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By Drew Archer on 7/3/2013 8:59 PM

IZW finished off the month of June and Moore Recovery Month with a BANG!, as we saw the reappearance of one of IZW’s most controversial wrestlers return to the Impact Arena as Brandon Bishop made his return to Lawton.  This event put an exclamation point on the month of June and IZW’s next mega-iPPV, EVOLUTION, on July 20 became a whole lot more interesting as several matches fell into place.  
To open up the broadcast, Impact Elite came down to the ring to give another one of their back-patting, self-absorbed speeches, but before they could get very far along, Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale made his triumphant return to IZW.  McHale had an announcement for who would be facing Impact Elite at EVOLUTION.  Dubbed Team #1, the team consists of Double D, The Bronze Bull, The Brass Bull and Damon Windsor.  McHale also made a huge announcement as he named the fifth and final member of Team #1, none other than the returning Brandon Bishop!  Bishop who has been away from IZW for a year, strutted down to the ring and put Impact Elite on notice.  Bishop cut a scathing promo as he promised to finish Johnny Z off once and for all.  Bishop challenged Johnny Z to a match for later in the night, but before Z could reply, Kevin Morgan stepped up to the plate and threw down a challenge of his own which Bishop gladly accepted.  
In the opening bout, “The Old School Sucka” Randy Price battled Bryan Cruize in an Impact Rules Match.  Cruize used to be the tag team partner of Price, and they even won IZW gold together, but you wouldn’t know it by the way they tore into each other in this violent match.  Price lit into Cruize with a series of chops outside of the ring until the bigger Cruize whipped Price into a ring post that changed the complexion of the bout.  Their fight spilled out into the seats as Price threw Cruize into the snack bar and spit nachos into the face of Cruize.  Price pummeled Cruize with a trash can before finally getting the match into the ring for the first time.  Cruize recovered and hit a variation of a pump handle slam but was countered by a swinging neck breaker and an elbow on a steel chair by Price.   Cruize hit a flipping neck breaker but Price was relentless as he connected with a bulldog.  Later, “Bad” Brad Michaels, wearing a neck brace, came down to the ring and coaxed Cruize on as he battered Price from pillar to post.  Cruize responded by connecting with a Cruizing for a Bruising as Price was done.  But in an unexpected turn of events, Michaels ripped off his neck brace and planted Cruize on a steel chair with a Piledriver.  Michaels kicked Cruize out of the Old School Assassins and challenged Price to a match at EVOLUTION as it would be Teacher VS Student.
Angel Camacho continued to climb up the ranks as he took on Phoenix from the Birds of Prey.  Camacho is that rare breed of athlete that is both athletic and stout and he has a mean streak a mile long which makes him a handful for anybody.  Camacho’s power was on par with Phoenix.  Phoenix was faster and used that to his advantage landing chop after chop until finally drop kicking Camacho out of the ring.  Once the action resumed in the ring, Camacho hit a senton followed by a splash and numerous atomic butt drops.  Phoenix got a knee up on one of the attempts and Camacho drove his own package into Phoenix’s knee.  Phoenix popped up and landed several strikes as Camacho wobbled backwards until Phoenix landed an enziguri that dropped Camacho.  Camacho planted Phoenix out of nowhere with a Big Bad Driver, then won clean in the middle of the ring with a splash from the top rope as he crushed Phoenix under his weight and power.  This was Camacho’s coming out party in IZW as most onlookers would consider this result a mild upset, but not Camacho who embodies the true spirit of a wrestling warrior.  Phoenix was really shaken up as it took him several minutes to crawl out of the ring.  
Madame Commissioner Erica and “The Megastar” Angel Blue locked horns as these two women had a return match from their awesome main event two weeks ago.  This bout picked up right where the first left off as both women were on their A-Game.  Blue started off with a spear followed by a clothesline that had Erica bouncing up and down all over the canvas.  A back splash in the corner followed by a modified jaw buster had Erica seeing stars.  Erica countered with a spinebuster and an inverted chin lock that put a great amount of pressure on Blue’s jawline and spine as Erica showed off her grappling prowess.  Erica continued to stretch Blue on the canvas as she attacked the rotator cuffs and got a two-count.  Next, Erica locked on a body triangle that impacted Blue’s already damaged spine even more.  Later, Blue hit a hurricanrana off an Irish whip by Erica, but then was caught in midair by Erica and given a release suplex into the top turnbuckle.  Erica next gave Blue a combo torture rack followed by a reverse cutter that splattered Blue on the mat.  But Blue kicked out!  A jawbreaker and two clothesline by Blue slowed down Erica’s attack.  Blue went for a pin attempt but had the position switched by the interfering Johnny Z who cornered Erica.  Not to be outdone, Double D reversed the pin attempt back to its original position until Z once again interfered and put Erica in a dominant pinning spot.  This went on several more times until the women were dizzy from the back and forth fiasco as Z and D jawed at each other in the center of the ring.    Once the ladies regained their bearings, they both connected with hard kicks to the family jewels of Double D (by Erica) and Johnny Z (by Angel Blue) as all hell finally broke loose.  
