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By Mike Johnson on 3/11/2013 11:39 AM

A full house at the Rollway Skating Rink witnessed the Coastal Pro Wrestling debut in Hammonton, NJ on Saturday evening.  Here are the results of the show.

1.  Braydon Knight defeated Kevin “Mister” Tibbs, “The Underground” Jael Rose, and Josh “Absolute” Adams to become the number one contender for the Coastal Iron Man title.  After the match, all the competitors were attacked by former Force 1 workers Ryan Slater, Jon Dahmer, and Johnny Calzone.  Commissioner Phil Varlese demanded they leave the building.

2.  “The Heretic” Bobby Youngblood was scheduled to face “Second to None” Alex Anthony, but Anthony was unable to appear.  Yougblood demanded that ring announcer Daisy Murder declare him the winner, but Ty Hagen came out to challenge.  Youngblood said that Hagen was unworthy to wrestle him, but he had someone who would wrestle Hagen, and “The Nemesis” Damien Alexander came to the ring.  Hagen said why not make it a tag match, since he also had someone in back, and brought out Vicious Vince Ceres.  The team of Hagen & Ceres defeated Youngblood & Alexander.  After the match, Alexander attacked his own partner and gave him “The Autopsy” leaving him in the ring.  After the match, Youngblood gave an emotional speech and announced his retirement.

3.  Coastal Iron Man champion Ricky Reyes defeated “The American Psycho” Alex Payne via submission, but was attacked by this renegade group who said they want to be known as “The 4ce”.  Heavyweight Champion Biggie Biggs came to Reyes’ aid and cleared the ring.

4.  In a back & forth hard fought women’s match, Veda Scott defeated Kylie Pierce, with “Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee as guest referee.

5.  In the main event, Biggie Biggs defeated French-Canadian star Edouard Gillette.  Again, after the match Biggs was attacked by The 4ce.  This time, the entire Coastal roster emerged to confront them.  Commissioner Varlese then informed the group that he intends to add them to the next Coastal show in Hammonton on April 27th, where he will make them pay for their transgressions.  More details on this upcoming show will follow.

In the dark match, Ty Hagen defeated Andy Header.

Coastal Pro Wrestling would like to thank all the fans who supported our debut show in Hammonton, and hope to see you on April 27th!