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By Mike Johnson on 3/11/2013 11:46 AM

Hello Blitz-a-maniacs!
            We apologize for the delay in this week’s edition of the Blitz Newsletter. With the passing of Paul Bearer this past week we were very busy getting all the videos put together and out to the public. Our own Tobi Hope has written a very heartfelt tribute that we hope you also enjoy in this issue. Our newsletter will return to being released every Tuesday at 9 pm starting next week.
            Uprising is only 15 DAYS AWAY! Tickets are moving quickly for March’s biggest event! We have a lot of announcements in our “How to be a Blitz VIP” section this week about what fans who pre-order tickets will be getting this month. Chazz Moretti sat down this week and penned his most detailed article yet all about Uprising! There is so much going on in the Blitz Universe right now and Chazz gives his thoughts on all of it this week.
            The most talked about and anticipated match in recent Blitz memory has to be the upcoming Uprising main event. A triple threat ladder match for the No Limit’s Championship featuring Jimmy Rockwell, Zach Thompson and Mr 450! Our staff has put together an in-depth look at all three of these men and their “Strengths and Weaknesses” leading in to that contest.
            This week we also debut the newest article to the Blitz Newsletter, the Blitz Top 10. Each week we will be listing who WE think are the Top 10 wrestlers in Blitz Pro Wrestling and our thoughts why. This list does not affect the views and opinions of the Blitz front offices, it’s merely our fun way of talking about the great talent in the Blitz locker room. We know we will probably get some heat over the listings BUT IT’S JUST OUR OPINIONS!
            Finally, it’s been a big week for Blitz Media. Peruse our Blitz Media Recap for the week and catch up on the entire goings on in the world of Blitz TV & Radio. We posted 3 brand new videos this week from Paul Bearer’s appearance at Dead of Winter that we are very proud of. We also had 4 brand new radio shows that had some surprising segments! Make SURE to catch the replay of Brutus “the Barber” Beefcake on Funhouse Friday from earlier today!
This Week’s Newsletter Contents: 
-       How to be a Blitz VIP
-       Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle by Tobi Hope
-       Ladder Warriors: Strengths & Weaknesses
-       Moretti’s Corner: Uprising
-       The Blitz Top 10
-       Weekly Blitz Media Recap
Yours in wristlocks,
The Blitz On-line Staff
How to be a Blitz VIP
Uprising tickets are still available HERE
Uprising features TNA Superstar, Mr Anderson!
Pictures and autographs will be available
Fans who pre-order tickets to Uprising instead of buying them at the door are considered BLITZ VIPs!
Blitz VIPs are put on a list that allows them entrance to St Joe’s Park 15-20 MINUTES EARLIER THAN WALK UP TICKET BUYERS!
This allows Blitz VIPs a much better chance at getting those great second and third row seats before the walk up rush! Blitz VIPs will also be treated to a meet and great with some of the Blitz locker room before walk-in ticket buyers are allowed in! Andres the Announcer will be there to greet you and he will be picking contestants for his Pre-show Party at 6:30 from our Blitz VIPs!
March 23, 2013
Doors open for Blitz VIPs at 6 PM!!!
Walk Up ticket doors open at 6:15 PM
Andres’ Pre-show Party starts at 6:30 PM
Uprising begins at 7 PM
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Paul Bearer & Tobi Hope 2/23/13
Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle
by Tobi Hope

I'm a lucky man. I've been blessed with a wonderful family, great friends and I've experienced things that millions of wrestling fans (and I still consider myself a fan) would give anything to have done. Making the acquaintance of William (Paul Bearer) Moody is one of those experiences.

Being friends with Buddy Roberts Jr, I noticed a lot of comments on Buddy's Facebook page from Percy  (as he instructed me to call him the first time I referred to him as "Mr. Moody") after the passing of Buddy's legendary father. After talking with Buddy Jr after how close of a friend Percy was to him and his family, the seed was planted and I started a line of conversation with Percy about making an appearance at Blitz. Things fell into place perfectly and all of us are so thankful that we were able to host Percy for our last great event this past February 23rd.

Like many fans, my first memories of this legend were as Percy Pringle III in World Class Championship Wrestling out of Texas. He was a dastardly character who did everything he could to help his men defeat the most popular wrestlers in the Lone Star State. He managed such greats in WCCW like Rick Rude, The Ultimate Warrior (then known as Dingo Warrior), Steve Austin (when he was "Stunning" and not yet "Stone Cold") and Mark Calaway (the two will be forever linked in Calaway's most famous incarnation - The Undertaker). Percy was a flamboyant character with his bleached blonde hair and brightly colored suits and he stood out in the normally rough & tough Dallas promotion. He brought a different kind of excitement to the matches his men were involved in and his talents didn't go unnoticed.

