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By Drew Archer on 5/21/2013 9:12 AM


The May 18 of IZW Adrenaline episode began to bring into focus the actions of Jermaine Johnson at Coronation and why he turned his back on everything he ever stood for and aligned himself with IZW Champion Johnny Z.  We also got an update on the situation of Impact Division Champion Damien Morte who was involved in a hit and run that put the “Patriot of Pain” on the shelf.    IZW Adrenaline was also jam-packed with great wrestling and the evolution of Impact Elite.


In the opening bout, Big Business (Damon Windsor & Kevin Morgan) took on the East-West Playaz (Midnite Rider & Soto Miyagi) in tag team action.  Both Morgan and Windsor worked over Miyagi in quick order giving Miyagi the boots, a clothesline and a jumping leg drop by Windsor.  Miyagi battled back and tagged in Rider after a jaw breaker on Windsor then Rider followed up with a Russian leg sweep.  Windsor would not stay down for long as he outmuscled Rider landing a clothesline and tagging in Morgan.  After a quick tag by Miyagi, Morgan and Windsor looked like the Big Business of old here, working over Miyagi by always keeping a fresh man in the ring.  It looked like their troubles at Coronation were behind them.  Windsor hit a sidewalk slam and then went for a choke slam, but Miyagi wiggled out from behind and tagged in Rider who gave BB a double head butt.  A couple bionic elbows later, and Big Business was seeing stars.  With the ref distracted, Double D joined the fracas giving Big Business a springboard double mule kick followed by a flying knee to both Windsor and Morgan.  Jermaine Johnson rushed out to the ring, along with Johnny Z and the rest of Impact Elite as Double D sprinted away.  In all the commotion, Miyagi rolled up Windsor for the 1-2-3.


After the match, Johnson let the Impact Arena and everyone watching at home on know just why he sided with Johnny Z at Coronation.  In Johnson’s mind, Double D is a phony and the people who cheer for Double D are no better.  In Johnson’s view, D is a straight up cheater and a cheater that is applauded by the crowd.  Johnson referenced the run in by Double D in Big Businesses match only moments before as proof to what he was talking about.  Johnson called D a coward and made clear he was now a follower of “The Natural Born Leader”.  Johnson pledged his allegiance to Z and promised to be a problem-solver for Z in whatever he needed.  Johnson turned to Windsor and told him to his face that the problem with Impact Elite was him.  After that, Johnson, Johnny Z, Jordan Jacobs, The Convict and Kevin Morgan, yes even Kevin Morgan, put the boots to Windsor in a gang-style beat down.  Windsor was set up in the corner and everybody got a turn landing one of their top moves on the semi-conscious, now former member of Impact Elite, culminating with a Big Boot by ringmaster Johnny Z and a spear by former partner Morgan. 

After the thrashing, “The Number 1” Shawn McHale appeared on the Impact Tron and let Z and everyone in Impact Elite know that he had something big in store for all of them in one week.  In fact, McHale alluded to the fact that after next week, some of the members in IE might not be members anymore.  You can bet that McHale has thought this thing through from every possible angle and will make good on his promise to shake things up with Impact Elite come next week.


In other news, the plot thickened in the Damien Morte hit and run scandal.  It was announced that there is security camera footage showing the hit and run that put the Impact Division Champion on the shelf and that footage will be revealed next week.  Morte is still resting and recovering and it took a 2 ton vehicle to do what no person in IZW could, put Morte in the hospital.  

Up next was The Canadian Red Devil taking on “The Brass Bull” Bobby Starr.  Starr is coming off a tremendous match at Coronation where he came inches away from winning the Impact Player of the Year Tournament against Jordan Jacobs.  But it was not his night and he looked to regroup against CRD.  CRD started out hot by grounding Starr with some solid mat-based wrestling.  Devil isolated Starr’s left shoulder and twisted, torqued and attacked it with punches as he methodically began to break Starr down.  At one point, Devil locked in the sharpshooter as a nod to Canadian great Bret Hart.  Starr would not tapout as he got to the ropes and got the ref to break the hold.  Starr finally turned the tide with a flying elbow and a flying clothesline in the corner.  CRD made his comeback culminating by planting Starr on his face with a variation of the Unprettier.  CRD went for another Unprettier but it was defended by Starr who slapped on the sleeper hold.  Starr sunk in the choke deep under CRD’s chin and choked him out.  After the bout, Impact Elite came out to the ring and decimated not only Starr but CRD as well.  It appears, IE is not picky about dishing out beatings as Starr and Devil took the full force of an unprovoked stomping.  


