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By Mike Johnson on 3/14/2013 11:04 AM

The March 16 live edition of IZW Adrenaline on is a monumental episode.  Last week a new champion was crowned and Madam Commissioner Erica got some competition as a new Co-Commissioner was instated.  It’s become crystal clear that every Saturday night is can’t miss TV when it comes to IZW.  March Mayhem is less than two weeks away and the card is jam-packed with top-notch matches.  But there’s still some business to attend to and this will be the last week to add new matches and wrinkles into the springtime iPPV that is sure to tear the roof off of the Impact Arena.  It’s a new day in IZW and the rough and tumble style of professional wrestling cultivated in the Sooner State is second to none.  For hard hitting, relentless action, tune in to IZW every Saturday night at 8:00pm EST on to see wrestling’s finest put it all on the line and always in HD.


Last week “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z defeated Damien Morte in an Impact Rules Match to win the Impact Division Championship, Z’s first singles title ever in IZW.  It was a tremendous back and forth battle as Morte threw everything but the kitchen sink at Z, but even a run-in by Copycat couldn’t deny Z his destiny, with an assist from Jermaine Johnson who evened up the odds, Johnny Z hit the Big Boot in the corner, annihilating Morte’s face and his reign as Impact Division Champion.


Earlier in the night, Johnny Z re-hired “Number 1” Shawn McHale after Madam Commissioner fired him and Z did one better as he made McHale a Co-Commissioner of IZW.   McHale’s first order of business was to book Morte VS Johnny Z, so he’s already hit the ball out of the park one time, the only question is what’s next for Commissioner McHale?  There’s no doubt that whatever McHale decides to do next will shake up March Mayhem even more.


With only one more event until what could be their final showdown, what is going to happen when IZW Champion The Convict and Double D are under the same roof?  D has recovered from taking a 15 to 20 on the floor outside of the ring, but if you know anything about The Convict, that is only a precursor to what he has planned for the Captain of the Force.  Will D be able to strike back or will Jabba The Convict be able to permanently silence D before March Mayhem?


“The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil is hot as a pistol and not thinking clearly as evidenced by his blatant disqualification in last week’s match against Jermaine Johnson when Neil crushed Johnson with a steel chair.  With “The Brass Bull” Bobby Starr rising to cult status in the Impact Arena, and Neil’s status taking a hit, what will Neil do to regain his foothold and prove that he is one of the most dominant wrestlers in the world today?


The Birds of Prey continue to be a mysterious thorn in the side of Big Business.  Will Windsor and Morgan be able to crack the code that is Falcon and Phoenix or will the Birds stay one step ahead of their challengers?  A slip up by the Birds at this point could be their downfall at March Mayhem and that’s exactly what Big Business is counting on.


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