It didn't take long for Percy to land in the WWF (now WWE). In the character that made his famous all-around the world, Paul Bearer, Percy was reunited with The Undertaker and the rest is history. To try and list all of the famous moments he had in the WWE would be impossible. We all have our favorites that will be forever branded in our minds and it's these memories that give us solace in a time like this.

I'm writing this on March 6th - one day removed from Percy's passing. The funny thing is that yesterday (March 5th) morning, I emailed Percy. I was sitting at my desk when I suddenly started thinking about all the wonderful compliments he paid me in regards to Blitz. He told me twice on 2/23 that he's been to wrestling promotions all across the country but Blitz was the best one he's been to. To hear that certainly humbled me and all of my teammates in the Blitz family. Thinking of that, I emailed Percy thanking him for his time and kind words and also letting me know that I was truly honored to have made his acquaintance. I'll never know if he read that email but I pray that he did so he knows how much he meant to so many.

I'm thankful for all of the blessings in my life. I'm thankful for the stories I get to hear him share, I'm thankful for the laughs and zingers I got to hear him & Jerry playfully sling at each other, I'm thankful I had a part in setting up a memorable night for Buddy Jr,  I'm thankful I had a part in a fabulous reunion between two old friends in Percy and Buddy's lovely mother, Janice (it was simply wonderful watching from afar as they sat down and caught up after not seeing each other for years) and I'm thankful I got to hear this brief conversation between Percy and Lawler right after Buddy Jr left the locker room (a story I haven't told Buddy Jr yet):

Percy: "Buddy's boy is a good little worker."

Lawler: "Oh yeah? Chip off the ol' block?"

Percy: "Yes, sir. His daddy would be so proud."

Thank you, Percy. I hope you're resting peacefully.
An in-depth look at the Triple Threat Ladder Match for the No Limit’s Championship at Uprising; Featuring a look at the “Strengths & Weaknesses” of the three competitors: Jimmy Rockwell (c), Zach Thompson and Mr 450
Competitor #1: “The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell (No Limit’s Champion)
·      Longevity- If Rockwell has proven one thing to the Blitz fans it’s that HE WON’T GO AWAY. It seems ages ago that Jimmy won the No Limit’s Championship and he’s done anything he needed to in order to keep it. No matter what obstacle has been thrown at the champ his party has never stopped.
·      Singing- Yes, we’ll say it, this is one of Jimmy’s strengths. Not because he’s a GOOD singer, he’s not, he’s terrible, no we are listing it here because we know it has to affect his opponents. We still think this whole “Rockstar” thing may be a ruse, no one that terrible can possibly have sold a gold record. Maybe this has all just been for mind games.
·      Melanie Cruise- Recently Jimmy debuted his new “Road Agent” Melanie Cruise. Melanie has certainly been a dominant force in Women’s wrestling all over the country. Why now has she decided to take up the role of a businessperson? We are guessing she will probably be doing whatever she can to help her client retain his title.
·      The ELITE- It’s been no secret that recently Rockwell and the ELITE have been at odds. This past Tuesday Rockwell even called in to Blitz Weekly to talk to Piven and the conversation was contentious at best. There is strength in numbers and the ELITE may want to help secure their friend, Zach Thompson, a victory.
·      Balance- Maybe it’s the weird hip gyrations Jimmy does, we just see Jimmy being a little “wobbly” when it comes to getting up a ladder. He can barely dance on the ground people, think about it.
·      The fans- The fans HATE Rockwell. When he’s trying to high fly and climb ladders could the jeers of the crowd resonate in his brain? We’ve definitely seen Rockwell lose his cool in the past, we’d hate to see him lose it here…
Competitor #2: Zach Thompson
·      The crazy factor- How do we say this nicely? Zach Thompson is a crazy person. He literally bit Jimmy Rockwell’s finger at Dead of Winter for no apparent reason. When it comes to swinging and climbing ladders we think Zach might be right at home. How wild will he get is what we wonder.
·      The Elite- What’s a negative for Rockwell is a positive for Thompson. With Slade, Starr and Piven in his corner and anything goes that could spell disaster for everyone. Will the ELITE be a major factor or is Zach going to go this one alone?
·      Experience- Thompson has been in Blitz longer than anyone else in this match. He was the former “King of the Cruiserweights” before the title was called the “No Limits Championship.” Thompson has seen and been a part of a lot in Blitz and you can’t buy experience like that.
·      Shiny things- Rockwell said it himself on Blitz Weekly. If Zach sees something shiny in the crowd he may forget the match and go after it. We don’t want to give Jimmy or 450 any ideas but… maybe bring a laser pointer?
·      His hair- He keeps pulling at it and sometimes eating it. We don’t know why. Maybe it’s working against him and he’s trying to kill it? We’d ask him about it but somehow we don’t think we’d get a straight answer.
·      Ryan Slade- The former champ hasn’t been himself recently. Drinking excessively, the ref even found a flask on him before his last match, he cost his friend Matty Starr his only shot at the Blitz Championship last month. If Slade tries to “help” Zach he might wind up hurting him
Contestant #3: Mr 450
·      No fear- In a ladder match you are going to be putting your life on the line every time. These are solid steel ladders and these wrestlers are actually 15 feet in the air. Things can go wrong, people can get hurt and careers can be ended. There is a reason Blitz has never done a ladder match before and wrestler safety is a huge part of that. With that said, Mr 450 has no fear, his finisher is the most dangerous and precision oriented of all the finishers in Blitz. We think 15 feet in the air might actually be Mr 450’s comfort zone.
·      The edge- Dead of Winter saw Rockwell and Thompson attack from behind 450 with a ladder. Later in the show it was 450 who was running the two off with his own ladder. 450 stood tall in the ring as the others retreated, that’s the kind of mental edge you want going in to a big match like this.
·      The fans- Unlike the other two 450 is beloved by the Blitz faithful. Their cheers and chants have always driven him to new heights and Uprising should be no different.
·      Numbers- Zach has 3 people behind him and Rockwell has Melanie Cruise! 450 is the only man walking in to this fight without an army, can he handle all these people?
·      Bravado- We said 450 has no fear which means he’s more willing to take risks. Could that bravado lead to his demise? One risk too many and you can wind up in the hospital.
·      The 3 Rings- This is not just a weakness for 450 but all the competitors really. The 3 Rings have been surprise attacking various members of the Blitz roster. Could 450 be the next one with a target on his back? The 3 Rings do like to attack people the fans seem to like…
Moretti's Corner: Uprising
Hello Fans. A lot of fallout from Dead of Winter keeping me very busy these days.

