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By Thomas Rude on 7/7/2013 2:22 PM

New Bedford-House of Bricks Pro Wrestling at the House of Bricks Arena: John Cena Sr., Eric Dylan, and The Kreeper defeated The High Class Cartel (Rich Bass, Matt Storm, and T.J. Richter)…GQ Smooth pinned Devin Baker…Sandy Starr pinned Amanda Fox…Doink the Clown pinned Kellan Thomas…Mack Attack defeated Chris Cruise & J.B.Tickle…Eric Shred defeated Christopher James & Shay Cash in a Triple Threat Math…Michael Foster defeated Keanu The Samoan Warrior, Anthony Stone, & David Baker in a Four-Way Dance to become the new HoB Top of the Class Champion. (6/8/13)

Raleigh-GOUGE Wrestling outdoors in Downtown Raleigh: Mia Swenson pinned Tori Lynn…Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. won a Battle Royal…Chris Escobar pinned Nathan Cross…Seymour Snott pinned Otto Schwanz…El Chaco pinned Alas De Angel…Mickey Cambino defeated Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. by DQ. (7/4/13)

Harvey-Urban Sports Entertainment’s IUWA Pro Wrestling at Harmon Park: Chris Maqehano pinned Johnny Maverix…The Third World Order (Sheik Osama Hussein, Prince Hakeem, & Ryu) defeated Hadriel, Chris Kable & Kunai in a Six-Man Tag Team Battle…D’Angelo Steele defeated Mark Reconcile by DQ…Chris Classic pinned Dishiki Ishinari…Big L. Brooks defeated Rob X & Big Black in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match…KO Kendra pinned The Extreme Kelee Warrior to with the IUWA Women’s Championship…Vic Fury defeated Jack McDaniels & Mike Lowery in a Triple Threat Match…IUWA Heavyweight Champion Justa Mazing pinned John Francis. (7/4/13)


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