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By Drew Archer on 4/11/2013 11:56 AM

After last week’s destruction of “Number 1” Shawn McHale at the hands of Johnny Z and The Convict and the previous week ending with Randy Price leaving on a stretcher after a 2 on 1 beat down courtesy of the Old School Assassins (Brad Michaels & Bryan Cruize), this week’s show is sure to continue its string of violence as tempers are boiling over, debts have to be paid and this live edition of IZW Adrenaline on is where the rubber meets the road and the true warriors of IZW step up to the plate. With Coronation coming up on May 11, nothing is set in stone, except for maybe the complete rule and domination of “The Natural Born Leader” and his cohorts. 

Last week, Z was supposed to have his official ceremony crowning him IZW Champion.  The festivities were interrupted by McHale who was brutalized for his efforts as he was not only beaten but fired from the company by Erica.  Z informed everyone in the building that he would once again have a ceremony for this coming week to celebrate his crowning achievement, becoming the IZW Champion.  Will anyone be crazy enough to disrupt this week’s ceremony?  Not only will you get an up close and personal encounter with The Convict, but you are liable to get fired too.  Z’s recent actions are only topped by his out of control ego.  That has proved to be a lethal combination as Z has set his sights on exterminating anything that poses a threat to his power.  And as the owner and IZW Champion, what can anyone really do to offer up some type of resistance?


In other news, “The Worst in the World” Copycat lived up to his name as he stuck the knife deep in the back of his former partner and Impact Division Champion Damien Morte on last week’s episode.  Copycat seems to have hit a new low as he turned his back on the one man in the company who could sympathize with his plight.  Morte isn’t going to win any popularity contests anytime soon, but he has earned the respect of every wrestler and fan of IZW.  If you come after Morte, you better be ready to put your career, livelihood and even your life on the line because Morte embodies the very definition of “Impact”.  Did Copycat bite off more than he can chew?  It’s one thing to be feuding with a mentally stable wrestler, who has limits, but Morte is far from that.  Both Copycat and Morte are at the top of their respective careers and in some ways vying for the same spot in the company so expect this budding feud to be one of the most intense rivalries in the business in the weeks and months to come.


There are still plenty of unanswered questions.  How will Double D and Jermaine Johnson react to Johnny Z’s past actions?  Who will inch closer to becoming the Impact Player of the Year on this week’s broadcast?  Will the Old School Assassins set their sights on the Birds of Prey and go after the Tag Team Titles or do they have someone else in their sights?  All these questions and more will be answered soon as IZW barrels down the path towards Coronation!


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