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By Mike Johnson on 4/11/2013 11:50 AM

Monday, April 15, 2013
Vendetta Pro Wrestling
in conjunction with the
Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion
"Casino Royale 2013"

Casino Royale 2013

Gold Coast Hotel and Casino

4000 Flamingo Re
Las Vegas, Nevada 89103
Doors Open FOR CAC MEMBERS 6:00pm
Doors Open for Non-CAC Members 6:30pm
Bell time 7:00pm

Vendetta Pro Wrestling, along with All Pro Wrestling, Gold Rush Pro Wrestling, Traditional Championship Wrestling and ChickFight presents Casino Royale 2013! The third-annual Casino Royale event will take place as part of the 2013 Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion. Admission into this SuperCard event is FREE!

Stars scheduled to appear at the convention and who may appear at the event include: B. Brian Blair of the Killer Bees, Brian Kendrick, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Diamond Dallas Page, Molly Holly, Ivan Koloff, Harley Race, Nick Bockwinkle, last year's Cauliflower Alley Cup winner and "Original Mr. Wonderful" Rock Riddle, Sinn Bohdi (Kizarny), and many more!

Making a rare Indy appearance will be 2013 WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley! Foley will be there to pay tribute to his late "Uncle Paul", William Moody (a.k.a. Percy Pringle III, Paul Bearer).

Matches! Matches! Matches! Not one, not two, not three, not even four but FIVE different promotions will be holding matches as part of this SuperCard Specatcular, concluding with the Third-Annual Over-The-Top-Rope Casino Royale Rumble for the Cauliflower Alley Cup!

All Pro Wrestling presents:

Singles Match
"The Mexican Werewolf"
El Chupacabra

Adam Thornstowe

Expect a wild-and-crazy match between these two unorthodox-yet-brilliant competitors!

Singles Match
APW World Wide Internet Championship

"Double D"
Dave Dutra

APW World Wide Internet Champion
Will Rood

These two competitors, both graduates of the legendary APW Boot Camp, have a lot of history. Most of it, surrounding the World Wide Internet Championship. This one will be no different, as the Internet title is on the line between two guys who know each other's styles inside-and-out.

Gold Rush Pro Wrestling presents:

Singles Match
J.R. Kratos
Former ECW, WWE & TNA Superstar
The Vampire Warrior

The veteran Vampire Warrior faces the young God of War in this epic clash of titans!

Singles Match
Gold Rush Heavyweight Championship

"The Psycho Shooter"
Drake Younger

Gold Rush Heavyweight Champion
"The Golden Boy"
Dylan Drake

Drake vs. Drake. Golden Boy vs. Golden Boy. Psycho Shooter vs. The Face of the Bay. This match was announced on a recent broadcast of Vendetta Pro Radio.
Both of these men are well proven. Both of these men know what it's like to be a champion. Neither of these men are afraid to push the envelope. Expect a brutal, yet great contest here for the Gold Rush title.

Traditional Championship Wrestling presents:

Singles Match
Matt Riviera
w/ "Butterscotch Stallion" Mark Wilson
Former WWE Superstar
B. Brian Blair

One-half of the Killer Bees, B. Brian Blair returns to Casino Royale one-year after his impressive run in the Casino Royale Rumble. His opponent is no slouch--former TCW Heavyweight Champion "Loverboy" Matt Riviera. Can B. Brian Blair make another impressive showing at Casino Royale, or will he be left laying after a 'One Night Stand'?

Singles Match
TCW Jr. Heavyweight Championship

TCW Jr. Heavyweight Champion
w/ Boyd Bradford
Former WWE & TNA Superstar
Brian Kendrick

Expect a good one here, as former WWE World Tag-Team and TNA X-Division Champion Brian Kendrick challenges Kincaid for the Traditional Championship Wrestling Jr. Heavyweight crown!

Singles Match
TCW International Championship

"Golden Boy"
Greg Anthony

TCW International Champion
"Mr. Saturday Night"
Michael Barry

While Greg Anthony may call himself the "Golden Boy", it's "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry who is walking into Casino Royale as International Champion. But the Champion is going to need to execute his Saturday Night routine on a Monday, or Greg Anthony might just be walking out of Vegas with the Gold.

