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By Drew Archer on 4/23/2013 10:40 AM

The April 20 episode of IZW Adrenaline was full of dynamite as this explosive card rocked IZW from head to toe as various feuds escalated to the point of no return.  The second entry into the Impact Player of the Year Tournament Finals was determined as “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs will be facing stiff competition in the Ladder Match at Coronation on May 11.  Aaron Neil and Erica’s feud crossed the line and Johnny Z and Shawn McHale also had a standoff for the record books as “The Number 1” showed that he might speak softly but he carries a very big stick.


To start the show, The Old School Assassins (Brad Michaels & Bryan Cruize) wrestled the East-West Playaz (Soto Miyagi & Midnite Rider) in tag team action.  Miyagi was in deep trouble in the beginning as Michaels hit Miyagi in the stomach that doubled the mystery man of the Far East over while Cruize hit a flipping neck breaker.  Miyagi had a short comeback as he was able to land some wicked knife-edge chops to Michaels’ chest following up with a big elbow.  Michaels made the tag in to a fresh Cruize and after a jawbreaker by a winded Miyagi, he tagged in his partner, Midnite Rider.  Cruize and Rider traded blows until the OSA once again utilized solid tag team wrestling, as Cruize tripped Rider while Michaels landed an elbow to the back of Rider’s spine.   Michaels landed a few more knees and kicks to Rider’s head, adding more wear and tear to that old, broken down brain of his.  A fresh Cruize was up next as he continued to grind away at Rider, even landing an elbow in the sweet spot, right between Rider’s legs!  Now that’s Old School.  Again, the OSA kept Rider in their corner as Michaels made the tag and worked over Rider some more, including choking Rider on the ropes.  But Rider fought off the illegal move and tagged in Soto.  An atomic drop by Rider and a drop kick by Soto put Michaels down with authority.  Seeing his partner in trouble, Cruize came into the ring and hit Miyagi with a Cruizing for a Bruising as Michaels made the cover and the OSA walked away with the win.


Next up, Impact Division Champion Damien Morte battled Double D.  D landed forearms to the head, chops to the chest and a spinning heel kick that dropped the champion on the canvas.  After Morte regrouped on the outside of the ring, D punished him with more strikes including an enziguri kick.  Morte would not stay down.  Morte went on the attack with a back elbow, a kick to the head and a DDT that knocked D for a loop.  Double D came back with a vengeance as he was able to maneuver out of Morte’s finisher, the Knee-o-tine, and hit Morte square in the chest with a Force chop.  The thud rattled the Impact Arena and sent Morte down like a heap of bricks.  Double D then climbed to the top rope and hit a flying crossbody for the finish as he pinned Morte for the 1-2-3 in this non-title match.  After the match, as Morte was still down, Copycat, who had been doing commentary for the match, came out of the announcers’ booth and let Morte have it.  Copycat pummeled Morte with kicks and punches to the head as the lifeless corpse of Morte took every strike offering no resistance.  Copycat then went up to the top rope to do some severe damage, but Morte mustered enough strength to rise up and shoulder block Copycat in the legs which took out Copy’s base and saw him crotch himself on the top turnbuckle.  A rejuvenated Morte landed some solid ground and pound, giving Copycat a taste of his own medicine.  Morte went to hit a stunner when Copycat pushed out of it and rolled outside of the ring.  Copycat grabbed a microphone and threw down the gauntlet challenging Morte to an Impact X Match for the IZW Impact Division Championship at Coronation on May 11.  Morte happily accepted as the Impact X Match is his brainchild.  This match will be an early favorite for Match of the Night as these two will most certainly blow the roof off.

Next up, was “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil taking on former Impact Elite stable mate, “The Big Picture” Damon Windsor.  Early on, Windsor landed a flying elbow that knocked Neil down to the mat.  Once grounded Windsor aimed to keep Neil there, by stomping on Neil’s lower back and digging his boot deep into Neil’s lower spine.  Windsor worked Neil over in the corner with knees, kicks, a jumping leg drop and a camel clutch.  Finally, Neil showed some life as he kicked out of a windmill-pin combo.  As Windsor went for a choke slam, Neil kneed Windsor in the face and hit a Greetings From Mt. Olympus out of nowhere to get the pinfall.    Neil’s night wasn’t over as The Convict came down to the ring at the request of Erica to dish out a little jailhouse justice.  Neil landed a couple overhand rights, but was dropped by a clothesline.  Neil got back up and even fought off a 15 to 20 as he landed more overhand rights that rocked The Convict.  Finally, Neil hoisted The Convict up on his shoulders for the Greetings From Mt Olympus but Erica came from behind and hit Neil with a low blow that crumbled Neil to the ground.  The Convict hit the 15 to 20 this time and Neil was in la-la land.  Erica grabbed the microphone and browbeat Neil when The Convict added insult to injury by handcuffing Neil to the ropes, leaving him helpless.  But there was still more to come!  Erica pulled out a pair of electric clippers and shaved the “Bronze Bull” nearly bald as The Convict punched and choked Neil into a helpless state.  Erica was at her best in this moment, which was bad news for Neil.  When she was done, Neil’s long blond hair was gone and he was buzzed down nearly to his scalp.  The “Bronze Bull” was now the “Bald Bull”!


