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By Mike Johnson on 4/23/2013 10:41 AM

UWA returns to Green Acres Flea Market in Alcoa, TN on April 25th.  Tickets are $6 and Belltime is at 8 PM.  The action has been heating up the past few months and this card is absolutely stacked!

Main Event
The Rip & Nick Taylor vs. Robbie Race & Allen Shepard

On April 11th, Nick Taylor made his return to the UWA and joined the SOBs in taking on the Money Making Crew.  At the end of that match, Robbie Race also made his return but to take out Nick Taylor.  It is certainly a role reversal for both and no one quite understands why but we do know both men requested this match and had the opportunity to pick their own partners.  Robbie chose Nick's former tag team partner, Allen Shepard.  Nick chose the UWA Heavyweight Champion, The Rip.  This isn't your normal tag team match folks and it may get out of hand quickly.  You will not want to miss it.

UWA Tag Team Title Rematch
The Dynasty (c) vs. Money Shot Mafia

This rivalry has been heated from the start.  For the better part of 3 months, both of these teams have taken each other to the limit.  Body parts have been injured, titles have changed hands, and people have been handcuffed and beaten.  This will be the Money Making Crew's rematch for the titles.  We doubt this will settle anything between these two teams but we're promised a hell of a show.

Spoony Mack vs. Brad Cash
Special Guest Referee: Jagger Sterling

Spoony Mack and Brad Cash have had it out for each other since Brad's return.  We have seen him bring back Jagger Sterling which has been a HUGE thorn in Spoony's side.  Both men have agreed this is the battle to end it all.  Spoony even allowed Jagger to be the Special Guest Ref for this contest.  Between him and the masked man that has continued to help Brad Cash win can Spoony even compete in this environment?  There is only one way to find out and this Thursday will be the end.

Jason Maxx vs. J-Mac

This all started on April 11th as J-Mac attempted to interfere in the UWA Tag Team Title match.  Jason Maxx however had a different idea as he choked J-Mac out in the entrance way before he could ever reach the ring.  Now both men will settle this in the ring but we're pretty sure no matter what happens, this wont be over by a long shot.

Travis Sawyer vs. Shawn Streets

Both of these men are considered the muscle of their respected tag teams.  Not much of a history between the two but that wont stop this from being a hard hitting match.  Dont expect this to be much of a technical match because these two men will look to beat the hell out of each other.

All this and more this Thursday night.  Dont miss it!  Also check us out at or like the United Wrestling Association page on Facebook for more details.