ChickFight presents:

Singles Match
Former WWE Diva & TNA Knockout
Shelly Martinez
Former TNA Knockout &
2004 CAC Future Legend Award recipient

Cheerleader Melissa

Two of the most well-known female competitors in the world today will square off at Casino Royale. Shelly Martinez was known in WWE as Ariel and in TNA as Salinas. Melissa is known worldwide, and was known in TNA as Alissa Flash.

Vendetta Pro Wrestling presents:

Inter-Promotional Open Invitational
Vendetta Vixens Five-For-Fighting

Elimination Tag-Team Match

One of three Open Invitational matches on the card for Casino Royale! Two teams of five will compete in this Open Invitational. While Vendetta Pro Wrestling has done these Five-for-Fighting matches before, this is the first time in which it will involve the female competitors of Vendetta Pro Wrestling--The Vendetta Vixens!
So far, the following contestants have entered:

Allie Parker


2013 CAC Future Legend Award Nominee
Bambi Hall

Raven Lake

Tab Jackson

La Rosa Negra

Melissa Coates

Andrea the Giant

Two more contestants may enter this contest, at which point, these contestants will be put into two teams. In the event that the final two spots are not filled, the match will be held as a Four-on-Four Elimination match. Contestants in open invitational matches must enter no later than 20 minutes before the start of the match.

Tri-Force Match
2012 CAC Future Legend Award Nominee
"The Rock of Love"
Billy Blade

Willie Mack
2012 CAC Future Legend Award Nominee
Brandon Gatson

Vendetta Pro Wrestling is known for it's "Tri-Force" three-way matches, so it's only appropriate that we bring a Tri-Force match to Casino Royale with three heavy-hitters. Willie Mack makes his Vendetta Pro Wrestling debut, taking on the returning Brandon Gatson and Midnight Delight member Billy Blade.

All Pro Wrestling / Vendetta Pro Wrestling
Unified Tag-Team Championships

Open Invitational
Las Vegas Lucky Chance Tag-Team Gauntlet

The second of three Open Invitational matches for Casino Royale, and this one is high stakes so go all-in, as it is for the Unified Tag-Team Championships!
The Suburban Commandos will defend the titles at APW Gym Wars in Hayward, California against Pink Mink Inc on April 13th. The winner of that match will be entered into the Gauntlet.
This match will work the same way as the Lucky Chance Tag-Team Gauntlet back at Shamrock Slam. A drawing of all teams entered will take place prior to the beginning of the match, in which the order that the teams will enter the match will be decided according to the number drawn. If a team draws number 4, that team will enter fourth. The Champions can enter no earlier than third-to-last--the exact number will not be known until all teams have entered. As with all open invitational events at Casino Royale, participants must enter no later than 20 minutes prior to the beginning of the match. The Unified Tag-Team Champions will be automatically entered pending the results of their match at APW Gym Wars on April 13th. The following teams have already entered:

The Freak Squad
Gabriel Gallo & Dom Vitalli

"Nightmare" Nathan Graves & A.J. Kirsch

The Von Dooms
Cyanide & Vintage Dragon
w/ Terra Calaway

The Ballard Brothers
& Shannon Ballard

J.D. Horror & Sledge

The Wyld Stallyns
Julian Cash
& Kevin Divine

La Familia de Tijuana
Bestia 666
& Damian 666

Main Event
Third Annual
Open Invitational Over-The-Top-Rope

Casino Royale Rumble

The last of our Open Invitational matches. As with all open invitational events at Casino Royale, participants must enter no later than 20 minutes prior to the beginning of the match. A drawing will take place to determine the order in which contestants will enter. Those who draw numbers one and two will begin, and every 30 seconds later, another contestant will enter until all entrants have entered. The match will continue until all but one contestant has been eliminated. The winner will receive the 2013 Cauliflower Alley Cup. The following contestants have already entered:

2012 Cauliflower Alley Cup Winner
"The Original Mr. Wonderful"
Rock Riddle

Former WWE Superstar
Sinn Bodhi

Brent Myers

Former WWE Superstar
Sean Casey


Mike Menace

Ricky Ruffin


Special Tribute
2013 WWE Hall of Famer
Mick Foley

will be appearing to pay tribute to the late

William Moody
a.k.a. Percy Pringle III, Paul Bearer

CAC Members with badges can use their badges for entry into the event

Non-CAC Members
To reserve tickets, please send an e-mail to:

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