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By Thomas Rude on 8/30/2013 9:20 AM
Lincoln-Pro Wrestling Epic at the Lincoln Art & Balloon Festival: Dingo pinned Pierre Abernathy…Matty Montcalm defeated Justin Wade & Raphael King in a Triple Threat Match…Money Makin Jam Boyz wrestled Mephisto & Dave Osborne to a No-Contest…Blake Steel pinned Davey Vega…Ace Hawkins pinned Brandon Aarons…Heather Patera pinned Devyn Nicole…Brandon Espinosa pinned ACH. (8/24/13)

Rochelle-North American Pro Wrestling at The Hickory Grove Banquet Center: Sea Man & Jay Kross defeated Justice Jones & Aaron Xavier by DQ…Anthony Antonelli pinned Jack Carpenter to advance to the semi-finals…Diceman Ronnie Vegas pinned Da Situation DOJ…Difference Joey Rose pinned Machine to advance to the semi-finals…Ruff Crossing pinned Mike Anthony to advance to the semi-finals…Grin pinned Pretty Boy Floyd to advance to the semi-finals…Barry Ryte & Texas Pete defeated Melanie Cruise & MTV’s Dana Adiva. (8/24/13)