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By Mike Johnson on 5/20/2013 12:09 PM

The east coast's premiere pro wrestling organization Warriors of Wrestling makes its return to Staten Island with "EXTREME HEAT". The show will take place on June 15th at Funstation USA 3555 Victory Blvd. "Our fans always come first and if anything proves that we appreciate them, it's this show" commented commissioner Joe Miller. "The hometown crowd will be more than proud to welcome their hometown boys. If you think our crowd is passionate already, wait until June 15!"

Warriors of Wrestling is proud to announce the return of two former WWE stars. Big Vito and Nunzio, the F.B.I., will join up to face former tag team champions Absolutely Latino (ChaChi and Absolutely Edwin). Having rushed, to sign the contract, Absolutely Latino are looking to make their name off of two bonafide legends. Will their tag prowess prove effective? Or will the hometown Italians leave the former champs "sleeping with the fishes".

Heavyweight champion Chris "The Show" Steeler, having defeated both Dan Maff and TNA Superstar Christian York in May, will face a man who many have felt has deserved a shot for a very long time. Jasin Karloff will step away from tag team action and get his first shot at singles gold in a very long time. Karloff has ran through many of W.O.W.'s finest, but will Steeler be the roadblock in his path to victory?

The best of five series between Rude Boy Riley and Antonio Rivera has gone the distance. Both men have scored two wins a piece. There are, however, higher stakes at this point in the feud. At "Full Throttle' Riley was attacked by masked men that Rivera aligned himself with. Scotty Priest, Dirtbag Dan and Talon unmasked to reveal a new stable known as "The Disciples of Priest". With more troops on his side, does Rivera have an unfair advantage to win this feud?
Also in action: No-Limits champion "The Majin Prince" Nero, The Syndicate, "Preacher" John Cannon, "One True Warrior" Spartan, Team Torment, The SAT, "Mr. No-Limits" Chris Banks, The Diamond Exchange, and all the W.O.W SuperStars!!!
Warriors of Wrestling presents "EXTREME HEAT"
June 15th, 2013
Funstation USA
3555 Victory Blvd.
Staten Island, NY 10314
Doors open 7pm Bell time 8pm
Front Row $20 General Admission $15