As you all are aware, Billy Whack and Robert "Ego" Anthony committed a heinous attack on Blitz Owner, Tony Scarpone, and his teenage son Vinny. Those two cowards ran off when I cleared the locker room to avoid a very heated Blitz roster. My first thought was to make sure that neither of them ever set foot at a Blitz show again. However, Tony Scarpone had demanded that I reinstate Mr. Anthony so that he can exact justice on him as he sees fit. As of now I'm conferring with the Blitz Board of Directors and representatives for Mr. Whack to rectify this volatile situation. Mr. Whack's demands thus far have been outrageous to say the least. I hope to have this all sorted out by Uprising.

While I'm on the subject of volatile situations, I'm keeping an eye on this $10,000 bounty imposed by Matty Star on Hardcore Craig. Thus far Craig has matters well in hand, but I will continue to monitor things as they continue to develop. I doubt Craig has anything to worry about.

Lastly I'd like to mention that I'm impressed with the tag team division as of late. The team I'm keeping a close on eye is If Looks Could Kill. These two young athletes have been impressive but they need to remember that I will enforce the rules and I'm not patient with those who flaunt the rules.

I am looking forward to all of the great programming on Blitz Radio this week as we gear up for Uprising with our special guest, Mr. Anderson, March 23rd at St. Joe's Park in Joliet, IL!!!!!

Tickets are now on sale for Uprising, March 23rd at St. Joe's Park in Joliet, IL with our special guest TNA Superstar MR. ANDERSON!!!! Purchase yours today at
The Blitz Top 10
#1: Ruff Crossing

He’s the champ, always #1
#2: Buddy Roberts Jr

After his win over Judas Buddy is on a roll and could be in title contention…
#3: Jimmy Rockwell- No Limit’s Champion

Jimmy IS the champ but his title is in danger. 
#4: Grin

Not only is he undefeated in Blitz he’s also just signed a high profile Hair vs Hair match with Brutus “the Barber” Beefcake at the Rock & Wrestling Rebellion
#5: Mr 450

Much like Buddy, 450 has been on a real tear. Picking up the title of the King of Joliet 2013 he may soon also be called the No Limit’s Champion…
#6: Hardcore Craig

Matty Starr has put out a bounty on his head and the guy doesn’t sweat it. He’s on quite a winning streak
#7: Ashton Vuitton

Ashton had a rough 2012 but he’s started off 2013 with a win over new TNA Superstar Jay Bradley and now former Blitz Champion, Ryan Slade
#8: Machine

Quiet but deadly. He’s been dominant for sure, we’re scared of what he’ll do next.