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By Thomas Rude on 8/30/2013 10:27 AM



Thomas J. Rude

UWF Live September 22, 2007

    United Wrestling Federation Live was a promotion created by Hermie Sadler, Earl Hebner, & Dave Hebner in 2005.  Its original intent was to be a TNA outlet to do house shows.  Unfortunately, TNA and UWF Live parted ways in late 2006 and a couple of years later, UWF Live faded away.

    This DVD is one of their shows in Spotsylvania, Virginia and it is loaded with TNA talent despite the split.  UWF also used the six-sided ring, which made it the second promotion to use one.  

    There are six matches on the DVD and they are all good.  (DIGRESSION:  I’m not the type of reviewer to give “stars” for matches nor does the “workrate” thingie.  I may not know what makes a good match but I know it when I see it.)  Some of the TNA stars wrestling are:  Abyss, LAX, Dustin Rhodes, D-Lo Brown, Gail Kim, and Daffney.  There is also a wrestler called Charlie Dreamer who looks exactly like Heath Slater.  In fact, I had to Google Dreamer to see if he and Slater are the same person (They’re not).  Some of the other names are very recognizable such as:  “Manscout” Jake Manning, Joey Matthews, Steve Corino, CW Anderson, Ruckus, and Ruckus.    

    I usually don’t comment on the quality of the DVD but with Highspots involved, the production value is good (That’s my way of saying I like it).

RECOMMENDATION:  See some TNA and other ring veterans wrestling even though TNA severed ties with UWF Live in late 2006.


Chapters:   6

Extras:  A fans’ hula hoop contest that goes on too long.  

Running Time:  110+ minutes.

Best Match:  AJ Styles vs. Joey Matthews.

Quality of Wrestling:   Videotaped by Highspots and having a six-sided ring.

Link to Purchase:

YouTube Clip:  Three-way tag team match.

Price of Glory Presents:  PoG 98:  In Case You Didn’t Know...We’re Kind Of A Big Deal.

Multiple MMA & pro wrestling champion Dan Severn opened the Michigan Sports Camp in Coldwater, Michigan.  The camp teaches, MMA fighting, boxing, self-defense and of course, pro wrestling.  A promotion was started called Price of Glory wrestling (originally called MWA-Midwest Wrestling Alliance).  Students from the sports camp began wrestling for the promotion and most of them still wrestle for PoG because of their loyalty to Mr. Severn.

As stated earlier, most of the wrestlers were trained at the camp and the other grapplers coming from Indiana.  Wrestlers such as Jack Thriller (who is currently the trainer at the school), Noah Lott, Chase Matthews, Roderick Street, $Dollar$ and others are still wrestling for PoG.  

PoG 98 was the second show done outside of the Michigan Sports Camp.  It was held at the Eby-Klein Youth Center in Coldwater.  The building’s gym is much larger than the sports camp and can hold more people.

The show had six matches plus in-ring interviews setting up future angles.  All the matches were very good and the highlight was the four-corners match for the PoG title featuring Dale Patricks, $Dollar$, Jimmy “The Hype” Shalwin, and the PoG champion Chase Matthews.  This was a magnificent spot match with Chase coming out on top.  $Dollar$ and Jimmy Shalwin shook Chase’s hand after the match with Dale Patrick whining like a little school girl outside the ring.

Another match that stood out was Dan Severn’s final Michigan match against Jack Thriller.  It was back and forth action with Dan giving most of the damage to Jack.   However, Jack rolled Dan Severn up in a school boy with Jack grabbing Dan’s trunks for the assist.  At that moment, Jack Thriller became one of the most hated wrestler in PoG.  After Jack went to the back, Dan Severn slowly got up and was cheered by the PoG fans for his effort.   

RECOMMENDATION:   Get it for the four-corners match and Dan Severn’s final wrestling match in Michigan.

Chapters:  8

Extras:  None.  

Running Time:  110+ Minutes.

Best Match:  The Four-Corners match.

Quality of Wrestling:  All the wrestlers performed well and got their story across in the ring.

Link to Purchase:

YouTube Clip:  None.   

I’m From Hollywood

    I remember one of the local news stations featured the story of Andy Kaufman wrestling Jerry “The King” Lawler the night the match happened.  I also remember “Saturday Night Live” was hosted by Danny Devito and during the show; Danny had Andy Kaufman on with a neck brace apologizing to Jerry and to Memphis.  I also also remember Andy and Jerry on “Late Night with David Letterman” and the infamous slap heard ‘round the world’.

    As a wrestling fan who doubles a smart mark, I thought this was the real deal.   In Bob Zmuda’s bio about Andy Kaufman, he revealed to all that it was a complete work.  That revelation pissed off Jerry Lawler to no end and wanted to kayfabe it to the end.  The movie “Man on the Moon” showed Jerry and Andy in Andy’s manager’s office.

    This video was first released in 1989 by Rhino and then on DVD by Legend House in 2006.   It contains the build up from Andy wrestling women on “Saturday Night Live”, “The Merv Griffin Show” and other talk shows in the early, early 1980’s.  Somehow he connected with Memphis wrestling and started showing up and challenging women from the audience to wrestle him in the ring.   After a few weeks, Jerry Lawler interfered in the match and challenged Andy to a wrestling match.  Andy Kaufman accepted and the rest is wrestling legend.

    This DVD shows the build up and matches after the first one.  It shows Andy Kaufman hiring wrestlers (with the help of Gary Hart) from other territories to take on Jerry.  The angle went on for a couple of months and was a big draw for a while.

    The DVD features interviews with Tony Danza, Marilu Henner, Bob Zmuda, plus Lance Russell and Jerry Lawler. Andy Kaufman passed away when this documentary was in production.  It starts with a introduction by director Lynne Margulies saying that Andy told her to complete the project while he was dying.

RECOMMENDATION:   If you like Memphis wrestling from its glory days or if you’re a fan of Andy Kaufman, this DVD is for you.  All others will be confused.

Chapters:  Three

Extras:  Two extras featuring women’s letters challenging Andy Kaufman & two full-length bouts featuring Any Kaufman boxing Jerry Lawler.  Audio commentary by director Lynn3e Margulies and Andy’s best friend & writer Bob Zmuda.

Running Time:  60+ hours

Best Match: The first Lawler Vs. Kaufman wrestling match.  

Quality of Wrestling:  Its Memphis wrestling!  Bite me, it’s good!

Link to Purchase:   http: //

YouTube clip:  Clip of Andy Kaufman introducing hygiene products to Memphis wrestling fans.  

Please mail all DVDs to:  Wrestling DVD Review, c/o 11569 Boyne Blvd, Allendale, MI  49401.