Up next, two of wrestling’s top grapplers locked horns as Double D took on Jordan Jacobs.  This match was fast paced throughout as D and Jacobs chain wrestled for a while then Double D took charge and snapped Jacobs down to the mat and nearly knocked his block off with a knee to the head.  Jacobs responded by attacking the knees of Double D, one of D’s best weapons, as “Lights Out” gained control.  The two then traded chops finishing with D hitting a Force Chop, that knocked Jacobs off the ring apron and down to the floor.  When the action resumed in the ring, Jacobs was able to hit a modified stunner with D’s neck and throat hitting the top rope and dropping him on the mat.  Jacobs focused on D’s neck, sapping even more strength out of the Captain of the Force and lit D up with a running double knee to the chest in the corner.  Jacobs then hit a nice suplex but D reversed an Irish whip and hit a missile drop kick from the top rope.  D went up to the top rope for his patented crossbody, but Jacobs had scouted the move well and pushed D off his base, which crotched D.  Jacobs then delivered a superplex from the top rope as these two put this match into high gear.  Jacobs missed with another running double knees, and D made him pay with 10 knees to the face.  Double D hit the flying crossbody this time as he pinned Jacobs to the mat.   Jacobs’ night only got worse as The Bronze Bull came out and gave Jacobs a Greetings From Mt. Olympus. 

The Bronze Bull then went on to challenge The Convict for another match right then and there to finish what they started.  The Convict came out, with Erica and Jermaine Johnson in tow.  But The Convict would not be wrestling tonight.  Instead, Johnson stepped up to the plate as Impact Elite’s Problem Solver and challenged the Bronze Bull himself.  Erica co-signed the new bout and booked it as the main event for the evening. 

Up next, Striker took on the debuting Angel Camacho.  Striker looked to use his speed as he stayed away from the power of Camacho.  Striker went for a pinfall early with a sunset flip but Camacho kicked out.  Striker followed up with chops to the chest but Camacho shook off the blows and blasted Striker in the corner with a body splash.  Camacho made it two body splashes in a row followed by an enziguri that dropped Striker to the canvas.  The Puerto Rican Powerhouse showed that not only does he possess immense power and force, but that he is also light on his feet.  Camacho hit Striker with another body bump as Striker got the short end of the stick once again.  Camacho got a 2-count with a splash/pin combo.  Camacho continued with punches and forearms to Striker’s face.  Out of nowhere, Striker was able to land a spinebuster and change the tone of the match.  Not to be outdone, Camacho hit a Samoan drop.  Camacho went to the top rope and looked for another splash, but this time, Striker moved out of the way and Camacho crashed and burned on the wrestling canvas.  Striker immediately hit The Stroke and got the pinfall.  Striker showed what a cagey veteran he is as he hung in there long enough to capitalize on Camacho’s misstep.


In the main event, “What Wrestling Should Be” Jermaine Johnson squared off against The Bronze Bull one on one.  Bull bounced Johnson around the ring as he whipped Johnson’s body into the corners and made Johnson’s body a human pinball.  Johnson rolled out of the ring to get his bearings, but The Bronze Bull followed him and smacked Johnson’s body against the guardrails while giving him overhand rights and chops to the chest.  Johnson turned the tide, landing his own punches and using the metal barricade to his advantage.  Johnson dragged Bull back into the ring and hit a knee to the solar plexus that made Bull yell out in pain.  Bull tossed Johnson into the turnbuckle with such force that Johnson turned upside down and got tossed off the ropes moments later.  Bull added to his momentum with a running power bomb for a near fall.  Bull missed with a flying splash in the corner and Johnson decided to reciprocate the move, hitting his version of the splash followed by a devastating drop kick that put Bull down on his back.  Johnson landed more punches and then a clothesline, but The Bronze Bull would not stay down for a count of 3!  Johnson tossed Bull out of the ring where Erica used the opportunity to dig her high heeled shoes into Bull’s windpipe.  Once the in ring action resumed, Johnson and Bull traded chops until Bull hoisted Johnson up for a Greetings From Mt. Olympus.  But in a show of athleticism not witnessed by many, Johnson flipped out of the move and landed a head kick to Bull’s cranium.  With Bull down, Johnson rose to the tope rope looking to land a flying elbow, but Bull moved at the last possible second and Johnson hurled to the ground.  Johnson recovered and looked for an ES2, but that was blocked by The Bronze Bull who leveraged Johnson into the Throne of Olympus.  Just as Johnson was about to tapout, Jordan Jacobs rushed to the ring and hit Bull with a double axe handle to break up the hold.  The Bronze Bull was awarded the victory via disqualification but was now surrounded by not only Jacobs and Johnson but Morgan, The Convict and Johnny Z as well.   The Bronze Bull was beaten unmercifully just like Damon Windsor, Bobby Starr and The Canadian Red Devil before him.  The final scene was hard to watch as The Convict gave a broken and battered Bronze Bull a 15 to 20.  Can anything stop this upgraded version of Impact Elite? 

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