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By Mike Johnson on 5/13/2013 9:19 AM

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Announcer:  The Voice
Commentary: Adam B & Rahim Ali
Attendance: 200+, Standing Room Only
Referees: Bakais, Serge St. Denis

VIP Match
''High Five'' Adam Sky & Liam Letto defeated Matt Maverick & Branden Slayer.

Main Show
1.   C*4 Tag Team Champions, Mathieu St. Jacques & Thomas Dubois overcame the odds in a surprise four-corners tag team match, defeating “Most Valuable Egos”, MVP & Ethan Page, The Incredible Hunks, Deeno & Cheeky, and Brent Banks & Jae Rukin.

2.   In his debut Ottawa appearance, Travis Toxic defeated Leon St. Giovanni in a very fast-paced encounter.  Both men made an impression on the C*4 fans, and will be welcomed back in the future.

3.  Alex Vega narrowly beat Cheech Hernandez, in a rematch of their April 27th bout.  Vega extended his hand to Cheech after the match for a handshake – which Cheech accepted – a curiously that Vega didn’t extend to Ceech the month previous.

4. In a weird and wild three-way dance, “Dirty” Buxx Belmar won against Sexxxy Eddy and Pinkie Sanchez.   No words in the English language can accurately describe what took place during this match – so we’ll just say this – See this match when it becomes available!

5.  In an Inter-gender Six-Person tag team challenge, Vanessa Kraven was the sole survivor for her team, and the victor of the match.  The order of elimination saw Jodi D’Milo, and Angie Skye both out early.  However, Vanessa Kraven made short work of both Giant Tiger, and Mathew Ryan Shapiro’s stand-in “Garry Banacheck”. 

Finally, when it was down to Twiggy and Vanessa Kraven, Shapiro and Giant Tiger urged the inter-gender champion to walk out of the match because they didn’t feel “Vanessa Kraven” wasn’t worth it.  And, on his own volition, Twiggy walked out of the match.  

Regardless off how, Vanessa Kraven now has a win over Twiggy – and no doubt – will be recognized as a contender for Twiggy’s title.

6. “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea pinned “The Warrior of the Deities” Amasis, in a very close contest.  O’Shea certainly seemed to have recovered from his loss to “Speedball” Mike Bailey two weeks prior.  

O’Shea wasn’t done for the night however.

7. In a match that demonstrated tag team excellence, and one of the biggest shockers in C*4 history, The Afterparty, Cecil Nyx and Chaz Lovely were victorious against The Super Smash Brothers, Player Uno & Stu Grayson.

Both teams gave it their all and had fans on their feet through-out the match-up.  This was one of the best tag-team matches in C*4 history, period.

8.  As “Speedball” Mike Bailey made his way to the ring for his Championship match against “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea ran out from the locker room, and attacked.

For the next several minutes, O’Shea assaulted Bailey with a chair, and attempted to break his leg – until officials and Alexander – managed to break up the situation.

Clearly unable to compete, officials assisted Bailey to the locker room.

Alexander then took the mic, and issued a challenge to O’Shea – his title on the line – anything goes – one fall to a finish.  A challenge, which O’Shea accepted.

The match saw both men brawl throughout the venue, using everything that wasn’t nailed down.  Alexander, clearly upset over the fact he was not able to defend his championship against Bailey, took out his frustrations on O’shea.

As the back and forth battle progressed, O’Shea and Alexander both seemed to have the match won at different times.  

The shocking conclusion saw both referee Bakais, and second official Serge St. Denis, knocked out by vicious assaults by O’Shea.  With both officials down, “Speedball” Mike Bailey, hobbled back to the ring, with a keyboard in hand.   Alexander, spotting Bailey, called him into the ring, and held O’Shea as an open target for him

Somehow, freeing himself from Alexander’s grasp, O’Shea ducked – and Bailey nailed the champion out with keyboard.  O’Shea threw the injured Bailey from the ring, and managed to cover Alexander for the 1, 2, and 3.

With this, “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea became the fourth C*4 Champion in history.

Following the match, Bailey has been diagnosed with a hyper extended knee, and a minor corneal abrasion (presumably from a wild shot from O’Shea).   Without a doubt, Bailey is both recovering from the physical damage, but also the lost opportunity of C*4 Championship gold.

Alexander was obviously upset following the match – and got into a physical altercation with several members of the staff in the locker room.  Clearly upset from the loss, Alexander has vowed revenge.

All of this leaves O’Shea with a giant target on his chest and his newly acquired Championship.

With “Saturday Night Slam Masters” in the history books – there is only one stop left in the current season… The final stop.

Saturday June 15th, 2013

“Crossing the Line 6”!

What will happen next?  Keep your eyes open as we prepare for the biggest night in C*4 history!