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By Mike Johnson on 3/14/2013 11:41 AM

World Wrestling Professionals Press Release - Tour of India 11-20 April
Official Website:
WWP Wrestling (World Wrestling Professionals), in conjunction with IPW, will be hosting a series of shows in Mumbai and Punjab, India, from the 11th up until the 20th of April. The "War of Pride" tour will see WWP once again go international in a big way, and will feature several notable headliners from around the world alongside the WWP Superstars. 
International names already confirmed:
- Bobby Lashley (USA): World-renowned pro wrestler, mixed martial arts fighter, actor, and former collegiate amateur wrestler. One of the most powerful and sovereign wrestlers in the world, Bobby Lashley's record speaks for itself. The hard-hitting, soft-spoken, All-American juggernaut will be prime for a grandiose inter-continental slobberknocker in April. Lashley will be competing against WWP's best, including former WWP World Heavyweight Champion Tornado. Is the South African front ready? @fightbobby
- Scott Steiner (USA): The legendary veteran known as “The Big Bad Booty Daddy”, a multi-time champion & powerhouse who has traveled all over the world. Now he will come to WWP and assert his long-reputed dominance. The unpredictable Scott Steiner will be prepared to (literally) take out everyone in the arena on d-day. Steiner is looking for a fight! @scottsteiner
- Big Daddy Voodoo (USA): One of the biggest men in the business, standing at an incredible 6’9″ and weighing 500lbs, Big Daddy Voodoo has made his biggest impact in USA and Japan, crushing all who stand in his path. And that’s a crush whose mark never leaves. The USA and Japan have known this gargantuan’s wrath - now India will, too, and no one will surely forget. A 1995 King of the Ring, former Hardcore Champion and World Tag Team Champion, Big Daddy Voodoo plans on becoming the King of India in April.
- Bushwhacker Luke Williams (New Zealand): A face even your grandmother can love. A hall-of-fame wrestler, a true legend, who has the most experience out of everyone here – as well as the loosest screws. Debuting in 1964, Luke Williams, along with partner Butch Miller, would form one of the most successful tag teams in wrestling history in The Sheepherders, which would later become The Bushwhackers. The Kiwi maniac has allocated championships in dozens of regions around the world. Wrestling legend Luke Williams will be bringing the madness to India!
- Angelina Love (Canada): One of the most talented female wrestlers in the world, Angelina Love is a five-time women’s champion. In April, Angelina Love will be looking to become the queen of WWP’s Ladies division! Karla Croft is in her sights. @actualalove
- Joe E Legend (Canada): The well-journeyed Joe E Legend will finally be making his return to World Wrestling Professionals! And if you are not aware of this man’s influence in WWP over the years: not only is he a former WWP World Heavyweight Champion after defeating PJ Black (former WWP Superstar Justin Gabriel), he almost single-handedly propelled The Weasel’s infamous WDP faction to what it was, leading the group to many championship wins and sizeable pay-days. Joe E Legend’s fighting spirit and prowess are very well-known - he is an incredible force in the ring. In addition, he may very well bear one of the loudest mouths in pro wrestling. Legend will ensure that his time in India in April will be…legendary.
World Wrestling Professionals Superstars confirmed for the tour:
- Former WWP World Heavyweight Champion Tornado (South Africa): Tornado (II) is the only wrestler in history to have held every single male championship in World Wrestling Professionals. With over twenty years experience, and wielding a profound command of high-flying and technical coloratura, this edge-of-your-seat innovator is suprisingly agile for his size, and has made his mark worldwide, boasting victories in Mexico, USA, Japan, and Russia in his early career. Although he was recently dethroned by "The Man Mountain" Kilimanjaro, bringing an end to a three-year WWP World Heavyweight Title reign, Tornado has made enough of an impression to convince peers and fans alike that he is and perhaps always will be a major force to be reckoned with in the squared circle. Tornado is looking to remain at the top of the contendership heap so that he may one day soon regain the WWP World Heavyweight Title! Watch Tornado's message for the India tour here:
- WWP All-Africa Heavyweight Champion “The Lion of Africa” Ananzi (South Africa): Trained by Booker T, Danie Voges, and Danie Brits, the All-Africa Heavyweight Champion's style can only be described as unique. Before debuting in 2000, the former Alkebulan Heavyweight Champion and 2-time WWP World Tag Team Champion was an accomplished Karateka and Kickboxer. Duly, Ananzi's success continued in pro wrestling. "The Lion of Africa" was the last to compete against Justin Gabriel and Leo Kruger before they left for red, white and blue pastures, defeating both of them. Today, Ananzi is lauded as one of the premiere pro wrestling athletes in the annals of "rofstoei". Ananzi's motto is Dream, Strength, Passion, Honour, Victory. @ananzilion Watch Ananzi's message for the India tour here:
- Karla Croft (South Africa): The enigmatic Carla Croft was one of the first wrestlers to compete in the WWP Ladies Division during its early years. Despite having not won championship gold yet, this dynamite diva is on the up. She has been on a winning streak lately. In India, she will be seeking to gain an all-important victory over Angelina Love. Watch her message to Angelina Love:
- Nightmare (South Africa): Arguably no other competitor in South Africa is able to withstand the amount of brute punishment that Nightmare can absorb, as evidenced in many of his deathmatch and hardcore sagas. Claiming origins in the shadows, Nightmare is the deity who dared to rebel against the great beast himself; he is the "Devil's Worst Nightmare", and his blood has imperiously coursed across Durban and will root into India as well. A former Heavyweight Champion in Durban, the monster's ultimate aim is to capture WWP gold. Nightmare is coming to India:
- Mohammed Azeem (Saudi Arabia): Probably the fastest-rising superstar in World Wrestling Professionals, Mohammed Azeem was born into a wrestling family. If his victories and spotless record thus far are anything to go by, Azeem is already showing he's on a path to career excellence. The acrobatic, versatile youngster has shown immense courage in battles against former WWP World Heavyweight Champion & monster powerhouse Fury; and his win over the “Spanish Sensation” Angelico placed Azeem in a supreme class of his own. The next step for Mohammed Azeem could be championship gold, and it could very well happen in April.
- Mr Wrestling (USA): Hailing from the United States of America, upstart Mr Wrestling is as driven and passionate as they come. When he’s not riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle and representing the Steel Knights gang in his spare time, he’s kicking asses and taking names in the ring. Mr Wrestling has yet to win championship gold in WWP, but he intends to climb up the ladder the honourable way, doing what he does solely for the fans. The gilt-edged brawler hasn't encountered a loss in over a year.
- “The Weasel” Mark Beale (South Africa): A prominent and infamous managing figure throughout the history of World Wrestling Professionals, Mr Beale's draconian attempts at gaining all the shares and power in WWP have led him to doing everything from bringing over a stable of hired foreign mercenaries (including Joe E Legend) to wage war on his own co-founded company, to desperately putting his own body on the line. What does "The Weasel" have planned for India? @mark_beale Watch Mark Beale's warning to India here:
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