Jordan Jacobs and Jermaine Johnson hit the ring where Jacobs gave Blue a drop kick to her badly damaged spine while Johnson added to the injured area with pinpoint stomps in an automatic disqualification.  Team Bull (Bronze Bull & Brass Bull) evened up the odds as they rushed to the ring and tossed Jacobs and Johnson over the top rope.  In the melee, Johnny Z looked to deliver his Big Boot in the corner to Blue, but was met with a flying knee to the face by Double D that buckled the IZW Champion.  Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale returned to the ring to book the main event for later in the evening in an 8-man tag team match as it would be Double D, Team Bull and Angel Blue versus Johnny Z, Jacobs, Johnson and Erica.
Brandon Bishop wasted no time in reasserting his position within IZW as he had a huge challenge in front of him when he battled Kevin Morgan in singles competition.  Morgan has been on a terror lately as the enforcer for Impact Elite and even though Bishop looked in great shape and it was evident he had put the time in the gym, his matchup with Morgan was still a tall order.  Bishop slapped the hell out of Morgan to start the match and used his speed and quickness advantage to land punch after punch while making the bigger but slower Morgan miss with his haymakers.  The crafty Bishop even landed an eye poke and had Morgan staggering around after two clotheslines but all of his hard work was put down in an instant with a spinebuster from Morgan that bounced Bishop’s body two feet off the canvas upon impact.  Morgan continued to pulverize Bishop around the ring with kicks, punches, head butts, chokes and anything else he had an inclining to do.  Morgan flung Bishop into the turnbuckles several times with such force that Bishop’s body ricocheted back towards Morgan where even more punishment was compounded as Morgan connected with jaw-rattling clotheslines.  A big leg drop could only get a two-count as Bishop was determined to continue on.  When the wrestlers rose to their feet, Bishop landed a customized spinning heel kick to Morgan’s midsection which immediately took the wind out of the big man.  Morgan countered with an elbow as Bishop was down on the canvas once again.  When Bishop rose to his feet he went for broke, connecting with a neck breaker but missing with a leg drop from the second rope.  Morgan went for a Detonator but Bishop maneuvered out of the hold and lit Morgan up with overhand rights until being destroyed with a boot to the face.  As Morgan waited for Bishop to get up one final time, Damon Windsor came down to the ring and taunted Morgan.  With Morgan distracted, Bishop rose to his feet and delivered a seldom witnessed cartwheel pin as he got the 1-2-3 in his successful return to IZW. 
Windsor was in action next as he took on The Convict.  They both traded elbows to start the match until The Convict began to work over Windsor in the corner with not only elbows, but punches and kicks too.  Convict missed with a splash in the corner giving Windsor a reprieve as he bounced The Convict’s head in every direction with a series of back elbows.  Windsor hit a flying clothesline and was on a roll landing a series of punches.  But seconds later, Windsor was flying through the air taking a 15 to 20 from The Convict.  After the win by Convict, Brandon Bishop returned the favor to Windsor from earlier in the night by crushing The Convict with a steel chair right in the back.  Bishop followed up with two more chair shots.  When The Convict went to bull rush Bishop, Bishop pulled down the top rope as The Convict went sailing up, over and out of the ring.  
In the main event, Impact Elite battled Team Bull, Double D, and Angel Blue.  The Bronze Bull and Johnny Z locked up first with Bull connecting with a spinebuster, a back body drop, 10 punches from “The Gods”, 10 more punches from The Brass Bull while the ref wasn’t looking and one more over hand right that dropped a stumbling Johnny Z.  But Bull’s luck ended with him missing a splash in the corner followed by a bulldog by Johnny Z as the IZW Champion was now in charge.  Z tagged in Johnson who gave Bull a snapmare.  Johnson went for a high risk move on the top rope but was body slammed by Bull.  After a clothesline, it was now Blue’s turn to get some retribution on Johnson for ruining her match earlier in the night.  Blue connected with a splash and variant on a flip, face buster.  Blue tagged in Double D who brutalized Johnson with a multitude of chops.  Later, D missed with a splash in the corner as Johnson tagged in his tag team partner Jacobs who locked on a headlock and kept Double D isolated away from his corner.  Jacobs locked in a leg vine and cinched up on a rear naked choke as he tapped in a fresh Johnny Z.  Z planted a foot right in the face of Double D knocking D out of the ring where he was ambushed by Impact Elite.  D got back into the ring and when he was whipped into the ropes went for a bulldog reversal on Z but Z had scouted that move well as he dropped Double D on his head and shoulders with a belly to back suplex.  Z racked up more points as he crashed multiple knees into the face of Double D.  Jacobs, Erica and Johnson all took turns working D over in the corner of Impact Elite as they always kept a fresh body in the ring and on the attack.  Johnny Z was in once again where he chopped the skin off of D’s chest.  Later, Johnson and Jacobs connected with their power bomb-cutter combo as Double D was a broken man.    Erica missed with a leg drop from the top rope giving D a chance to tag in Blue who connected with a clothesline, elbow and scissor kick to Erica.  The match broke down into a street fight as everybody got involved both inside and outside of the ring.  When the dust settled it was Johnny Z, now the legal member, and Blue left in the ring.  As Z readied for his Big Boot in the corner, Brandon Bishop hit the ring and gave Z a twirling, inverted power bomb.  Bishop then climbed the top rope and summersaulted down to the mass of bodies that were still engaged in a gang-like rampage.  Erica softened up Blue as Z recovered and gave Blue a Big Boot in the Corner.  Erica did the honors with the cover and Impact Elite picked up a decisive win in its battle against Team #1.
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