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By Mike Johnson on 4/29/2013 12:29 PM

C*4 presents "DOMINATION 2K13"
Saturday April 27th, 2013
Ottawa, Ontario
Knights of Columbus

Announcer:  The Voice
Commentary: Adam B.,  "Superstar" Shayne Hawke, Rahim Ali, "MVP" Michael Von Payton
Attendance: 275+
Referees: Bakais & Benny the ref

VIP Pre-Show Matches
Jeff Fury defeated Weapon X
*John Greed pinned Urban Miles

Main Show
1 ) "MVP" Michael Von Payton & "All Ego Stand-In" Colin Delaney narrowly overcame the tandem of Banks & Rukin in a thrilling opener.

2 ) In a fast-paced collision, Cheech Hernandez pinned Alex Vega.  After the match, Cheech extended his hand to Vega in a sign of good sportsmanship - only to have Vega slap Cheech's hand away in frustration.

3 ) The debuting "Sexual Spider Monkey" Pinkie Sanchez defeated "Superstar" Shayne Hawke in a wild contest.  Pinkie quickly won over the C*4 audience with his unpredictable antics. 

4 ) In a hard hitting match-up, C*4 Tag Team Champions, T.d.T, Mathieu St. Jacques & Thomas Dubois overcame the challengeThe Afterpary, Cecil Nyx & Chaz Lovely in a 2 out of 3 falls match. The first fall came for The Afterpary after TdT intentionally got themselves disqualified by attacking Chaz with a chair.  Quickly they followed up with a pin on the damaged team to score a fall of their own.  The final fall went to TdT, but not without a great challenge and showing by Cecil & Chaz.

5 ) In an upset, Jodi D'Milo & Angie Skye scored a win over the World Inter-Gender Champion, Twiggy & Giant Tiger.  The end came when Vanessa Kraven  interfered and assisted Skye & D'Milo score the victory.  

Following the loss, Twiggy issued a challenge to the three women  to an elimination tag team match for May 11th's "Saturday Night Slam Masters"!

6 ) In an Open-Contract Challenge - "Dirty" Buxx Belmar pinned his surprise opponent - the debuting -"Warrior of the Deities" Amasis.    

Best known for his work in Chikara, Amasis recently returned to professional wrestling from a near-career ending back injury.  Amasis is a welcome addition to the C*4 locker room.

Buxx continues his winning ways this season, having scored huge wins over both Amasis and Franky the Mobster.

7 ) In an outstanding tag team showcase - The Super Smash Brothers beat Checkmate.  In a near show-stealing match-up, Uno & Stu managed to work on the same page and stay one-step ahead of Bishop & Lionel.  

A true showcase of tag team excellence, this contest featured two teams at the top of their games. 

8 ) In one of the most brutal matches in C*4 history, "Speedball" Mike Bailey defeated "Hacker" Scotty O'Shea in a "Fans Bring the Keyboards" match, following a top-rope Green-Tea Plunge on top of a pile of keyboards.

Both men bled, and suffered a tremendous physical toll in this near 20-minute violent encounter.

Some highlights included Bailey delivering a flurry of kicks to O'Shea while a keyboard was duct-taped to his kick-pad, as well as a bag of computer keys being dumped out in the middle of the ring - and saw Bailey's bare feet landing hard onto them.   

As a result of the match, Bailey will challenge C*4 Champion, Josh Alexander in two weeks, at "Saturday Night Slam Masters"!

See this match - and see this event!

Thank you to our awesome fans for their support and coming out to help make this a truly memorable night!

C*4 makes our debut on Saturday May 11th at Funhaven (1050 Baxter Road - next to IKEA) -when we present SATURDAY NIGHT SLAM MASTERS!
C*4 returns to the KOC hall on Saturday June 15th, when we present our SEASON 6 FINALE - "CROSSING THE LINE 6"!

This event will be the second event of the day - as we welcome InterSpecies Wrestling back to Ottawa, and they present "Summer Slamtasia" that afternoon!