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By Drew Archer on 7/17/2013 12:40 AM

The time is now upon us.  The season’s grandest iPPV is here.  Coming to wrestling fans around the world, live on, IZW presents its summer blockbuster, “Evolution”.


In the main event, The Impact Chamber rises once again as two teams will meet in the squared circle surrounded by over two tons of unforgiving metal standing ten feet high in a showdown for the ages.  Last year’s Impact Chamber Match was a massacre and this year’s match will top anything in IZW history for brutality, carnage and violence.  Team Erica, aka Impact Elite, anchored by IZW Champion Johnny Z, IZW Tag Team Champions Jermaine Johnson and Jordan Jacobs, Kevin Morgan and The Convict faces Team #1 managed by Shawn McHale which includes Double D, The Bronze Bull, The Brass Bull, Damon Windsor and Brandon Bishop.  “Evolution” will be the first time that the five superstars of Team #1 will be working together as a team.  That’s where things get interesting.  Team Erica has been on a rampage for months destroying anything and everything in their path while Team #1 is hanging on by the threads.  The final member of the unit, Brandon Bishop, has had a long, storied and some would say rocky past in IZW.  Bishop’s last run in IZW was a year ago where he sliced and diced his way to the top of the food chain in IZW.  He stepped on more than a few necks to get him there and his reputation has proceeded him on his latest run.  If Team #1 is not able to function as a cohesive unit at “Evolution” it will spell their downfall. 

Could Bishop be the spark that is needed to ignite the powder keg that is Team #1?  He is the only one sadistic enough to match wits with Impact Elite Kingpin Johnny Z.  Will Bishop and Z once again share spilled blood?  Count on it.  Who else will step up to the plate and have their exploits and achievements set in stone for all eternity after this match?  Johnson and Jacobs are two of the most well versed technicians in the sport and are both having career years in 2013.  The Bronze Bull has strung together several impressive performances lately reminding people why he is the only 6-time IZW Champion in history.  Double D personifies what it means to be champion and carry the belt with dignity.  Some believe if not for a few shady business dealings and practices that he would still be wearing the IZW Championship crown right now.  Kevin Morgan has perfected the meaning of a one-man wrecking crew and has left a path of busted corpses in his path.  Damon Windsor has become a prime-time attraction as a singles wrestler and proven that he is every bit as dangerous as a cornered, hungry, young lion.  The Convict will find himself in a familiar setting as he is enclosed in a prison-like fortress.  Could this bring out the best, or worst in the King of the Yard?  And finally, “The Brass Bull” Bobby Starr is on a roll of a lifetime and is now back in good graces with his mentor and running mate, The Bronze Bull.  Will he rise to the level of his teacher and become a Living Legend in IZW?  Only “The Gods” know for sure.


In the co-main event, the recently vacated Impact Division Title will be up for grabs in a Triple Threat Ladder Match between perennial force “The Worst in the World” Copycat, Phoenix and newcomer Drake Gallows.  Copycat has been inches away from capturing this title for months now.  He has put his body through the ringer for this strap and is still able to stand on his own two feet after dishing out and absorbing tons of punishment which is an accomplishment in itself.  Will this be his time?  Phoenix is coming off a successful run as a tag team wrestler where he held the IZW Tag Titles for most of the year.  This Ladder Match seems to be tailor made for Phoenix as he has one of the most developed aerial games in the sport.  Look for Phoenix to get out of the gate quick and utilize his airborne superiority early.  Then there is Gallows, the wildcard.  This will be the biggest test of Gallows’ career and it will be evident from the opening minutes how he will handle the opportunity.  If he holds up under the pressure this Ladder Match has all the making of being a truly epic bout.


Also on tap for “Evolution” will be Randy Price versus his former mentor Brad Michaels.  Price and Michaels have tried to end each other’s careers over the last few months by giving one another the most feared move in all of wrestling, the piledriver.  Both men come into the bout less than 100%, because of injuries sustained to their necks.  Will youth be served in this match or will Michaels have a few tricks up his sleeve that Price never even considered?  If one of these gentlemen takes another piledriver their career will most likely be over as soon as their skull comes crashing down on the mat.  Don’t miss one second of this bout as Price and Michaels are playing for keeps.


In other action, Madame Commissioner Erica pulls double duty as not only will she be present during the main event, but will also lace up the boots to defend her spot as the dominant female in IZW against Angel Blue.  Erica and Blue have done everything short of permanently maiming one another.  They will get their chance on July 20 to do just that as they set the pace for all the matches on “Evolution” as these women don’t play around.  Expect to see great wrestling, jaw dropping moves and intensity from start to finish.  When the dust clears who will be the Queen of IZW?


If you’re looking for a rough and tumble style of professional wrestling look no further than IZW.  Developed and cultivated in the Sooner State, IZW is second to none.  Be there for every bump, bruise and jaw-dropping moment all of which have made IZW recognized around the world.


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