Randy Price returned to IZW, wearing a neck brace to speak about his future in IZW.  Price went on to give an emotional speech as he looked back at his career and was about to make the announcement nobody wanted to hear, when the Old School Assassins came out to interrupt.  Michaels tried to add salt to the wound by goading and mocking Price and his circumstances.  Price had enough and verbally fired back at the OSA, ending with calling Michaels a coward.  Michaels responded with a slap to Price’s face.  As Price fell to the canvas the OSA incited the crowd even more.  Price rose to his feet, ripped off the neck brace and throttled Cruize, sending him over the top rope.  Michaels was met with a right hand and an elbow to the chest before he skirted out the ring like a scalded dog.  Price grabbed a microphone and let the OSA know he was only getting started.  Price announced that it would be him and Cruize next week one on one and that in the very near future, Price and Michaels would have their showdown. 

“Worst in the World” Copycat took on one half of the Tag Team Champions as he battled Phoenix of the Birds of Prey.  Copy and Phoenix traded uppercuts to the chest until Copycat ducked out of the way and secured a go-behind on Phoenix.  That was quickly broke and Phoenix followed up with a drop toe hold that sent Copy face first into the mat.  A front facelock followed by a side head lock had Copy at the mercy of Phoenix.  After a quick back and forth, Phoenix once again grounded Copycat to the mat with a chin lock.  Later in the bout, Copycat landed a series of punches to the back of Phoenix’s head that put the Tag Team Champion on Easy Street.  A vertical suplex and jumping knees to the midsection and Copycat was in full command of the match.  But a hurricanrana by Phoenix changed the complexity of the match once again.  Copycat again gained the advantage as he flung Phoenix into the turnbuckle and hit the Bird of Prey with punches, kicks and elbows.  Copy followed up with a steamroller for a near pinfall attempt.  Phoenix then took a page out of his tag team partner’s book as he leveled Copy with a Falcon Punch and followed up with a Phoenix-sault for the pinfall victory.  Both of these wrestlers showed tremendous skill in the ring, but Phoenix was just a little bit more dangerous on this day.

In the main event, with a trip to the finals of the Impact Player of the Year Tournament to face “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs in a Ladder Match at Coronation, “The Image of War” Kevin Morgan took on “The Brass Bull” Bobby Starr.  Morgan hit Starr with some vicious shots, heavy enough to lift Starr off the ground in fact.  Morgan then beat on Starr’s chest with a deadening thud as he was in total control.  Starr switched gears and hit Morgan with a shoulder to the knee and then worked over that same knee with submissions and strikes, softening up the bigger man and keeping him on the ground, negating his size advantage.  Morgan was able to rise to his feet later in the bout and leveled Starr with a big boot to the face.  Even with one bad knee, the move did its job as Starr was seeing stars.  A choke bomb almost did the trick, but Starr kicked out at 2!  Finally, Starr made his comeback as he hit a running clothesline through the ropes.  But it was short lived as Morgan had scouted Starr’s moves well and planted another big boot square on Starr’s jaw moments later.  The quicker and more agile Starr went back to work on Morgan’s injured knee as he kicked away at the damaged body part.  Finally, Damon Windsor who had been doing commentary on the match up to that point, left his seat at the announcers’ booth and ran down to the ring grabbing Starr’s brass scepter.  Starr reversed a whip into the ropes and Morgan shot into the ropes, crashing into Windsor as the brass scepter accidentally smashed into the skull of Morgan.  Starr rolled up Morgan for the 1-2-3 and punched his ticket to the finals of the Impact Player of the Year Tournament at Coronation.  Morgan was furious at Windsor, but did nothing to retaliate for Windsor’s foul up and instead limped back to the dressing room on his injured knee. 

To close the show, IZW Champion Johnny Z, anchored by The Convict and Erica strolled down to the ring.  They were followed by the returning Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale!  McHale ordered The Convict out of the ring and threatened to fire the monster if he didn’t comply.  The Convict did as he was told and then it was just Z, Erica and McHale in the ring.  McHale made the announcement that Z would be wrestling at Coronation, with the title on the line and then Z interrupted and let McHale know he already knew it would be against Double D.  McHale couldn’t argue with anything Z said, but did have one more announcement to make.  Double D’s music hit and he came rushing down to the ring, where Z was waiting for him and took him down and began to pummel D with punches and shots to the back with the championship belt.  D got back to his feet and hit a modified hurricanrana that ended with a knee to Z’s face followed by a flying crossbody from the top rope.  Z bounced out of the ring and as he tried to regroup from the one-two combo.  If Double D hits that flying crossbody at Coronation, he will become a 2-time IZW Champion.


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