL McCLEMENS.  Sound courtesy of PUMPKINHEAD SOUND. Referees for the evening:  TONYA STEVENS, GINO COLUCCI and JARED ARTMAN.  Photographing the proceedings: TIM WALKER, GREG GREENLAND, and MARVIN ATWELL.

Ring announcer AL ALBERT’s introductory spiel is interrupted by RUCKUS with a complaint.  The wrestler has noticed that on the MCW website previewing the evening’s event, he is listed as “also appearing” rather than being in a scheduled match.  He points out that his best friend, DEREK FRAZIER, is scheduled to fight for the MCW television championship, although Frazier has done nothing to earn such a shot.  Frazier comes out and states that he isn’t the one who booked the match, that he just “does what he is told”.  TV champ “THE PINNACLE” SEAN PATRICK appears and tells both wrestlers that neither one of them has done anything to earn a shot at his title.  At this point Frazier and Ruckus agree to wrestle each other in an impromptu match to start the card, with the winner getting the TV title shot later in the evening.  

MATCH #1:  RUCKUS vs. DEREK FRAZIER winds up as a no-contest after both men wind up outside the ring and find themselves attacked by SEAN PATRICK.  It takes a couple of referees several minutes to separate the vulture-like Frazier from his prey.  Al Albert says that Patrick has been ordered to the back to speak with the MCW brass, which is now considering making the TV title match a three-way affair.

MATCH #2:  THE UNLEASHED (DESMOND XAVIER & FENIX FURY) won a three-way tag team match over BOOKIE NICO & JOE BROOKS and PAUL WHITE & MITCH MILLER (with J.P. CALLAHAN) in 8:40.  The debuting Xavier hit a moonsault from the top turnbuckle onto Miller and covered for the pin.

MATCH #3:  HOSS HAGOOD pinned “REST IN PEACE” RIP SAWYER in 6:51.  During the match, D.J. MURDOCH, who had lost to MCW Hall-of-Famer Sawyer two months ago, came out and distracted Rip, enabling Hoss to roll him up for the pin.  After the match, Hagood and Murdoch double-teamed Sawyer before exiting.

AL ALBERT announced that the TV title match has indeed been made a three-way.  CHRISTY HEMME from TNA comes out to share the announcing duties with Al.

MATCH #4:  NAPALM BOMB & D-LINE (BODY SNATCHER & BLACK ICE) beat MUSTAFA AZIZ DANIELS & BLACK WALLSTREET (with SOLO) in 8:31 when the Bomb pinned Lennox after a swanton bomb.  Before the match, Solo was introduced as the newest member of Black Wallstreet.  Napalm’s charisma with the crowd is so strong that his tag-team partners, who were dressed in Pittsburgh Steelers colors, were greeted with nothing but cheers.

MATCH #5:  ALEXANDER JAMES pinned CHRIS CLOW (with J.P. CALLAHAN) with a suplex in 7:06.  Clow hurt his head or neck from the suplex and had to be legit stretchered out.  Let’s all hope for a quick return to health and action by Chris.

MATCH #6:  “THE PINNACLE” SEAN PATRICK (with BOSS TARA) retained his MCW television championship in a three-way match against DEREK FRAZIER and RUCKUS in 4:46.  Frazier had Ruckus pinned; but Tara distracted the referee.  This allowed Patrick to grab his title belt and plonk Ruckus.  The referee turned around and counted for the pin as Tara continued to argue with Frazier.

MATCH #7:  BUCK CHYLD & FED UP (C-FED & G-FED, with AMBER RODRÍGUEZ) beat COBIAN & MCW tag-team champs THE NEW AGE SCUMBAGS (ADAM FLASH & RONNIE ZUKKO, with JESSIE KAYE) in 13:19.  Early in the match, a screaming Jessie entered the ring trying to distract some of the participants.  This prompted Buck to go to the back and bring out Amber, who kept Jessie at bay for the rest of the match.  Adam and Cobian narrowly escaped a collision by stopping short.  Flash was then dropkicked from behind, allowing C-Fed to pin him.

MATCH #8:  CHRISTIAN YORK won his second MCW heavyweight championship by pinning RYAN McBRIDE in 15:43 after a snap suplex.  After the match, McBride announced that he was retiring from wrestling and thanked the fans for their cheers and jeers through the years (sorry for the cheesy poetry).

MCW will return to the Green Room on a date in April yet to be finalized.  Keep up with MCW on Facebook and on